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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Generative Music by Gibran Curtiss

Published on Apr 16, 2017 Gibran Curtiss


1. Generative music - part I

"Still an embryonic project of Generative Music in Arduino plataform and Midi protocol using simple biological algorithms to birth , growth, reproduction and death , together with locomotion and collision . This video was the result of one day of coding, so.... The 4 tempo was reduced to 1 to make a little short video. Long journey yet to come."

2. Generative Music - part II

"Second video of generative music project.
Arduino Uno replaced by Arduino Mega.
Arduino goes to USB MIDI interface, that goes to laptop running ableton driving 3 Midi channels.
The original algorithm was improved a lot and were added some controls to make intentional transitions.

Credits: Adam Kumpf for the core algorithm."

3. Generative music - part III

"Another sample with a generative music Arduino prototype."

4. Generative Music - part IV

"Another great step forward to my generetive music project.
These are the 2 major changes in project:
a)the first 3 videos I've made, the Arduino was connected to a laptop by MIDI. Now 2 full 5V CV OUTs available (3 at the moment I'm writing this) :-) provided by a DAC MCP4725
b)improvement into evolution algorithm allowing to choose to evolute or not each parameter individually. This way we can let the machine evolute by itself and then step in anytime to control the evolution.
Finally the unit is connected to a real modular synth!!! I'm very very really happy!!!!!!!!.
This video is a very simple path:
-one CV to a Qu-Bit Chord
-another CV to 4MS Spectral Multiband Resonator."

5. Generative Music V

"This is the 5th video of an Arduino Generative Music project. Finally a reasonable result. 4 midi channel / 4 CV outputs (0-5V). In this video only 2 channels used."

6. Generative Music Part VI

"This is the Part VI of the Generative Music project. A friend asked me to explore all 4 channels. So here it is. A lot better that last one video. But still a lot to improve on the next. Remember that this project is a SUPPORT tool to provide some melody, not make an entire song. Now the next goal is to attach a solar panel and some sensors : temperature , pressure, light, air humidity, soil humidity, wind velocity. All together and a little math will be able to make music according to weather variations including wake up and go to sleep. It will be an self sufficient being. Like a mini Frankenstein that makes music."

7. Generative Music part VII

"This time the fully functional prototype of the generative music module patched to the 4MS SMR passing thru a custom Spring Reverb.
One square wave oscillator with a fixed frequency feeding the 4MS input.
The final configuration of the module is :
-4 (0V to +5V) CV outs with buffered MCP4725 DACs.
-1 Trigger out with led indicator;
-parameter / value knobs to control the internal variables;

Again, some code improvements to do a better control over the note distribution to CVs.
The evolution of the generative module was locked this time just to play around with 4MS, basically, the same melody all the time but exploring the internal variations of the CVs.
Remember that the whole sound was played ONLY by the 4MS. No drum machines, no other modules."

8. Generative Music part VIII

"This time added a control to interval or cycle a group of 2,4,8,16,32 notes.
Unfortunately this project will be suspended for a while.
The effort now is to develop better melodies but I dont have much time exclusively to it.
Thank you!"

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