MATRIXSYNTH: Introducing MCFx2 - Dual State Variable Filter - ALM030

Friday, January 14, 2022

Introducing MCFx2 - Dual State Variable Filter - ALM030

video upload by ALM TV

"The MCFx2 is our state variable ‘MCF’ filter made double. It features 2 identical classic analog 3 pole filter cores each with Low, High and Band Pass (or Notch) outputs. Direct and voltage control is provided for both filter cut offs and resonance.

Two switches allow the filters to function as one, with the ‘Feed’ switch internally routing audio from one filter to the other in series and the ‘Link’ switch linking the cut off controls for both filter cores.

MCFx2 expands on the great sounding MCF filter (previously available only as part of the System Coupe) to offer both serial and parallel functionality for stereo operation, dual peak, tighter slopes and other complex filtering set ups.

Section Time Stamps:
0:00 - Intro
0:53 - Getting Started
2:12 - Low Pass Sweep
3:52 - Band Pass Sweep
4:35 - High Pass Sweep
5:19 - Notch Filter Sweep
5:56 - Driving the Filter
7:03 - Input Normalling
7:46 - CV Inputs

9:51 - Link Button - Stereo Filtering
11:53 - Feed Button - Serial Filtering
13:33 - Link + Feed - Increased Slope
14:09 - Link + Feed - Dual Peak Formant Filtering
15:54 - Formant Filter Modulation
17:39 - Dual Filter Combinations

18:51 - Patch 1 - Stereoising With Notch Filters
20:30 - Patch 2 - Sequential Output Switching
21:39 - Patch 3 - Dual Peak Bass Voice
23:16 - Patch 4 - Stereo Mixing Filter Types
25:29 - Patch 5 - 2 Voice Chord + Bass Jam
27:56 - Outro

Thanks for watching!"

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