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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Custom Modular Analog Synth with PAIA VCO, VCF, VCA, ADSR Modules

video upload by Erich Izdepski

Left channel audio only.

via this auction

"This is a custom modular synth with linear PSU, cables, and vintage 80's CEM chips in VCO/VCF/VCA/EG. Also includes a stand-alone noise gate unit.

Includes all the PAIA technical docs on how the modules were built AND additional usage notes. This unit is not for rookies. The modules cards plug into sockets on the back of the metal plates so during shipping they can come loose. The oscillators will need tuning to play right over more than a couple of octaves. You may want to tune the VCF, too. Procedures are in the docs. Because it uses banana plugs you have to ensure the synth is grounded to whatever is providing it CV signals. I play this through a synth as shown in the demo that has a Gate circuit on the external audio input. You can use the envelopes and VCA on the modular but it is easier and cleaner if you don't have to. The oscillators will put out a 'low F' signal that needs to be gated to remove. You also have to adjust the CV bleed through from the EG periodically to avoid hearing it. Tip: I use a function generator as an LFO since there is none. Whew!

But it sound great so see the demo on YouTube!

The modules are:

- 3 oscillators based on the CEM3340 with square, saw, and triangle waveforms, with a pulse width knob and a CV input

- Mixer with two channels, each with several inputs

- 24db resonant filter with CV input for resonance based on the CEM3320

- Dual VCA's

- Dual ADSR Envelope Generators for control of VCA and VCF

- Output module with 3 separate Mults

Has attenuated power outputs so the main PSU can be used to provide different output voltages for other gear.

It comes with a dual voltage linear power supply that outputs +/-15v and a custom gate module (but will need a mod to add a power jack since original very rare cable has been lost).

Includes all the banana jacks seen plus several more. The case is particle board reinforced with aluminum frames for holding the modules. Wrapped in black tolex (I think)."

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