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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS

Ultimate Synth Selection - KORG NAUTILUS
The Ultimate Synth Selection utilises the Set List feature in NAUTILUS and gives the user the ability to search for sounds from legacy instruments through to the world-class sound engines of the NAUTILUS.

Imagine walking into a room containing an MS20, a Polysix, WAVESTATION, M1, TRITON, Concert pianos, CX-3 drawbar organs, Electric Pianos with an array of FX pedals, supercharged FM synths and more…

The Ultimate Synth Selection lets you do that within the NAUTILUS by giving the user 11 custom setlists created by KORG UK. Full details at

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - SGX-2
The SGX-2 Premium Piano sound engine offers three distinctive pianos - the rich German D piano, a Japanese upright model and a small Japanese C grand. Each uses superb, un-looped stereo samples, with 12 velocity levels. Thoughtful attention to detail preserves the realism and warmth of the piano sound, even to the extent of sampling and reproducing the sounds of the body resonances and the mechanical key, damper pedal noises, string resonance, varied microphone placements and even prepared piano samples.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - EP-1
Our EP-1 sound engine is dedicated to faithfully recreating six of the most popular classic electric pianos which provide realistic simulations of the period amp, cabinet, speaker and even the hard-to-find vintage effects that gave the original instruments their distinctive sound. The MDS modelling technology eliminates the transitions between velocity-switched samples and provides the user with unique control over the tines, reeds and noise elements.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - CX-3
The original KORG CX-3 combo organ went on sale in 1980. The CX-3 engine precisely models this classic tonewheel instrument. Proprietary KORG technology has been used to perfectly reproduce the vacuum tube amp and effects, such as Vibrato/Chorus and the must-have rotary speaker - even the instability, fold-back, leakage and noise of the tonewheels have been obsessively analysed to recreate this much sought-after classic organ.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - MS-20EX
Debuting in 1978, the MS-20 unified a 37-note keyboard with a vertically oriented control panel. It had a thick and solid sound, aggressive filters and patching that opened up limitless potential for creating sounds. Using KORG's CMT (Component Modeling Technology), the MS-20EX faithfully reproduces the MS-20, whilst dramatically expanding its patch panel functionality. Its signature filters provide a unique sound, a great contrast to the AL-1 and PolysixEX.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - PolysixEX
The original Polysix from 1981 offered six-voice polyphony, program memory and a surprisingly competitive price tag. With its self-oscillating four-pole filter, smooth analogue oscillator and sub-oscillator, plus a lush Chorus/Ensemble effect, the PolysixEX extends the abilities of the original in many creative ways, The Polysix arpeggiator is included and you can modulate every control on the front panel to make new sounds that were impossible on the original keyboard.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - WAVESTATION
The WAVESTATION synthesizer appeared in 1990 with an advanced vector synthesis system that combined and shifted between multiple complex waveforms. Using the HD-1 Engine in the NAUTILUS, KORG have included most of the original wave sequences, as well as a full wave sequence edit mode. The patterns can also be manipulated with the on-screen vector joystick, just like on the original!

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - TRITON
The KORG TRITON series of workstations was first released in 1999. Countless top musicians and producers from around the world loved the newly developed expressive PCM sounds that helped shape the sound of the 2000s in the studio and on stage. This collection of 128 original TRITON programs uses the HD-1 engine to faithfully recreate the HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system that was at the core of the legendary TRITON series.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - MOD-7
Combine Variable Phase Modulation (VPM), wave-shaping, ring modulation, samples and subtractive synthesis, plus a modular patch-panel system and you end up with the MOD-7. Exceptionally versatile, it offers everything from classic FM keyboards, bells and basses (including the ability to import sounds from vintage DX synths), to rhythmic soundscapes and sparkling, epic pads.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - AL-1
The AL-1 is the same premium feature-packed analogue modelling sound engine that was first featured on the KORG OASYS, the Open Architecture Synthesis Studio back in 2005. Its patented ultra-low-aliasing oscillators smoothly recreate all the power and glory of true analogue synthesis-without the artifacts that can plague lesser instruments.

Ultimate Synth Selection for NAUTILUS - STR-1
Based on the physical modelling DNA that KORG developed in products such as the WAVEDRUM, Prophecy and Z1, this struck/plucked-string physical modelling sound engine takes advantage of cutting-edge technology. The STR-1 engine is packed full of highly playable sounds, whose tone responds to your touch in ways that are difficult for a PCM sound engine to replicate, including acoustic and electric guitars, harpsichords, clavinets, harps, bells and ethnic instruments.

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