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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Modified Korg Lambda ES-50 (AS3350 Filter & Preset Volume) Vintage String Synth SN 233091

via this auction

"Fully functional (serviced recently) and cosmetically in very good condition bar some scratches on the top, all the pots and switches feel fantastic. This Lambda has been modified, these modifications substantially improve the depth to programming the lambda and greatly increases the range of sounds you can get out of it, here is a list of all the mods:

- Individual volume control for each preset (the knob under each switch)

- "Tone" controls (terrible 1 pole RC LPF) have been replaced with a resonant AS3350 lowpass & bandpass filter with cutoff and resonance pots (the switch at the end of the row of knobs changes between them)
This new filter sounds really, really fantastic.

- Both the sections (percussion & ensemble) go through the new filter and into the ensemble, as the fake "stereo" on this synth is the percussion through the left and ensemble through the right, this makes the synth mono, and they only go through the ensemble chorus channel (percussion chorus button does nothing).

- Percussion level slider is now dry/wet mix for the chorus, ensemble level slider is master volume.

- L & R Output jacks are now Chorus External input jacks

- Headphone jack is now filter cutoff CV input

- The trigger out has been changed to a positive gate signal (0V normal and goes high when pressing a key, normally it is inverse to this and incompatible with most things as a result)"

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