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Monday, February 19, 2024

Boolean Logic Latched - Patch 01 BugBrand DRM2 Drums

video upload by Precarious333 Music

"Magnetic Freak's Boolean Logic Latched is a Buchla format module featuring a clock divider and 7 logic circuits with switchable mode functionality and unique latching capabilities. Logic is hard to find in Buchla land, and as a fan I'm happy to announce its arrival. This simple patch barely scratches the surface of BLL's potential. It's more an introduction to the most basic uses of logic gates. But make no mistake, Boolean Logic Latched will be at the center of every patch I make from this point on. Intended as a companion module to Magnetic Freak's Gaussian I will endeavor to explore that companionship in videos to come. Time is short but the potentials are endless. Thus is life.

In this patch I'm using a clock from Buchla 246 into BLL's clock divider, then combining different divisions to trigger a kick/snare duo created by two of BugBrand's fantastic DRM2 analog drum voices. Simple origins lead to complex results. Everything you hear stems from that single clock input. I'm only making use of 3 of BLL's 7 logic circuits, none of its latching gates, so just a fraction of its capabilities.

Recorded as 2 tracks into Ableton Live. Compression and effects added in post."

Pic & details via Noisebug

'This is clearly the companion module of the Gaussian to generate rhythmic patterns and much more. It can nevertheless be used alone to build up complex IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) rhythmic patterns from a single ticking clock. Two stages of Boolean logic operators are cascaded allowing all kinds of operations between the incoming signals.

The latching function let you use a dedicated clock to latch the status of all gates on the arrival of a trigger signal up to the new one (or using the push button). It could be used to re-synchronises random signals. This module is fully analog and can work up to audio rates with no latency.

These modules are only produced in very small batches for connoisseurs."

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