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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Nymphes & Juno 106 // ACTUALLY Compared

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"Nymphes First Impressions : [posted here]

// MY ENTIRE POINT // TLDW : They're totally different, although the seeing them as similar is not totally unfair. Careful, informed programming can help you get where you want.

I can understand why people are comparing these, the Juno 106 is so ubiquitous, it will get brought up no matter what.
And I, and many others, see most of the Juno's "essence" is superficially here ; 6 voices, 1 osc, a proper sub oscillator, with stereo chorus easy to add.

Then, with even a bit of proper investigation, you'll find that they behave quite differently. VCO vs DCO, the relative phase of the saw and square, potential LFO routings, among more.

BUT in the end, the "Juno thing" is not a static goal, or really quantifiable. And with careful, informed programming, many synths can give you some element of that "thing", whatever it is to you in that moment. If the Juno patch has only a saw and a sub, the Nymphes has no trouble at all re-creating the sound with a really impressive amount of accuracy. If it has a saw and a square, with an open filter, they will sound radically different. But not bad. Just different. And often, different in a way that is insignificant to the final sound, certainly irrelevant to what compositions a sound can be used for.

So, there's so much nuance at play here and so many things to teach and learn about, that I view a 14 minute video riffing on an open sawtooth as a pretty huge blunder. 👀

0:00 Intro
1:36 Here's the plan / Thesis
2:55 Oscillators, VCO & DCO
6:30 Simultaneous Waveforms
9:00 Sub Oscillator
11:00 Noise, for some reason
11:14 Mentioning oscillator modulation (briefly)
11:37 High Pass Filters
12:31 Low Pass Filters
14:54 Envelopes
16:14 Nothing is that special / Breaking down
17:55 Chorus is mentioned
(Sorry about the juno being in mono, if you comment about it I will act like I dont know what you're saying, and link this :
19:09 Breaking Down pt2, the whole point
20:43 Accepting why I made this video
21:21 What is the ESSENCE"

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