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Monday, February 05, 2024

Sequential Prophet 5/10 rev 4 | Sound Bank Demos

video uploads by Synth Universe

"In this video I play original sounds created for the Prophet 5/10 rev 4 synthesizer. I demo patches 1 - 20 from the Synth Universe Prophet 5/10 rev 4 Sound bank: a bank of 80 patches containing a wide range of pads, strings, brass, poly synths, keys, bass, leads, tuned percussion and sines.

Each patch is demonstrated first raw in mono, as output straight from the synth. For the majority of the patches I then repeat the demo but with stereo and reverb or delay applied, so you can hear the sounds more like they would be in a musical context. Please refer to the other three videos for demos of sounds 21 - 80. The time stamps below mean you can easily access specific sounds in this video and compare MONO with STEREO.

Buy this sound bank here:

In the making of this video no chorus, modulation or thickening effects were used (software or hardware). The only effects used were reverb (mainly the Valhalla Vintage Verb plugin) or delay (Logic native delay plugin). No EQ was used to enhance either the low end or the high end.

The Prophet 5/10 has a single mono audio output, so to create a stereo image I used old-school layering in my DAW. When I recorded each audio take, I also captured MIDI data and used this to record new tracks of the original take. Using the Vintage knob on the Prophet set at 3 means that each MIDI take has subtle differences in pitch, envelopes and filter. Panning and slight detuning of the tracks creates, to my ears, a nice rich stereo image and retains the core sound.

Time stamps
00:00 Rich chord poly MONO
00:40 Rich chord poly STEREO FX
01:20 Prophet lead pad MONO
02:14 Prophet lead pad STEREO FX
03:10 Clarity MONO
03:37 Clarity STEREO FX
04:05 Synth strings MONO
04:36 Synth strings STEREO FX
05:08 Big brass pad MONO
05:51 Big brass pad STEREO FX
06:36 Unison pluck bass MONO NO FX
07:11 Fluttering MONO
07:46 Fluttering STEREO FX
08:24 Square release MONO
08:55 Square release STEREO FX
09:28 Touch poly MONO
09:57 Touch poly STEREO FX
10:26 Pluck pad MONO
11:01 Pluck pad STEREO FX
11:37 Prophet celeste MONO
12:07 Prophet celeste STEREO FX
12:37 Slow strings MONO
13:30 Slow strings STEREO FX
14:24 Mello brass MONO
14:55 Mello brass STEREO FX
15:27 Muted bass MONO
15:49 Unison harp MONO
16:20 Unison harp STEREO FX
16:53 Click sub MONO
17:15 Big pulsing poly MONO
17:41 Big pulsing poly STEREO FX
18:10 Prophet vox pad MONO
18:45 Prophet vox pad STEREO FX
19:21 Clear keys MONO
20:00 Clear keys STEREO FX
20:39 Unison string MONO
21:21 Unison string STEREO FX

Sound Bank description

The Prophet 5 is an analog synthesizer released originally in 1978 and then re-issued as rev 4 in 2020. The more time I spend with it, the more I realise why it became a classic and has been so widely used. Despite the simple user interface and the quite modest feature set by modern standards, it is capable of producing a very wide range of pleasing timbres from the pure and warm to rich, strident and complex. I am therefore excited to share the results of years playing and programming the Prophet with the 80 patches in this sound bank.

I set myself quite high standards for sounds being accepted into this bank. I've aimed for sounds that are robust, usable and distinctive, with nothing too esoteric or experimental. Although the Prophet is capable of some amazing sound effects, I figured these would not be relevant to the majority of users (although I include two at the end of the bank).

There are plenty of pads with different timbres from warm through to bright and sizzly. PWM (pulse width modulation) is very characteristic on the Prophet and it has been used on a number of the pads and strings. The Prophet's filters self-oscillate and track the keyboard perfectly, creating lovely warm sines that I have exploited in a number of sounds. The Poly-mod section has been used to create bells and chimes and for subtle pitch modulation to emulate brass and other instruments.

Unison mode is used on a number of the patches. If you are playing a Prophet 5 then this will be monophonic. If you are playing a Prophet 10, some sounds use the polyphonic unison feature enabling you to play chords in unison mode, which can enhance the richness of the sound.

All musical ideas in this video are my own and are copyright to me.

There was no sponsorship or affiliation to Sequential or their products in the creation of this video."

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