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Monday, October 17, 2022

Intuitive Instruments Exquis Hexagonal Keyboard

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Exquis - The smartest way to create expressive music
Loïc, accordeonist and du-touch player, is testing Exquis
Knarf, synthfluencer at testing Exquis

Currently on Kickstarter

"Making music is all about finding the right notes and assembling them in rhythm. But whatever the instrument, device or software, it still takes time and effort to master theory and technique.

At Intuitive Instruments, we have figured out a smarter way to play and compose today’s music, that makes it intuitive and logical for anyone.

Explore, have fun, surprise yourself, find inspiration. Above all, composing music is about emotion. Exquis provides an intuitive way to lead you to the right path, still allowing you to play out of it. No need to think: just choose a scale and follow its illuminated path.

Thanks to our patented layout, making chords is easy; Exquis puts notes that sound well together right next to one another. You’ll be amazed how harmony falls under your fingers.

Your notes, your chords, your music

Beginner, amateur or professional musicians, we all want to shorten the time between an idea and its execution. Exquis gives you the fastest access to the rules of harmony, so you can improvise with or without any theoretical background.

Then, thanks to Exquis’s unique and spontaneous creative workflow, just pick a sound, play, record your own loops and create a full song in minutes!

Expressivity at your fingertips

There is no need to play lots of notes when you can bring them to life. Exquis’s expressive keys are designed to be mastered in minutes while offering a huge potential for expert gestures. Inspired by the finesse of acoustic instruments, Exquis keys are both firm enough to play percussion and short notes with precision, and soft enough to modulate long notes with sensibility.

Sculpt your music with emotion; hit, press, and bend the keys independently thanks to the MIDI Polyphonic Expression protocol (MPE).

And in addition, use the 4 clickable potentiometers and the touch slider to increase the possibilities of sound and music control: effects, note/beat repeat,...

The Exquis multi-platform app is the perfect companion for the keyboard, as well as an autonomous MIDI-compatible DAW. Compose entire songs within seconds thanks to a unique workflow we have been perfecting for 15 years, which is approved today by thousands of musicians worldwide for its spontaneity and efficiency.

The app and the controller work in symbiosis to provide an easy and chronological music production logic. From left to right, pilot the essential actions with simple gestures, directly on the keyboard and/or in the app:

Settings : prepare your song (tempo, scale, default quantization…)
Sounds : pick a sound plugin and preset to create a new “track”
Record : record “clips” and preset the recording behavior (start condition, length, overdub)
Tracks : just like a director in an orchestra, decide which clips to launch and stop in real time
Scenes : save and launch states of your song (e.g: intro, verse, chorus…)
Play/Stop : play/stop your song, and select another project"

We designed the Exquis’s workflow by taking into consideration two temporalities: you can both play live safely and take your time to create in your bubble. Most usual actions only require handling the keyboard, whereas advanced actions taking more time like programming (clip/scene duration, follow actions…) are to be made via the app.

The interface of the app is designed following the same logic, turning your device into a customizable heads-up display and an alternative interface to all your actions, especially if you play with another MIDI controller.

In order to allow musicians to create new rhythms and moods, the Exquis app natively includes exclusive functionalities never seen in a DAW before. For example, as we were inspired by the workshops of Jacob Collier, the app provides an easy way to play with tuplets: uncommon beat divisions such as 1/5 or 1/7, useful to create grooves with a drunk feel."

See the kickstarter campaign for additional details.

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  1. When everyone is a Mozart, no one will be.


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