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Thursday, October 05, 2023

Two Takes on Behringer - Which Do You Fall Under?

The following videos feature two perspectives on Behringer. I was going to skip both of them, because honestly, I'm kind of tired of the whole thing, but I figure it was worth posting for those unaware of the toatality of it. Jorb does a good job summarizing it all. Note, this will be the last post on the topic, unless something else new and stupid happens.

I do want to clarify what goes up here on MATRIXSYNTH and why. Firstly this site is about the gear, not people. People can have whatever opinions they want. Secondly, this site does factor in how people including manufacturers treat each other. I post what I want to post, and after running this site for over 18 years, I've come to appreciate those who appreciate the site and what I do. Supporting members let me know they appreciate the site by supporting the site. Banner sponsors on the top and right of the site let me know they appreciate the site by sponsoring the site.

Behringer does not support or sponsor the site, and I am aware that they pose a significant and existential threat to some of my supporters and sponsors. So, why do I sometimes feature Behringer? Because this is a synth news site and is meant to be an archive of synth gear over time. I can't just ignore that. So what do I feature? I limit Behringer posts to new product announcements, significant news, and supporting member videos and content only. I skip everything else.

As for sponsors and supporting members, I share whatever they want me to share, within reason, as a thank you for supporting the site. As for non supporting members and sponsors, I share what I want to share. Some clarity on that: when I first launched the site in 2005 I posted everything anyone sent in and everything I came across. Everything was new. YouTube launched in 2005. This was the first time we were able to see people messing with their synths, and this site was the first to cover it. Eurorack and modular was in it's infancy back then and botique manufacturers had limited exposure, mainly on forums and email lists. I remember going to NAMM and someone working for one the manufacturers asked me if I thought eurorack would take off or was just a fad. It was that new. I thought it would take off, and it did. That said, it's no longer possible to post everything that goes up as it would just become too much noise in the end. I'm sure the amount I post daily is already noise to many. So, now I post what I want to post, and yes, how a manufacturer treats others is always factored in.

That said here are the two takes on Behringer. Where do you stand?

Let's Talk About Behringer.

video upload by Jorb

0:00 Intro
3:27 The Clones
10:17 Antagonism
19:52 Wasted Potential


video upload by SYNTH SAMURAI


  1. I think you did the right choise. Staying informed is better than ignoring or worshipping. And I say this as a Behringer hater.

  2. Your take on B is perfect. I will never buy a product by them, but for the sake of my interest in all things synth, i do want to see what they come up with. MS provides that, which is enough for me.
    Put another way, don't change the approach to B that you've been using, as outlined above in your post.

    And since i am anonymous and therefore can't be accused of sucking up, i will also take the moment to say that MS is an important part of my daily routine, and i thank you for everything you do. I find your balance of posts to simply be spot on!

  3. WRT the topic overall, Jorg nailed it. Nailed it. Deepmind riffing on and contributing to an existing design, fantastic. All those eurorack ripoffs, deplorable. The idea that it's not illegal so it's OK to let a different company assume the risk of R&D etc, then take their hard work and benefit from it is a caricature of the worst elements of capitalism. Behringer are parasites.

    WRT to Matrixsynth's handling of the issue, I think it's spot on. As an archive for the future and as daily interest for synth-obsessed, it's good to know what Behringer is doing (even if it raises the blood pressure). I'd guess that anyone following this site knows that your announcing some news is not approval of that news. And good job presenting this post. I'm a supporter, I suppose, but I haven't donated to your site in a while. I will again now.

  4. I'm with Synth Samurai. People wanna find something to be angry over. I find some of the synthfluencer/synth community to be toxic and elitist. A good chunk of the Behringer hate comes off hypocritical. It's funny when people suddenly want to draw a line in the sand with a specific company, yet support plenty of other companies doing worse than Behringer. So I just sit back, laugh, and enjoy my synths. I'm so tried of hearing this back and forth between synthfluencers and Behringer. I've owned my fair share of synths. I've owned numerous Behringer products and never had a single issue with their synths. Meanwhile, my Moog Sub 37 arrived with parts bouncing around inside and the motherboard in my Access Virus TI Polar failed a couple months after getting it.

  5. Imagine getting so angry and butthurt over little electronic boxes that go beep bloop. Who cares lol

  6. I wish everyone would ignore Trump as easily as it is to ignore Behringer. How less sick of life I would be could I forget that certain people exist.

  7. I don’t worship at the church of Moog or indeed with hipster modular makers in Eurorack or any form. I very rarely watch noodling Synthfluencers raving about a eurorack filter that sells for a stupid amount of money.
    I have a busy studio and I need stuff to work. My keyboard tech sees more of my ARP 2600 than I do, so I use the Behringer 2600, and you know what?? You can’t tell the difference. And it works day in and day out.
    I think it serves the whole industry to bad mouth Behringer, be it reviewers (who only see the price as being a sign of quality). Repair shop/resellers who want to charge more and more and more for servicing and selling vintage gear. (One American shop big on Instagram springs to mind) Imagine if it was commonly agreed that a vintage and modern 2600 sounded the same, his whole business model is dead. Other manufacturers could easily release their classic stuff, but they constantly continue to try and make reissues limited edition and stupidly expensive. They are all contributing to Behringers success.

    1. The workers making a couple of dollars an hour, living in military barracks, and trying hard not to think about suicide because quitting is not allowed, have a lot to do with Behringer's success, too. Their suffering is part of every Behringer product. Maybe that makes the music more sweet?

    2. Just like the workers making your phone, tablet, trainers, fast fashion….It must be difficult for you to buy anything these days.

  8. i remember when this site started, way back and indeed i used to email Matrix to post unique items. I will never ever buy anything from Behringer and i made this decision long ago.

    I care about where equipment comes from, where it is made - in Europe, Japan or USA et cetra and this may mean it costs more.. I appreciate this could be considered 'cult' veneration. But a synth is an instrument and I want to use something that comes from a place, a group of people who had creativity in mind, not a clone, a knock-off or something made for pure profit. There is nothing wrong with profit of course.

    Any artist, I suspect, would hold similar views.

  9. B used to be different. Before selling out to Music Tribe, there was phone support, wide availability of their products, etc. Now? forget it. The worst service .......


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