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Saturday, September 16, 2023

Yamaha EX5 Demos by Snupps

videos upload by Snupps Synth channel

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A demo of a effect sound i made, Under the Name The Abyss, its a strange sound. And only the EX5 can achieve this type of sounds, I used no external FX for this and there is almost no layered tracks, mostly one continous recorded track. I used the AWM/FDSP engine for this, Cheers!
Yamaha EX5 Demo The Abyss 2. Public Transport (Yamaha EX5 Demo)
A ambient track, where i mostly use my Yamaha EX5, and most specifically a sound i made under the name Transporter, which kinda sounds like a bowed string instrument, where i used the FDSP synth engine. I also used my Korg M50 and Kawai K5000s for some more layered sounds. All the sounds were made by me.
3. Pebbles, Yamaha EX5 demo
A Ambient track where i used an array of my own self made EX5 sounds. I used FDSP for all sounds. This piece is inspired by various artists like Jean michel Jarre, Kit watkins, klaus schulze, Isao Tomita, Brian Eno etc. This piece is part of a Collection that is going to be an album named Monuments
4. EX5 patch Forest Dadra
A patch i made on my Yamaha EX5 where i use the FDSP engine.
5. EX5 music, 2000
Made With the sequenser of the Yamaha EX5. Everything was done With the EX5, except for some EQ.
6. Yamaha EX5 some of my sounds
Some sounds i made on my Yamaha EX5. Organ.
7. Synth soloing on Heavy Machinery (yamaha EX5)
jamming on the track "On the Frozen Lake" from the album Heavy machinery. Just recorded for fun.
8. Cthulhu (Yamaha EX5 demo)
Inspired by Call of the Cthulhu by the great H.P Lovecraft. The EX5 is the main powerhouse here, for FX sounds, strange leads and deep pads. i also use some sounds by the great Kawai K5000s, Moog sub 37 and Korg m50. The sounds were made by me.
9. Yamaha EX5 demo, deeptrench
Recorded in one single track with one sound, where i play with a FDSP sound that i made under the name Deeptrench.
10. Yamaha EX5 73, demo.
A demo of four to five variants of a Rhodes Electric piano patch i made, under the name William 73.
11. Yamaha EX5 FDSP demo, Biomechanical
Real time programming improvisation, with a sound (the enigma) i made with the FDSP type called flange. the robotic beings depicted, are from the early 2000`s lego franchise Bionicle (biological chronicle)
12. Quantum realm Yamaha EX5 Live programming a sound.
Me live programming a FDSP based sound on the EX5. This particular sound uses the water FDSP type.
13. Angry, speedy neoclassical synth shred (Yamaha EX5)
this is a jam track made by N&MCreation"
Shreddy "neoclassical" synth solo where i used a lead sound i made, Shreeeed!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥
14. Angry, speedy neoclassical synth shred (Yamaha EX5)
this is a jam track made by N&MCreation"
Shreddy "neoclassical" synth solo where i used a lead sound i made, Shreeeed!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥
15. Yamaha EX5 CS80 World FDSP
A demo of some CS80 inspired patches that i programmed today.
16. Yamaha EX5 Mystophone FDSP demo
FDSP realtime programming where i took basis in a sound i programmed under the name "Mystophone", i use the FDSP algorithm Flanger in this.
17. Yamaha EX5 Physical modeling with FDSP
9 polyphonic sounds that i programmed in the FDSP engine, utilizing the flanger algorithm as a resonator. All sounds consist out of percussive inharmonic PCM waveforms that are tuned to a specific keyfollowing/scale with the FDSP type that was utilized. The picture in the thumbnail was originally made by Paulle alex Bow, i added a green taint.
18. Yamaha EX5 Demo number 1 #YamahaEX5 #yamahaEX7
The first demo i made with the Yamaha EX5 back in June 2017, I kinda overdid some of the VL expressions on purpose to demonstrate its capabilities.
19. Yamaha EX5 AWM2 No FX
The EX5 and EX7 are the best sounding AWM2 synths in my opinion, sounds even better then Montage/Modx AWM2.
20. Yamaha EX5 Strange patters (FDSP realtime programming session)
21. Dreamscape Yamaha EX5, WX5 FDSP, VL engine
Ambient piece featuring two improvised FDSP sounds, and one part feature a VL track where I played it with my WX5 wind controller.
22. The Blue Beast Yamaha EX5 FDSP real-time programming session
real-time programming session started out of an initialized AWM2/FDSP sound. This is the last 20 minutes of what was really a 40 minute long session.
23. Yamaha EX5 Zone industrielle (Industrial FDSP real time programming session from 2018)
One of my first recorded real-time programming sessions with the EX5 back in 2018 with the FDSP engine.
24. Yamaha EX5 Broken keys jam, (One key broke while recording this)
Quick synth jam recorded yesterday.
25. Yamaha EX5 Electric Currents FDSP patch
Ambient demo of one of my FDSP patches
26. Yamaha EX5 dimensions (FDSP real-time programming session)
looong EX5 real-time programming session where I took basis in a n EP sound and just went along from there, then I added a second track over the previous session with one of my more "guitaristic" like fdsp sounds. I have 8 broken black keys on my keyboard, so sorry for various playing mistakes and so on


  1. Only the EX5? Are you sure about that? Have you ever been down the VAST rabbit hole?

  2. Why do years old videos suddenly appear here? Slow news day?


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