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Yamaha CS-80 with the ULTIMATE UPGRADE

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"Welcome to the very best Yamaha CS-80 to ever be available for sale. The very best in terms of electronic condition/calibration and capability, and certainly the one with the longest life expectancy you can find. A life expectancy longer by some decades from the other not-upgraded 'regular' CS-80s you will find around.

Why is that ? Because not only has it been fully serviced but also it has the most advanced and thorough upgrade ever to be installed in a CS-80. And very possibly never to be matched in the near nor distant future.

To achieve all this an extensive service has had to be performed, among which :

- all electrolytic capacitors were replaced since the old ones are bad (around 450)

- all sliders and switches were professionally cleaned (around 80)

- cleaning and readjustment of the keyboard contacts

- cleaning of the polyphonic aftertouch parts

- removal of 5 old boards, to be replaced by 7 new boards. Now the very rare YM26600 and YM26700 chips are replaced by modern and easily available electronics. Meaning this CS-80 has some decades of life expectancy added to what a 'regular' one could hope for.

- around 250 additional wires, several modifications to the boards and around 70 extra capacitors are needed to make everything possible

- complete calibration of all circuit boards

- The programmer is connected to the back of the CS-80 with a single connector.

Some of the added features :

- 6 banks of 128 free programmable presets

- 3 banks of 128 free programmable performances (pair of presets + added features)

- possibility of dumping performances and presets by SysEx

- MIDI sending and receiving of almost every parameter (more then 100 CC# !)

- full MIDI support of the CS-80 keyboard's polyphonic aftertouch

- special keyboard settings like octave transpose, velocity and aftertouch response

- automatic keyboard double trigger remove setting

- programmable chord memory

- foot pedal can be programmed sending CC messages so you can control up to 4 parameters simultaneously.

- possibility of manually disabling any defective voice(s)

- autotuning of all 16 oscillators. See Proof Of Concept in video linked at the end of my description. (and for those who would argue a true CS-80 is always a little out of tune you have a detune feature to bring back some of it if desired. From 0 (perfect tune) to 127 (extreme out of tune))

- 3 additional separate global LFOs for VCO, VCF and VCA (with MIDI clock sync, sync degrees, division factor, etc...)

- special playmodes such as voice stealing, monophonic and polyphonic in unison (2-voice, 4-voice or 8-voice unisons) with detune setting.

- VCF and VCA envelope time can separately be switched to 5 times the original length

- original ribbon pitch modulation's amplitude can be reduced to taste

- very much care has been taken so the 'analog feel' of the CS-80 stays identical to original.

Since almost every parameter of the synthesizer can receive and send MIDI data and be stored in memory it's easier to list only those who cannot :

- detune CHII slider

- the four touch response sliders

- the master volume knob (although volume expression can be controlled by foot controller and MIDI)

- Foot Pedal EXP & EXPWAH switches

- The sustain slider of left-hand panel (although it can be controlled on/off by foot switch and MIDI)

- the switches and knobs of the tremolo and chorus section.

This CS-80 comes with its original lid, original metal stand, original foot pedal, the Programmer + its cable and a manual for the upgrade."

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