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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

GuineGuine Instruments MME DIY Eurorack Minimoog Clone

The following are some initial details via GuineGuine's Julien Delgoulet on the Modwiggler forum:

PCB, rare parts and Panel kits available here.

Build guide with BOM on github.

My name is Julien Delgoulet, I'm a synth DIY passionate from a little town in France called Brive-La-gaillarde. I usually spend my time lurking on muff, matrixsynth , when I'm not repairing, moding or designing synth related circuits.

For quite a long time, I dream to own a Minimoog but never had the cash to buy one ...

About a year ago, a friend of mine get one and, after playing a few times with it, I decided to give it a go. (By that time, I did not know that this project will fill all my nights and week-ends ... fortunatly I have a
wonderfull wife :love: )

The initial target was to make an exact replica but finally ends up with what I call "Mini-modules" (Think ARP like sub-modules for Filter, VCO etc) for any format : eurorack / Moog 5U, you name it. Also, they could fit behind a "real minimoog sized panel".

All the design are exact replica of the Minimoog rev 2.0 (the one based on CA3046 expo converters) and are all using thru-whole components (excepted a few components that only exist in SMD packages)

So, let me introduce you the idea of "Mini-modules" and the control boards that actually "activate" them.

There will be 6 "Mini-modules":

- VCA/Preamp
- VCF Env
- VCA Env
- Noise/mod-mix/glide

There will be also 7 "Controller boards" :
- One for each mini-module (so you get an eurorack version of each for example).
- Another, my favorite one, which is 60HP eurorack version where 3VCOs, VCF etc plug into. ( I choose 60 HP so that if you have a 84HP case, you still have some room for a real LFO, a midi/CV interface etc)

At the moment, everything works great, I'm finalizing the "Mini-modules" and the 60 HP Controller Board to hold them.

To give you an idea of the progress made so far , here are some pictures of old prototypes and "Mini-modules" eagle boards. More to come in a few days...

As you might except, this will be a DIY project and I will propose PCBs, BOMs and schematics so that "everyone" can build his own Mini ;-)

I'm so thrilled to expose this project to you guys ,particularly on muff (where I've been more than a lurker and not very helpfull to the communtiy) and
hope you are excited as I am about this project now it is not "secret" anymore :party:


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