MATRIXSYNTH: AKAI force meets 100 year old Ekströms piano

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

AKAI force meets 100 year old Ekströms piano

video upload by ollilaboratories

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Hi Everyone, how are you doing? Some new tunes from the BURG :)

I am working hard on trying to fight a massive writers block not being able to finish my album.. so i decided to upgrade my AKAI force to the awesome new release 3.1 and run my 100 year old piano through it to see what happens.. said and done..

You will most probably hear a lot of noises ( not kidding here ), room ambience, breathing and my chair creaking.. this is because the microphone picks up just about everything in the room, not so much i can do about this. Also to all the piano players out there, please excuse my rusty mediocre playing, Im not really a pianist in any way, just a happy good old synthesist! :)

The AKAI force has the new FX granulator which i wanted to try, also some compressor and reverb as inserts on the piano channel, the microphone is connected straight into the force ( how awesome is it that it provides +48V phantom power? ). Second channel is the Avalon Bassline, also with some granulator and reverb. Kick and ARP synth are both from the force triggered as clips.

I realised it was extremely hard to mix the piano and also give it the right amount of FX due to overhearing the actual sound and not the FX portion in my headphones. I would have like it to be a tad more laidback when listening back to it, but hey.. sometimes you just have to call it so you can move on to the next thing.

Gear list:

- Swedish Ekströms Upright Piano, built in 1904, Condenser mic to Audio in on the force
--- Insert FX, Compressor, Granulator and (maybe a bit too much) reverb
- Avalon bassline, Square bass, audio in on the force and synched via MIDI
--- Insert FX, Granulator and (sort of ok amount of) reverb
- Kickdrum, force drumsynth
- Arpeggiator, force tube synth + delay and reverb thingies
- 2 track recording on Zoom H5

Yeah, i know i could have probably just recorded it all into the force... but one step at the time exploring the 3.1 updates. Babysteps BURG, babysteps. :)

I hope you will enjoy it!

#AKAIforce #avalonbassline #303"

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