MATRIXSYNTH: Instruō Introduces dåpf Dual All-Pass Filter Effects Processor Eurorack Module

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Instruō Introduces dåpf Dual All-Pass Filter Effects Processor Eurorack Module

via Instruō

"Introducing dåpf, the first dedicated effects processor in the Instruō product line. The Instruō dåpf is a set of two analogue all-pass filters.

You might be asking yourself, “What is the point of a filter that passes everything?” All-pass filters don’t actually attenuate frequency amplitudes directly, but rather alter the phase relationship of frequencies across the spectrum. All-pass filter stages appear in the vast majority of voltage-controlled filter topologies as well as serving as a core building block within DSP.

The normalled I/O of dåpf allows for cascaded or independent use of the two all-pass filter circuits, offering everything from classic phase-shifting to psychoacoustic stereo enhancement and synthetic Doppler effect.

• Two parallel all-pass filters
• Independent attenuverters for voltage control
• 1-Pole/2-Pole configuration for left channel
• Cascaded normalisation
• Global 1 volt per octave tracking"

Instruō - dåpf Overview

video upload by Instruō

"This video is long... But the second half is very much optional expansion and deep dive into some theory of all-pass filters.
The first few examples are much quicker, more practical examples of dåpf patched.
Thanks for watching :)"
00:00:00 Instruōduction
00:03:24 Overview | Stereo Enhancement
00:04:19 Stereo Enhancement - Subtractive patch sound source
00:04:55 Stereo Enhancement - Traditional stereo panning
00:06:13 Stereo Enhancement - Spectrally transparent waveshaping
00:07:22 Stereo Enhancement - dåpf inputs/outputs
00:09:42 Stereo Enhancement - Controls and CV inputs
00:10:14 Stereo Enhancement - 6dB/12dB pole switch
00:11:18 Stereo Enhancement - Mono to Stereo patching
00:15:41 Stereo Enhancement - Static phase shift
00:17:32 Stereo Enhancement - Level 1: modulation
00:19:40 Stereo Enhancement - Level 2: modulation + waveshaping
00:25:02 Stereo Enhancement - Level 3: modulation + timbre
00:27:50 Vibrato Everything
00:28:17 Vibrato Everything - What is vibrato?
00:29:35 Vibrato Everything - Non-FM vibrato
00:30:22 Vibrato Everything - (tangent: sine phase)
00:31:34 Vibrato Everything - (tangent: sine spatialisation)
00:32:37 Vibrato Everything - Non-FM vibrato (sine wave)
00:34:11 Vibrato Everything - Non-FM vibrato (sawtooth wave)
00:38:42 Vibrato Everything - Non-FM vibrato (complex audio)
00:40:46 Vibrato Everything - Non-FM... FM? ...PM! (Phase Modulation)
00:43:47 Feedback Processing |"Doppler"
00:44:33 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Lúbadh feedback patch
00:46:38 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Doppler shift description
00:48:08 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Doppler dåpf 1pole/2-pole
00:49:20 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Doppler dåpf 3-pole/-4pole
00:51:28 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Doppler dåpf in stereo!
00:52:02 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Delay feedback
00:54:54 Feedback Processing |"Doppler" - Audio rate modulation
00:56:32 Building a phaser - Deep dive into all-pass filters
00:58:44 Building a phaser - Phase shift of a fundamental
00:59:41 Building a phaser - Quadrature: sine | cosine
01:00:43 Building a phaser - Drawing perfect circles
01:01:41 Building a phaser - Drawing (non-)perfect circles
01:02:16 Building a phaser - Frequency dependent phase shift
01:04:22 Building a phaser - 1V/octave tracking
01:07:40 Building a phaser - More than one sine wave
01:08:58 Building a phaser - The harmonic overtone series
01:10:19 Building a phaser - Sawtooth wave low-pass filtered (reference)
01:11:15 Building a phaser - Phase shifting harmonic overtones
01:15:42 Building a phaser - Inside a phaser
01:18:00 Building a phaser - Stereo Phaser
01:22:19 Building a phaser - uPhaser Befaco FXBoy
01:23:46 Building filters - Any-pass filter?
01:25:05 Building filters - RC low-pass filter
01:26:03 Building filters - Spectral cancellation principles
01:28:35 Building filters - APF to LPF
01:30:10 Building filters - APF to HPF
01:32:03 Building filters - Parallel dual all-pass filters
01:37:41 Building filters - Resonant filters"

And a video from Divkid:

Wow! I didn't know All Pass Filters could do this // 3 Patches with dapf from Instruo
video upload by DivKid

"I'm always striving to learn and explore with sound and music and dapf (the new Eurorack module from Instruo) certainly brought a big slap of school day into DivKid HQ. I was aware of all pass filters, getting past the funny idea that "all" frequencies pass (so what's the point?) and knowing they were use for phase shifts. What I didn't know is how core and important to filter topologies they were and how creatively useful they could be.

Some exploring later and here we are, with 3 patches that really show the power of phase manipulation. While dapf makes a fantastically chewy phaser FX unit I didn't expect it would be such a great stereo expander for a single VCO nor did I know I could be MUSICAL and totally analogue 3 operator FM/PM (like the digital Yamaha DX and Casio CZ phase/FM methods) synth."

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