MATRIXSYNTH: Fields of Grain | Monome Grid + Grainfields VST | Instruo Arbhar.

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Fields of Grain | Monome Grid + Grainfields VST | Instruo Arbhar.

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"I've been experimenting with granular synthesis. I created a few files with notes in a minor scale, coming from different VST sources. The idea behind this is to create 'multisample' files that can be used to 'grain' to actual notes in the scale and to make more musical soundbeds and scapes. In the first part I am testing the files with the Monome Grid and the GrainFields Max for Live application (free). Pretty impressive! But this is a modular channel so in the second part I'll be importing the files into Arbhar, to see if a modular can 'compete' with the powerful PC environment. I personally feel the results were more than impressive. I hope this video will inspire you! I guess it will also work for other granular machines like Morphagene, Nebulae and the new ADDAC 112."

Shared System Tutorials | Part 36 | Melodic Splices (Morphagene)

video upload by Cinematic Laboratory

"In my previous video, I found a cool way to work with granular synths by creating granular buffers in a melodic scale. This makes it much easier to pick a segment and use it as a pitched voice without affecting playback speed. Obviously, people wanted to know if such a thing would also work with Morphagene. Unfortunately, the Morph is a looper and doesn't support buffers and reversible enveloped polyphonic grains. Fortunately, the Morph is not alone in the Shared System. So I've created a reel with splices (markers) for each note. You can then pick a splice with a 'Shift' trigger or 'Organize' CV. I've added to the illusion with two Maths envelope and FX from Erbe-Verb and Mimeophon. Finally, there's a cool X-PAN tip you may want to explore: mixing CV. I consider X-PAN a vital part to the Shared System, even though it's not in there by default. It turns your mono synth into glorious stereo."

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