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Monday, May 10, 2021

TBX2 Microtonal Tuning Machine Box Handmade in Germany

2018 videos by Aaron Andrew Hunt. The TBX2 is from Hi-Pi Instruments. They also made a TBX1 MIDI Tuning Box.

TBX2 - The Instant Chromelodeon
TBX2 - Programming Sample Tunings
TBX2 unboxing 100 bare units
TBX2 rev3 3D Models

via this auction

Check out the foot pedal input label on back.

"Only 100 were manufactured several years ago. With this device you can plug into your computer (USB to USB) and play microtonal music after preloading your tunings.

TBX2 outperforms its predecessor (TBX1) in every way. This faster, smaller, sturdier second-generation device not only retunes GM (multichannel) synths, but also monophonic synths, MTS synths, and even proprietary sysex synths. If you thought the 512 tunings TBX1 offered was a lot, try 8,192. That's almost twice the size of the Scala Archive. Each input channel can be assigned to a unique tuning table, providing full compatibility with multichannel controllers like MIDI guitars and MIDI organs, as well as microtonal controllers like the Tonal Plexus, Microzone, Axis 64, and Terpstra keyboards. Supports both MIDI DIN input, and USB-MIDI input. Navigate 40 presets hands-free. Edit existing tunings or create your own with Universal Tuning Editor (UTE) cross-platform software (free license included). Set up your tunings, upload them to the unit, plug in your controller and synth, and start making music. Ready for the stage, its built-in rechargeable battery will run for days. Firmware is user-upgradable via UTE, so features can be improved or added at any time, and you never have to worry about swapping out a chip.


8,192 full range programmable tunings

General MIDI microtuning up to 16 voices polyphony (monotimbral)

NOTE: The MIDI Manufacturer's Association has now officially recognized this method of microtuning, calling it MPE.

MIDI Tuning Standard support (timbres and polyphony limited only by synthesizer)

User definable sysex retuning support

Largest tuning error ~ 0.006 cents


POLY: for General MIDI (or otherwise multichannel) synths lacking native full-range microtonal support

MONO: for monophonic synths lacking native full-range microtonal support

MTS: for synths supporting the MIDI Tuning Standard 128-Note Bulk Tuning Dump

USR0-9: 10 user programmable sysex messages (supports MTS and any other sysex messages)


power switch

jog dial for selecting and entering parameters

MIDI LEDs to monitor MIDI IN and MIDI OUT traffic

LCD display with brightness control to show the current preset, mode, bank, and patch

10 preset buttons to store and recall tuning, mode, bank and patch

3 function buttons to allow 40 presets, and to improve ease of navigating over 8000 tunings

browse button: quickly try out tunings without having to program a preset

bypass switch: turn tuning function on and off without swapping cables

Inputs and Outputs

Power / Charge Battery: 5V DC micro-USB (use any standard cell phone charger or USB outlet)

USB MIDI Host: compatible with class-compliant USB-MIDI controllers, sends & receives MIDI over USB

MIDI IN: receives input from MIDI controller (connect to computer to upload tunings) [DIN5]

MIDI OUT: sends retuned output to destination synth [DIN5]

MIDI THRU: retransmits unmodified data received at MIDI IN [DIN5]

Dual Pedal input: navigate forward and back through 40 presets, hands-free [1/4" Stereo Jack]


Rechargable Lithium-ion, with management circuitry for smart power routing and overcharge protection

Provides up to 12 hours of continuous use without requiring external power

Recharges fully in 4 hours using 5V 2,5A micro-USB power supply (standard cell phone charger, not included)

Recharges fully in 6-8 hours using USB cable connected to a computer


Engineered and manufactured in Bulgaria

Built using a combination of state-of-the-art machine and hand assembly


126 x 80 x 42 mm aluminium box, 2 mm thick

84 x 46 x 8 mm solid bamboo side panels, 10 mm thick

External Dimensions: 142 x 84 x 42 mm

Hand made in Germany"

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