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"We were asked to beta test a new modification for the Solton Programmer 24 - expanding the drum section from a single kit to 32 vintage drum machines.
It adds the classics like the three Linn Drum machines, the Roland TR-808, TR-909, Roland CR78, Korg Mini Pops 7 as well as lesser known machines like the Elka Drummer One, Elka Drum Star 80, EKO Ritmo 20, Siel MDP40, Wersimatic 24, CRB Computer drums and many more 🤩
The additional 31 drum kits will perform just like the original Solton Programmer 24 drum section.

This is a total game changer for more than the obvious reasons - the Solton Programmer 24 has a sequencer, 8 separate drum volume sliders and 8 audio outputs as well as trigger capabilities for the individual drum sounds. It also sends clock and has Midi in/out/thru so it can be easily incorporated to whatever you got cooking with other machines.

It’s a non-invasive modification and fully reversible - no soldering - no drilling holes anywhere - it's installed by simply removing the four original drums eproms inside and hooking up a small additional board in place of two of them.

The modificationis divided in 4 memory banks of 4 drum kits each - you program the banks to your preference - this way you can quickly switch between the drum kits you use the most - or you can of course toggle through all the 32 drum kits sequentially.
Programming the memory banks is easy and sll the instructions you need are provided on Reverb :

The Solton Programmers drum section can accomodate 13 drum sounds per kit.
Some of the drum machines included featured have considerably less sounds and in those cases Andrea, the inventor and seller of the drum chip, has added more drum sounds in the same realm as the drum machine in question.
Due to the architecture of the Solton Programmer 24 the sample rate is 8 bit PCM 22500 Hz which sounds low but is definitely sufficient to maintain character and punchiness - I think it sounds damn good.
This video was made a few months ago and features a trial version that's now been upgraded - clips and smaller issues sometimes heard in the video have been ironed out and fixed on the version that's available for purchase.

Here's the complete list of featured drum machines

1 Solton Programmer 24 (the original drum kit)
2 EMU Drumulator
3 LINN 9000
4 Linn M2
5 Linn LM1
6 Roland TR-707
7 Roland TR-727
8 Roland TR-808
9 Roland TR-909
10 Yamaha RX11
11 Dr. Boss D55
12 Quasimidi Rave-O-Lution 309
13 Miami Acidlab
14 Oberheim DMX
15 Korg DDD5
16 Alesis HR16
17 Vermona DRM1
18 Korg Minipops MP7
19 Eko Ritmo20 / Rhythmaker
20 Elka Drummer One
21 Elka Drumstar 80
22 Hammond Auto-Vari 64
23 Roland CR78
24 Visco space Drum
25 Wersi Wersimatic 24
26 CRB Computer Drums
27 MXR-185
28 Siel MPD40
29 Akai MPC60
30 Data Drive Futurekit 1
31 Music Radar 80s Pop A
32 Music Radar 80s Pop D"

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