MATRIXSYNTH: Polivoks Creator Vladimir Kuzmin Teams up with Behringer

Friday, July 16, 2021

Polivoks Creator Vladimir Kuzmin Teams up with Behringer

Another synth legend joins Behringer. You might recall KORG's Hiroaki Nishijima joined back in 2019. PPG's Hermann Seib joined in 2020. Luigi Scarano of fingersonic joined back in 2019 as well as Mode Machines Michael Thorpe. Robin Whittle of Devilfish fame almost worked out a deal to bring the Devilfish mods to the TB-3 but that fell through and Behringer moved forward without him. Not sure what the story was behind the Jasper WASP and then there's the Swing. It is interesting to see who is willing to work with Behringer and who isn't. You might recall Behringer sued Dave Smith Instruments/Sequential along with 20 forum members, they threatened to sue an online publication, and they created the Cork Sniffer. That said, here's the news:

"Vladimir Kuzmin and Behringer announced today that they have entered into a collaboration to develop a new Polivoks synthesizer.

Vladimir Kuzmin stated: “With great interest have I followed Behringer’s Vision to bring back iconic synthesizers and make them affordable for musicians. For all my life, I have been extremely passionate about synthesizers and I decided to contact Uli to see if Behringer would be interested to design a new Polivoks as I would love to see my legacy live on.

I designed the Polivoks in 1980 at the Urals Vector plant in Russia, while it was produced by the Formanta Radio Factory. The Polivoks has features that are very unusual on most analog synthesizers, which creates this very unique and distinctive sound, often referred to as “Russian synthesizer sound”. For many years it has been my dream to create a new and much improved Polivoks. Uli’s synthesizer Vision provides a fantastic opportunity for me to contribute to the reimagining of my Polivoks and to make it accessible to everyone - a Vision I profoundly believe in and want to be part of.”

Uli Behringer, commented: 'It’s an immense honor to have Vladimir Kuzmin on our team as he is a legendary synth designer. We are extremely proud, we could win him for our ambitious Vision.
This partnership demonstrates again that we welcome collaborations with boutique inventors and manufacturers, as we believe we can perfectly coexist and complement each other. We invite anyone interested in a possible collaboration to contact us at'

Here is a great article about Vladimir Kuzmin and his amazing Polivoks story."


  1. I think this is bittersweet. It's sweet that Kuzmin has an opportunity to manufacture more of his synthesizers but the bitter part is that Behringer is the ship he is sailing on.

    I hope Kuzmin has enough freedom to be truly proud of his next release and that it is faithful to his creations. Of all the Behringer developments, a Polivoks with MIDI CC would be the one I would consider purchasing. Please do not put other unnecessary screens or gadgets on it!

  2. I don't mind Behringer bringing back long-lost synths. What I find parasitic is their shameless copies of extant synths and other equipment being currently produced by viable companies.


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