MATRIXSYNTH: SIGNOS - Olivella Modular: “Pleasantly surprised with a wealth of interesting wave shapes”

Thursday, March 09, 2023

SIGNOS - Olivella Modular: “Pleasantly surprised with a wealth of interesting wave shapes”

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Olivella Modular SIGNOS | Sequence manipulation
Olivella Modular SIGNOS | Saw doubling and detuning
Olivella SIGNOS + Sport Modulator 2 = Feedback!

SIGNOS is an incredibly versatile dual channel utility and waveshaper module for CV and audio processing in just 8HP.

Both X and Y channels feature a classic / unipolar VCA with separate normal and inverted outputs, a polarizer / four-quadrant multiplier / bipolar VCA, a -5V to +5V manual offset voltage that gets summed with their respective channel's bipolar VCA outputs and a red/green LED indicator for this output. The offset voltage can be used on its own if no input signal is present.

X and Y sums of their bipolar VCAs output + offset (X+offset and Y+offset) are then feeded to these logic and waveshaper circuits:

AND analog logic gate: outputs the minimum of X+offset and Y+offset.
OR analog logic gate: outputs the maximum of X+offset and Y+offset.
MOD waveshaper: represents the mathematical modulo operation as a CV modulator and waveshaper, with X+offset and Y+offset affecting different parts of this circuit.
SHIFT waveshaper: originally designed to pitch-shift sawtooth waves up an octave, it can also do interesting wave-mangling to all kinds of signals.

All of the above are just the module’s building blocks, only the tip of the iceberg of what SIGNOS can do. It naturally lends itself to feedback patching techniques within itself and/or other modules, complex waveshaping, external signal processing and more. The limits of what SIGNOS can do are completely up to you.

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