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Monday, October 25, 2021

Dirtywave M8 Demos by Avrilcadabra

videos by Avrilcadabra

Tutorial / DIY videos towards the end of the playlist. You can use the video controls to skip around.

1. Generative patch showing off Dirtywave M8 Macro Synth
A glimpse at some of the sounds from M8's Macrosynth engine.

The m8 has wavesynth, macrosynth, FM synth, sample and Midi
2. Dynamo ( Dirtywave M8 )
This is my new track Dynamo made entirely on the Dirtywave M8

The M8 creator Trash80 was kind enough to play my track on the fortnightly online meetup for the M8 using the real time 3d rendering that was used to make to m8 Demo video.

So with his blessing I have used it here to show my track. This track was made on M8 Headless using a Teensy 4.1. As I don't have a hardware M8 yet.

You can buy this track at
3. Dirtywave M8 basic workflow ( making a small track )
Take a look at the basic workflow of making music on the M8 tracker.

Hi I got asked what the workflow is like on the M8, it's kind of too hard to do with subtitles alone, so I did a voice over on this one. I am used to filming hardware, so screen recording and microphones is not something I am experienced at. Can only get better from here.

I preloaded some instruments to make this video go faster.

This is M8 headless version running on a teensy 4.1
M8 Headless is free you just need a teensy 4.1
Learn about setting up M8 Headless here
4. Dirtywave M8 Tutorial ( Wavesynth Deep Dive )
Lets go over wavesynth on the Dirtywave M8 and learn what everything does.

Wavesynth / WAVSYNTH is one of the synth engines in the Dirtywave M8 and it is my favourite one.
5. Dirtywave M8 hardware Unboxing
Lets check out the Dirtywave M8 hardware in this unboxing and demo.

I preordered the production version of the M8 when they first were available too and having been eagerly await for it, for months. During that time I have been using the headless software version a lot.

I had played with the M8 the day before so put it back in the box for this video, there was also some white packing paper in the box, not shown in his video as my cat took off with it, and the usb cable came in a plastic bag also if I remember correctly.

I wrote a fair few presets and my first Sid presets pack comes preinstalled on the M8, super happy to be able to do that. Since the production cards were finalized some time ago, I ended up making a tonne more presets. Which you can download here for free to put on your M8.

I did not mention in this video, but the M8 is class compliant USB audio and Midi, and also sends data to mirror it's display on a computer via a web app. so you can set up an external moniter on your computer and put the app on that window, then you can display M8 on a 4k tv, projector or CRT etc.
6. Dirtywave M8 - Connect to a bigger screen using M8WebDisplay
How to connect the M8 to a computer and 4k tv, projector or CRT

Today we are using the wonderful webdisplay created by DerkyJadex which is can found here

Just plug your M8 (or headless M8) into the usb on computer and it will appear on the web display. Worse case scenerio you have to select a serial com port in the ui on the webdisplay.

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