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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Crumar Orchestrator (Multiman-X) Analog Synth recently serviced + both pedals!

Making a track with a Crumar orchestrator and a Fostex R8

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"This is a 1970s Italian-made Crumar Orchestrator / Multiman. It's a truly unique piece with some cool features. It's basically an entire orchestra at your fingertips. It's sort of the Italian answer to the Polymoog.

First off, all the SOUNDS!

The FAT AF ANALOG BRASS. You can control the filter sweep with a normal attack curve or use the foot pedal to control it manually for some super rad retro sci-fi sounds.

The SWEET STRINGS. They're very reminiscent of the Solina string sound. Independent cello, violin sections for both the bass and treble side.

The MEDIOCRE PIANO & CLAVINET sounds. They're...kinda neat.

The SUPER DEEP AND PUNCHY BASS. This is only on the bottom part of the keyboard. It also has an independent output just for the bass and it is dreamy for filling out the low end

In addition to the brass swell pedal, there's also a volume pedal. Both work well!

This synth as 4 outputs : MAIN, PIANO/BASS, STRINGS, & BRASS. You can either use the main output and make it a big mono synth or process each section independently! Very useful if you want to mix the parts with different effects later on.

They keyboard is naturally split between bass & treble so you can set each side to use a different set of sounds (exempli gratia, low brass + bass, high violins & cello).

I recently opened up this synth and gave it a very thorough servicing. All connections are strong, all the circuits got cleaned and the pots are as clean as I can make them. The sliders work well and are generally free of scratchiness.

The issues :

+ Although the sliders all work well, there's a few missing slider caps.

+ The middle C violin sound is quiet so you can't use it in isolation. Not really noticeable in normal use.

+ No MIDI control on this beast. This was from the Before Times.

That's it! Everything else works great. The only thing that would really kick this up to 1000% is the set of exceedingly rare bass pedals.

Apparently Radiohead loves this synth, and I see why. It's got a haunting, dark tone that matches well with their sound. It's also really well suited to live performance / tracking, as you can use the two pedals to make a very expressive performance. It comes in its own road case!"

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