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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Instruō Superbooth23: THE MOVIE

video upload by Instruō

WARNING: This video contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy (There's also a wee bit of swearing!)

This is a movie that follows the creative crew that is Instruō.
In 2023 the company travelled to Berlin to present at the Superbooth trade show/festival.
At the time of these captured events, the expanded team at Instruō numbers 20+ personnel.
Pretty much the entire crew goes to Berlin as we show off who we are and what we make.
This is a look behind the scenes of a Eurorack modular synthesiser manufacturer as they present at the world's best Synth-show!

Directed by Mathew Pieraccini
Edited by Jasōn H. J. Lim

"This 'documentary' is the beginning of a new form of content that I'm (Jasōn) working on in parallel to the endless stream of new instruments that we're developing.
It's a long time since it was just myself working solo back in the early days of Instruō
I now have the privilege of working with some of the most fun and creative people I've ever met.
We collaborate now as a creative coop. My hope is to showcase more who we are, what we're doing and how things work at the workshop here in Glasgow.
I've always been a fan of behind the scenes content so my plan is to open thing up a bit to showcase my collaborators and what they do inside and outside of roles at Instruō"

00:00:00 prologue
00:01:22 Instruōduction
00:02:05 THE TEAM ASSEMBLES, Glasgow 2023-05-08
00:03:02 BUS
00:03:40 Road Trip (UK)
00:05:20 Costa... and a wee Greggs
00:06:05 Missed the boat
00:06:25 "Crab Flaps"
00:07:08 Road Trip (EU), Germany 2023-05-09
00:07:41 Berlin
00:09:07 SETUP DAY (WEDNESDAY) FEZ, Berlin 2023-05-10
00:10:22 Arrival at Fes, Berlin
00:11:16 Mission objective: "get the speakers" / MAN QUEUING
00:12:34 "Cheers everyone" - Cycling contingent arrivals
00:13:06 Cookery Class with Noé Heuclin
00:13:53 Instruō Crew!
00:14:09 Table Tennis Pt1
00:14:57 Booth demo prep/practice
00:15:24 Setup done
00:16:19 DAY 1 (THURSDAY) Superbooth 2023-05-11
00:17:00 Murdo vs. Car
00:17:11 Fun Fact Nº1
00:17:27 Fun Fact Nº2
00:17:46 Fun Fact Nº3
00:18:04 Fun Fact Nº4
00:18:29 Fun Fact Nº5
00:19:10 Arrival at the Instruō tent/booth
00:19:34 Instrērview with Noé
00:19:50 Instrērview with Jimi
00:20:15 The booth in action
00:20:37 Instrērview with Diarmuid
00:21:13 Instrērview with Hot Dom
00:21:44 The booth in action
00:22:31 Instrērview with Jasōn
00:23:14 Mathew finds the troops
00:23:58 Day complete - here's a note
00:24:14 DAY 2 (FRIDAY) Superbooth 2023-05-12
00:24:50 Binaural experience (wear headphones)
00:25:19 The booth in action on day 2
00:25:55 CATAN
00:26:23 Instrērview with David
00:27:03 SonicState interview in action in action in action in action
00:27:17 Exploring Superbooth
00:27:41 To the beach
00:28:18 DAY 3 (SATURDAY) Superbooth 2023-05-13
00:29:27 hardcore Superboothing
00:29:55 "I am in serious trouble..."
00:30:35 Demo observation
00:30:50 Inside the circus tent
00:31:32 Instrērview with Finn
00:32:14 Instrērview with Tash
00:33:29 Table Tennis Pt2
00:33:45 Observing the wild Pablo
00:34:01 Observing the wild Günter
00:34:18 Instrērview with Georgina Penstkart
00:34:57 Instrērview with Mathew (the Director)
00:35:40 Trading card competition
00:36:49 BREAKDOWN and goodbyes
00:38:49 GOODBYE BERLIN (MONDAY) 2023-05-15
00:39:39 Credits


The music and sound design featured through this video was written and produced by members of the Instruō crew and by artists featured on the Instruō record label.
Any other sounds are diegetic and captured on site at the event.

Featured music is as follows:
00:00:06 Jason H. J. Lim - Meditate
00:02:21 Jason H. J. Lim - tágh Overview video patch/Instruōduction
00:04:55 Georgina Penstkart - Forget Your Money
00:05:21 Mathew Pieraccini - Costa... and a wee Greggs (original a cappella)
00:05:36 Jason H. J. Lim - tágh Overview video patch/Instruōduction
00:05:58 Obakegaku - untitled noodles
00:07:08 Georgina Penstkart - Litha
00:07:55 Far Lane - Safety Measures
00:09:46 Obakegaku - untitled noodles
00:11:22 Braes - Balmedie
00:14:14 Braw Bones - Rosta
00:15:29 Obakegaku - untitled noodles
00:16:29 Collin Russell - Unlike Any Other
00:21:59 Jason H. J. Lim - INSTRUō - tràigh [build video 2]
00:23:20 Georgina Penstkart - Spring Nightmare
00:24:16 Braw Bones - Finding my way back to you
00:25:18 Georgina Penstkart - Instrumental Anthems
00:28:19 Jason H. J. Lim - Meditate
00:29:28 Jason H. J. Lim - IL3_PERFORMANCE
00:30:12 Obakegaku - untitled noodles
00:33:21 Georgina Penstkart - Let The Music Soothe Your Forest
00:35:43 Kiyoko Elza - Mushrooms
00:36:49 Éon - M0014-1
00:37:52 Jason H. J. Lim - tágh Overview video patch/Instruōduction
00:39:39 Solderers of Swing - Synthesise This!
00:40:43 Sophie B. - Truth (cover/arrangement)

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