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Friday, August 18, 2023

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave OS 1.5 Update Adds MPE Support, Poly Unison, Free Running OSCS & Long LFOs

via Groove Synthesis

3rd Wave OS version 1.5

new in this release:

- support for MIDI MPE controllers - enable MPE from the GLOBAL menu and explore the new modulation sources at the end of the list. Pitch bend range can be set in the MISC menu

- option for free running analog oscillators in the MISC menu which is settable per patch - In the analog waveform mode, which you are using when you select the Axx waveforms like Saw and Square, now has the option to make the waveforms not reset when you start a new note. In this mode, the oscillators will continue to drift from each other as they do on some fully analog synthesizers. There are two side effects if you are using free running for the analog waveforms:

1. When two or more oscillators are running at the same time, the phase of the waveforms will not be reset and could start at any position. As a result, there will be phase cancellation compared to having the oscillators always start at the same point. What you will hear is that the notes will change volume level slightly as the oscillators start and also drift in and out of phase with each other.

2. In the normal mode the oscillator always starts at zero. Now it could start at any point in its phase position. That means when you hit a note, a single oscillator could be at 0, +1.0, -1.0, or anywhere in between. If it starts at or close to +1.0 ot -1.0, you are going from no sound to fully on immediately. This can cause a click at the beginning of the note depending on the phase. It is noticeable mostly when using a sine wave, and not too noticeable with something like a saw or square. If you want to use this free running mode, turn the attack time up to +20 or higher to quickly fade in and avoid the potential click.

- new poly unison mode - set the polyphony count in the second page of the UNISON menu. It will split the voices up automatically to use max voices per note
- new shortcut buttons to easily set output routing per part
- new option in GLOBAL menu to send midi program change messages
- now saving UNISON chord mode settings with program
- now pitch wheel, mod wheel, pressure are independent per part when controlling in midi multitimbral mode + pitch wheel destination is settable per part
- slight adjustments to circuit drift envelope sustain variance - gets rid of jumps when going from decay to sustain in the envelope
- new options for longer LFO sync times
- improvements to LED brightness settings
- added smoothing to pan position changes to avoid audible stepping
- bug fix for triangle wave phase discontinuities - Gets rid of clicks if you are pitch bending
- bug fix for LFO frequency wraparound when used as mod destination
- bug fix for COMPARE button, fix for machine freeze up if pressed on initial program that loads at bootup before changing a program + remembers which part you are editing
- bug fix for multimbral and keyboard split playing, to reset filter settings so no audible change when voice steals between parts
- bug fix for timing and synchronization issues when receiving MIDI SysEx data while synth is playing
- bug fix so metronome does not continue to play if stop sequencer before count in
- bug fix for midi out clock drift, when 3rd Wave is master clock, caused by rounding error
- bug fix for unison/voice steal clicking from filter envelope reset on new note
- bug fix for sustain pedal with MIDI local control off
- bug fix for arp timing with midi sync, allowing more buffer time for midi note to trigger at same time as midi clock pulse

