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Friday, October 22, 2021

Hydrasynth Deluxe Demos by the sun god RA


1. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Blue Lotus RA
This is an attempt to make a "pressure-weighted portamento" patch on the Hydrasynth, heavily inspired by the Expressive E Osmose demo video by Christophe Duquesne [posted here]. I found that the Hydrasynth's Polytouch-keyboard really adds expressiveness to a simple monophonic flute-patch "Blue Pipes RA". Combined with "Blue Mandolin RA" on the lower side of the keyboard, with some key-split crossfade between them, the middle part of the keyboard combines polyphonic mandolin and monophonic flute. Preset M1-025 on The Hydrasynth Deluxe. SHOW LESS
2. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Old Times RA
This is Hydrasynth Deluxe multi preset M1-015, a dual patch. The lower partial is "L'apocalypse RA" from "the sun god RA" patch bank, an attempt to recreate the wonderful string sound that Vangelis got out of his Hammond organ/echoplex/tape echo in his "L'apocalypse des animaux"-era in the beginning of the 1970's. The upper partial is "Waxroll Piano RA".
3. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Seafloor Harp RA
Hydrasynth Deluxe preset M1-010 Seafloor Harp RA, a dual layer of "Southern Seas RA" and "Jomfrubad RA".
4. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Documentarist RA
Hydrasynth Deluxe preset M2-063 Documentarist RA. A dual layer of "1934 Upright RA" and "After Mirage RA".
5. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Electrosplit RA
Split between "Magnetisque II RA" and "E081 Voice Crystal RA"
6. Hydrasynth single patch: Deluxe Piano RA
Inspired by the SOS “synth secrets” articles about synthesizing pianos, I tried to make a “realistic” piano patch on the Hydrasynth. This is single preset “A011 Deluxe Piano RA” on the Hydrasynth Deluxe.
7. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Hydra Orchest RA
8. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Miami Bass RA
M1-016 Miami Bass RA - an attempt to make a split patch of Jupiter-8 bass arpeggio and pad from Jan Hammer's "Miami Vice" soundtrack. Last part is M2-008 Miami Splice RA, pad now on lower half of the keyboard, while upper is reminiscent of the Fairlight-type lead sound in "Crockett's theme".
9. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Drive U Home RA
Preset "M1-045 Drive U Home RA" on the Hydrasynth Deluxe.Bread & butter. A split between bass guitar "Basketbass RA" and analog pad "Pro-5 Carpad RA". The drum machine is a Roland TR-6S hanging on an IKEA "Isberget" laptop support because of the keyboard stand angle.
10. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Johansson RA
A dual split patch with «Utanmyr Bass RA» as the lower part, and «Utanmyr Piano RA» (slightly tweaked preset «Deluxe Piano RA») as the upper part. I was planning to play "Visa from Utanmyra" by Jan Johansson, but discovered I'm no piano player. So instead I made up this little melody, much easier to play.
11. Hydrasynth Deluxe multi patch: Orchestra Hit RA
Trying to see if I could make a Fairlighty sampled orchestra hit on the Hydrasynth Deluxe, I tweaked preset M1-012 Hydra Orchest RA using chord mode, some envelope to pitch and Lo-fi FX.
12. Hydrasynth single patch: Cimbalom RA
This is an attempt to make a "realistic" cimbalom for the Hydrasynth. This is the lower partial of multi patch M2-045.
13. Hydrasynth single patch: Cimbalom RA
This is an attempt to make a "realistic" cimbalom for the Hydrasynth. This is the lower partial of multi patch M2-045.

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