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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Introducing Basimilus Iteritas, Manis Iteritas, and Debel Iteritas on Alia oscillator platform

video upload by Noise Engineering

"Unlock the full potential of your Alia with alternate firmware, resources, and more.

Check out the World of Alia, our new oscillator platform here:

Alia is a 10HP oscillator platform and is the new home for your favorite Noise Engineering sounds, both classic and new. Turn your module into Basimilus Iteritas, our legendary percussive powerhouse; Manis Iteritas, a dark industrial techno machine; or Debel Iteritas, an additive PM voice inspired by yesteryear, or maybe even something completely different as new firmwares are released.

Firmware is always free for Alia owners, so swap out your sound whenever you need a new vibe. Alia has something for everyone."

Press release follows:

"Noise Engineering debuts Alia, bringing Basimilus, Manis, and all-new Debel voices to a swappable oscillator platform

Los Angeles, CA — Digital-forward modular synthesizer company Noise Engineering has announced Alia, a new 10HP oscillator platform module. With Alia, the team brings back Basimilus and Manis, two of their beloved synth voices. Alia also launched with a whole new synth voice, Debel Iteritas Alia, a unique hybrid take on phase modulation and additive synthesis.

The previous incarnation of the Iteritas modules was discontinued a few months ago when the processor it was built on was end-of-lifed. “We lived in fear of that development for years, but we didn’t have a viable alternative. We had been thinking about a way off of that processor for some time, but when the part was EOLed, we got motivated. It was a long time before we were confident we could make it work, though,” said Kris Kaiser, Doer of Many Things at Noise Engineering.

The revamped Basimilus Iteritas Alia and Manis Iteritas Alia have a near identical sound to the originals, and a few added features. “When we had to discontinue the BIA and the Manis, quite a few customers reached out asking us to bring them back,” says Markus Cancilla, Noise Engineering’s Chief of Destruction. “The new Alia platform allowed us to bring back our old favorites with a few improvements, and experiment with entirely new concepts, too.”

The platform concept will be a familiar feature to Noise Engineering’s customers. The Versio lineup introduced the idea of swappable firmware to the Noise Engineering ecosystem in 2020, and now has 9 different FX firmwares now available for the platform. Legio followed as a smaller platform in 6HP now with four firmwares. Alia follows suit, launching with three firmwares available and even more on the way, according to NE. As with the existing Versio and Legio platforms, firmware is free for Alia owners and swappable at any time from their Customer Portal. The team expects to offer hot swappable overlays for the different Alia firmwares in the near future.

Along with the return of the BIA and the Manis, the Debel Iteritas Alia is a completely new synth voice based around an additive phase-modulation architecture. Debel continues Noise

Engineering’s reputation for putting a huge amount of timbral range behind a small number of parameters, and bringing new ideas in synthesis to an easy-to-navigate interface. It uses a few different configurations of four-operator PM with each operator comprising four oscillators. Traditional FM sounds are easy to create, but can be instantly brought into entirely new territory with the tweak of a parameter or some external CV. Also in line with Noise Engineering’s ethos of not taking themselves too seriously, Debel features Taco, Nacho, and Diablo modes. “The name and the panel have about a million inside jokes. We had a lot of fun with this firmware,” said Stephen McCaul, Chief Noisemaker.

All three firmwares are available as paneled modules. Basimilus Iteritas Alia, Manis Iteritas Alia, and Debel Iteritas Alia are available for preorder now at and at retailers globally, shipping October 26, 2023.

Availability and pricing:

In stock in black and silver. Shipping from Noise Engineering and retailers starting October 26th, 2023; MSRP US$385

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