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Friday, May 17, 2024

SoundMaster ST-305, Roland Jupiter 4 & Echolette SE251

video upload by ohm_studi_ohm

"Quick impro to demo the Sound Master Stix Programma ST-305 (!) analog drum machine syncing the Roland Jupiter 4 arpeggiator. The Echolette SE251 provides echo/reverb.
The ST-305 is an 80s programmable analog drum machine. Very basic, no sound editing but you get 7 sounds, an accent track, dedicated volume faders and outputs for every instrument.
And the icing on the cake is it can be synced to external gear and/or sync other gear, which is a nice feature (you can use it slaved to a sequencer and in the same time slaving a synth, so it acts as a 'through').
I did not know this one till recently and it was a pleasant surprise."

Klemt Echolette SE-251 tape delay.

via this listing

Pics of the inside below.

"This is quite a rare tape echo manufactured by Dynacord. It seems to be one of the very last tape echo introduced by the brand (with the Echolette Echo 400).
It shares many parts with the Echocord line of delays like motor, pinch roller, heads, oscillator board etc
But this one used op amps instead of only transistors for amp stages (the Echocord Super 76 also already used one op amp for the output stage).

The unit has 2 heads which you can mix with the dedicated pot. Otherwise classic features like input volume, tone, echo send level, echo feedback and echo level.
In the back the original DIN socket enabled output and aux input. In this case you only get the wet signal out of the delay, which is nice in a studio environment.

Unit was fully serviced and modded:
- all electrolityc caps were replaced (except 3 bipolar ones )
- original 4x op amps were upgraded to better one (TL081)
- original DIN socket was replaced by 2 jack sockets, one for the output and one for the aux input. Also a pot was added to attenuate the level for the aux input
- unit was meticulously cleaned
- heads were cleaned, demagnetized and aligned
- unit was calibrated
- tape is new

The unit is in perfect working order and in excellent cosmetic condition."

Thursday, March 21, 2024

03 20 24 Synton Fenix & Echolette

video uploads by batchas

"A bit of unwanted saturation here and there, because the Echolette is pretty sensitive to certain signals, but I decided to leave it as it is."

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Klemt Echolette-Maestro Rhythm Master-Astor Tube Radio-Vintage Jam.MOV

YouTube Uploaded by NakagawaGakki on Aug 6, 2011

"Vintage Tube Jam. My decrepit Astor Tube Radio from 1949 being mashed by the modulation gate of the 1971 Maestro Rhythm King Mk4 then fed to the awesomely hungry 60s era Klemt Echolette NG51s Tube Tape delay... Spat straight out at the camera.

Live recording of a similar setup for Noizemaschin #1 19/07/2011:

Video of the same: [below]

Live recordings of all artists performing at Noizemaschin #1:"


Uploaded by cirtcele on Jul 23, 2011

"Artifactory NoizeMaschin#1 July2011 From the blurb:
I.n0jaQ - I.n0jaQ will be dusting off 1950s tube radios, 60s tape reverbs, 70s preset rhythm boxes, 80s educational machines and 90s found electronics. The unmistakable warm tone of last century's analogue circuitry intensely over-driven to timeless noise brutality levels."

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