bug fixes since version 1.0:
- fix for midi program change via midi din
- fix for mod source and destination button hold
- fix for elusive stuck notes
- fix for tempo drifts in sequencer and arp
- fixes for midi clock sync + song position pointer
- improvements to volume potentiometer to have smooth fade out
- improvements to analog waveforms on low notes
- part clear in sequencer
- envelope repeat
- improvements to velocity precision for 3rd Wave keyboard - velocity curve still needs work
- improvements to sawtooth analog model
- improvements to potentiometer precision
- synthplex update: slightly wider dead zone for detent pots + fix for usb drive not mounting on latest Mac OS on certain hubs
- unison + arp settings now editable per part
- global setting MIDI multitimbral mode to control parts on separate MIDI channels
- reverse mode for osc key to waves setting, to replicate ppg behavior
- improvements to Circuit Drift: envs, filters, fine tuning follow a set of repeatable changes + other suggestions
- fixes for multitimbral playback in sequencer
- fix to spatial panning wraparound to always get movement
- fix for arp start with midi sync
- fix for setting mod destinations per part
- fix for note hang when disconnecting sustain pedal in certain configs
- fix for midi active sensing message, Yamaha Montage issue
- fix for issue in analog waveforms recently introduced, especially in A04, supersaw waveform
- fix for envelope sustain modulation
- fixes for curcuit drift, analog filter cutoff and resonance per part
- fix for sawtooth pulse width
- new velocity and pressure curve/settings
- fix for amp env + velocity settings
- fixes for wavetable maker crashing bug after making multiple tables
- added tenths place decimal for tempo
- unison chord mode, will not erroneously activate for 1 note + ui update to show part for unison settings
- Noise input setting honored for wave maker
- LPF velocity ui now says velocity to cutoff or velocity to env depending on the velo to env setting in LPF misc
- More unison key assign options for no retriggering + added legato setting
- Display error messages if failure to read the wav file for wavemaker
- New ARP latch option for HOLD. With HOLD on and this setting set to "chord", it will replace the notes of the previous chord instead of adding to arpeggio when you play chords
- Another bug fix for elusive stuck note issue that you may have encountered
- Bug fix for midi clock sync that was causing issues with effects clock sync setting, was erroneously setting to very low bpm for an instant at the beginning of playback
- Added display brightness setting in Global menu
- Added "pass thru" pot mode setting in the Global menu. With pot mode set to pass thru, you have to move the pot past the current saved value before it triggers an update to the setting.
- fix for wave env release point issues
- bug fix for glide in unison legato mode
- no longer restarting arp timing on a new chord when latch mode is chord and hold is on
- lfo rate encoder now controls note value when sync is on instead of extra param in misc menu
- bug fixes for switching between usb midi on/off in global controls (midi in cable and midi out cable settings)
- no longer allowing all 3 oscillators to be set to supersaw due to cpu limits
- toned down filter cutoff variation for circuit drift
- improvements to wavemaker algorithm and ui for pitch on/off and wave sensitivity
- new multipart button behavior (double-press to edit)
- wave surfer control goes negative + ui update to indicate upper wavetables
- unison chord mode is now per part + displays chord in ui under number of voices
- added arp transpose control
- fix so release does not play out on new program after switching programs
- fix for trippy wave offset animation (blue box) in waveform viewer screen caused by screensaver
- pressing keyboard key now deactivates screensaver
- fix for unison screen to work with show mode (hold COMPARE button)
- fix for sequencer count-in to enable when controlling sequencer with midi sync and DAW
- fix for negative LFO amounts
- fix for pan mod + effect param mods per part
- fix for midi clock sync arp timing when clock is constantly provided without start, stop commands from external controller
- fix for usb midi off setting
- fix for unison legato mode to smooth out key velocity changes to prevent clicky sound
- update wavemaker ui to say pitch instead of noise in encoder description
- Serum wavetable compatibilty with wave maker
- Fix for USB connectivity timing issue that affected majority of ports on Mac Studio and some usb extenders
- Fix for echoplex audio corruption, crash issue observed by scrolling through programs in bank 2
- Fixes for midi NRPN transmission
- Fix for clearing polyaftertouch values when switching between polyaftertouch and non-polyaftertouch controller
- Fix for 3rd Wave keyboard issue causing super short double-trigger notes when keys are played quickly and are not let up fully
- New legato slide mode in unison, where notes glide only on overlapping notes
- Update to filename for exporting programs to USB drive, now using bank and program number instead of file counter.
- editable favorite lists for improved preset navigation. total of 10 lists, each with max 50 presets. Hit the favs button from the main program screen and add the current program to one of the lists
- hold lfo or env buttons to set destination, similar to mod matrix UI
- audio input now routed through both filters + amp envelope, see audio in mix param in misc settings
- global param "Midi send arp notes" to enable midi transmission of arpeggios
- turning off HOLD will no longer turn off notes being held down, for smoother arp playing when sustain pedal is set to pressed hold on/off mode
- fix for random midi transmission dropout via midi din
- adjustments for noisy key switches observed by customers, would cause high velocity note ons when key held down between off and on, or released slowly
- fix for pop/click/noise phase shift observed at beginning of voice on, most noticeable on sine oscillator with unison on
- fix for key to waves with reverse set to ON, "Use upper wavetable" must be on for replication of PPG patches
- master volume now affects volume of wavemaker audio playback
- many fixes for midi multimbral mode CC, with midi local control off
- adjustment to reverb output to address distortion
- fix for midi sustain pedal when controlling with pedal with reversed polarity
- displaying the osc you are viewing in wave envelope UI

1. Download the new OS from the Support page of the Groove Synthesis website. The file type is "ldr" for the OS.
2. Connect the 3rd Wave to your computer using the USB connector on the back of the synth.
3. Once connected, the 3rd Wave will show up on your computer desktop as an external drive.
4. Copy the "ldr" file into the firmware folder on the 3rd Wave.
5. Once the file has finished copying, press the global button on the 3rd Wave, then use Soft Knob 1 to locate the "Firmware Update" command.
6. Use Soft Knob 2 to select go.
7. Press Soft Button 1 (refresh). The screen displays the name of the OS file that you copied to the firmware folder.
8. Eject the 3rd Wave drive from your computer desktop.
9. Disconnect the USB cable from the back of the 3rd Wave.
10. Press Soft Button 4 (ok).The display will alert you when the OS has finished updating.
11. Once the display indicates that it is finished, turn off the synthesizer briefly then turn it back on again. The updated OS version appears in the upper right corner of the display.

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