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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Northern Light Modular Buchla Format Modules

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via NOISEBUG Reverb

"Buy any 2 used Northern Light Modular modules and receive a free h-Bracket."
"The h series modules require a h bracket to be mounted in a 1U space"

You can find videos featuring Northern Light Modular in previous posts here.

Voltage Circus – Model hVC
Trommelmaschine – Model hTM
Morphing Mixer – Model hMM
Electric Dompteur – Model hED
Time and Triggers – Model hTT
Classic Oscillator – Model hCO

The Voltage Circus consists of two rows of 3 voltage inputs and outputs that can be chained together.

Voltages can be added , subtracted or an offset can be applied per channel.

The inputs and outputs are buffered and can be connected with shorting bars.

A switch limits each rom to provide 100% or 33% to the mixer channel to make subtraction possible or prevent clipping.

One use of the hVC is for example transposing of sequences, adding subtle animation to pitch signals or mix wild CVs to provide complex noise sources

A derivative of Mutable Instruments’ “Grids”
All I/O adapted to Buchla standards.

The hTM ,a topographic drum sequencer with midi clock sync.
3 Channels of drum patterns to drive percussion instruments.
Voltage controlled intensity and variation.
And the best thing is that it has midi sync and reset, so the Buchla rack will follow your outboard rig.
I also converts the midi into a 1/1 reset and 1/24, 1/48 or a 1/96 pulse to sync the rest of the system.

We are using a custom firmware that bring more dance music oriented patterns to the table.
The standard firmware is available upon request

A V2164 based 4 channel mixer with extra spice added by the WaveMorpher borrowed from the RSF Kobol
The mixer has 4 audio inputs , 4 linear CV controlled VCAs and a dedicated Morpher section .
The Morpher has its own output and can be fed back into another channel of the mixer.

The kits contains a high quality 2mm gold plated PCB and a 1,6mm brushed alu front panel with UV print
Components need to be purchased separately

8 linked true zero LFOs
Sine, triangle, rising and falling ramps , square , pulsing and frozen random available

Offset in phase up to 180 degree
Offset in spread based on sub harmonics of the master frequency
Frequency range from 0 to 300 hz
8 Outputs can be adjusted from 0-10V individually
Cv controlled frequency up to 2x and down to 0hz

Based on the Temps Utile the hTT provides five outputs of trigger pulses , clock sources and one optional sequencer or stepped random generator.
Furthermore the pulses can be combined using shorting bars from the 208 Music Easel providing polyrhythm generators.
The pulse length and various other parameters can be adjusted, combined and saved into 4 dedicated slots.

Output 4 also can be linked back with a shorting bar to produce ratcheting and other feedback effects.

In contrast to the Eurorack version we also added diode protection to each output.
That allows for mixing the pulses from the single outputs and create stacks of long , short, euclidean , random and burst pulses

The latest firmware adds 4 saving slots so one can recall patch ideas

This oscillator is built on the classic circuit used in the 80s by Roland, Sequential and others.
Original CEM chips give us that silky smooth 80s feeling back again.
But one can chose to try out more modern ICs like the Alpha 3345-HYB
Unlike more vintage sound sources it will track just fine over 8 octaves..
Three standard waveforms can be mixed into one rich tone
It features an octave switch, a sub oscillator with dedicated CV (0-10V square) out , scalable FM and CV control and also attenuverted CV controlled PWM .
The FM is normalled to the sub oscillator to add even more grit to the sound

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