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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Giannini GS 7010 #vintagesynthesizer #giannini #synthesizer #analog

video upload by Ernane Borges

Not the best video, but an opportunity to remind you it exists. Check out this other demo and this post for additional details on what it actually is.

Sunday, September 01, 2019

Giannini GD-1000 - Drum Machine - made in brazil - 1986 - (rare)

Published on Mar 2, 2019 Gargula Tron

This is the first post to feature the Giannini GD-1000. You can find a handful of posts featuring Giannini here.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Siel DK70

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via this auction

As for the DK70, an interesting side note according to the description is that it was released in Brazil as the Giannini GS 7010 polyphonic synthesizer. You can find demos of it in the archives here.

"It is very similar to a Korg Poly-800, in that it operates like an analog synth, but its oscillators, LFO and envelope generators are all digital. Like the Poly-800, the DK-70 has eight oscillators/voices, but all the voices are mixed together through a single "monophonic" analog lowpass filter which was shared for all voices. Like a monophonic synthesizer, the filter was switchable between single or multiple modes. In single mode, the first key pressed triggers the filter envelope, and unless all keys are released, the filter does not re-trigger. In multi mode, each key pressed in turn triggers the filter envelope, even if other keys are still pressed down.

The oscillators are called "DCOs", and the envelope generated called a DEG (for Digital Envelope Generator). Digital components were much cheaper at the time and this allowed the DK70 to approximate the sound of an analog synth, but have 8 note polyphony without being cost prohibitive to the average user.

An unusual feature of the DK70 is that, while it appears to have the form factor of a standard synth, it has guitar strap pegs and can be used as a keytar. (The Poly-800 also had this feature.) An accessory called the "Stage Set" can be attached to the left side to provide a grip (similar to that of the SH-101), where the player may manipulate a ribbon-style pitch bender, as well as have access to buttons that change patches, change octaves and engage the LFO modulation.

It stores 50 patches, 10 of which are user assignable. A cartridge port accepted a cartridge which could store an additional 50 patches. All programming is done via pushbuttons, somewhat limiting its "tweakability" for live performances.

It also has an onboard two-track sequencer, which can be programmed by setting the tempo and recording a performance (unlike a step sequencer, where notes were entered in sequential order and played back at fixed durations). The performance would then loop when played back.

The synth engine was also available as a keyboardless, rack-mount or table top version called the Expander-80, similar to the Korg EX-800. Released in Brazil as Giannini GS 7010 polyphonic synthesizer"

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Analog synthesizer Giannini GS 7010 - siel dk70

Published on Jun 27, 2018 bulishearth

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Giannini GK 6110 ST Demo Video

Published on Jan 6, 2016 fernando Costa Tecladista

Thought this was kind of interesting. The buttons and style remind me of the Siel DK-80. There have only been two previous posts to feature Giannini on the site. One was a brochure for the GK 6110. Note the brochure lacks the extra markings for "Electronic Keyboard Sweep Test GT". Also someone in the comments of that post stated that Giannini was a Brazilian company. Siel was Italian. The second post was for the DS1000 which appears to have been a fully programmable synthesizer, while the GK 6110 as you can see was a preset keyboard.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Digitone DS1000

Update via wmoecke in the comments: "This synth was created and sold exclusively by DIGITONE, a company owned and operated by Mr. Christóvão Batista da Silva. It never had anything at all to do with Gianinni. Please correct."

Gianninni was a Brazilian brand that re-packaged Siel synths as you can see in these previous posts.

Original description via flickr By msxgalaga:

"DS1000 Giannini Programmable polyphonic synthesizer 80s ad from Bizz music magazine.

32 factory made presets, delay, chorus, white noise, env polarity, DCO, VCA, LFO, ADSRI e II, bender/pitch, atack/delay/sustain/release... you could create and save your own presets for 2 years in the databank. Create new voices/instruments and add various effects. Up-down digital command on display. polyphonic flute bank. Combine and mix flute, synth & string sounds simultaneously. Sounds like a lot of fun... uh? haven't seen this one being sold anywhere in while. Sorry guys for the crap image... low resolution. Maybe I'll try to get this ad properly scanned sometime in the future... Anne.etzel requested more Giannini ages ago this is why I uploaded this image.. did you notice how I hardly ever check my own flickr gallery?

Propaganda de uma revista Bizz dos anos 80.
o primeiro sintetizador polifonico de 8 vozes totalmente programável produzido no Brasil.
Esse texto é grande e eu escaneie numa resolução ruim. Depois escrevo o que diz no anuncio.

80talls brasiliansk synth, masse teknisk informasjon. Gidder ikke å oversette nå... kanskje senere"

Update: new scan via tumbler

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

giannini 80s keyboard

flickr by msxgalaga

"giannini GK 6110 keyboard - 80s magazine (Bizz) "

anyone know more about Giannini?

Update via SynBlog in the comments: "Gianinni is an old brazilian manufacturer of musical instruments.
They built guitars , acoustic guitars ( very good ones), amplifiers ( Fender copies) , p.a. equipment , etc.
Their keyboard line was built under license of Siel ( synths) , Crumar ( pianos & strings) and maybe Seiko ( home keyboards)."

and via williampaiva: "I had one of these. By that time I was 11 and used to take Organ lessons. Once I saw my music teacher with a brand new Yamaha PSR-6300 and asked my father for a keyboard like that. And he gave me a Gianinni GK-6110. Even a 11 years old kid would get bored with this Gianinni after a few months. It was built in a cheap plastic, the keys used to get stuck and the pontentiometers were really crappy. After a year of use, the volume potentiometer got worn out, so I had to play at the maximum level. Playing at a loud level used to make the cheap plastic case and the entire body of the instrument shake like an earthquake. The crazy thing came when the BPM potentiometer got worn out too, because playing at loud volume caused subtle tempo changes. The Gianinni GK-6110 had only 12 popular rhythms with automatic chords and basslines (only half were really usable) and when the fill-in button got stuck, the instrument started to generate drum fills randomly."

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