MATRIXSYNTH: A short RK008 Quantize grid example loop

Saturday, February 10, 2024

A short RK008 Quantize grid example loop

video upload by Retrokits

"Recording realtime gives you complete freedom of playing - but sometimes a quantize grid can help you out, also production- wise.The quantize grid in the RK008 is capable of separately altering note on, note length or note off.

A note-off is part of the groove and you can use the grid options to tighten up sounds but also make the most of a synth with limited polyphony, timing note-offs perfectly before starting a new one.

PS: I'm focusing on the quantize grid here, you can also adapt the length of a note in a percentage of the original which is not shown in this movie. You can check the complete RK008 Quantize menu here:"

RK008 Menus: ALT+6 - QUANTIZE

video upload by Retrokits

"RK008 Menu 6 houses real-time Quantize transformations.
The first part (ALT+6) is for note-on quantize, straightening out played notes on a user-selectable grid:

Digit 1 to 6 select a timebase;
Digit 1 - 2 - 3: 1/64 - 1/32 - 1/16
Digit 4 - 5 - 6: 1/8 - 1/4 - 1/2
Digit 7 - 8 - 9: decrease - 1/16 center - increase
(inc/dec is also accessible via ALT+DEC and ALT+INC)

Tapping a digit multiple times will also allow you do select a dotted or triplet grid For example in case of a 16/th note-on Quantize(3):
1x tap: 1/16
2x tap: 1/16D (dotted, notes are 1.5 times a 16th note)
3x tap: 1/16T (Triplets, notes are 1/3rd length of a 16th note)

Pressing INC will slide to the Swing settings which have the same type of interface, selecting timebases with 1-6 and making adjustments with 7-9.

Pressing INC again will slide to the Note Length Quantize part. In this menu you will be able to quantize the note length to fixed length - or- only quantize note off fixed to a grid.

For example - on the 16th Note Length Quantize (3)
1x tap: 16th length fixed
2x tap: 16th- length staccato (length is cut just before the next 16th note)
3x tap: 16th+ length legato (length will just overlap the next 16th note)
4x tap: Q_16 note off length is snapped to a 16th note grid
5x tap: Q_16- note off length is snapped to a 16th note grid staccato style
6x tap: Q_16+ note off length is snapped to a 16th note grid legato style

The @EspenKraft video mentioned is here:" [posted here]

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