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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Tim’s Mono/Poly and Michael’s Publison IM90

video upload by foleytronics fx repair

"Two of the oscillators in this Mono/Poly wouldn’t tune during calibration and ended up being a major pain in the tuchus. Meanwhile, this Publsion Infernal Machine had no output on channel A plus the garbled screen of ultimate despair. Figured both those out, plus recapped the tants, changed a couple broken XLR connectors and re-recapped the PSU as someone left it rather untidy. It sounds wild and is really fun to use.

Should you have a piece of vintage pro audio gear that needs some love, feel free to drop us a line:"

Sunday, June 18, 2017

PUBLISON DHM-89 B2 Stereo pitch shifter Delay harmonizer

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via this auction

"Here is a mega rare PUBLISON DHM89-B2 Expanded version with vibrato amount / speed controls! Highly advanced signal processor/sampler c. 1978. AMAZING machine... with an UNIQUE warm sound and effects combinations between sampling delays, harmonizer, advanced dual pitch shifter ect.. A very rare collector item with a sound so analog closer to tape than digital. It has been used by many popular bands like Cyndi Lauper, Rockets, Joan Osborne, The Fixx, The Outfield..

EXCELLENT cosmetic shape, very clean panel! Working conditions: control panels seems to be well working, all controls are ok as the led screens, but outs are extremely low, almost unaudible so I sell it in as-is conditions, it probably need of a sensible tech visit. It was perfect working in studio a lot of times ago.. never serviced, still has the original capacitiors, there are 3x mainboards inside.

It's one of the most AMAZING machine ever made... as its brother INFERNAL MACHINE!"

Thursday, March 21, 2013

inti-fari : Under Mi synthi mt-40 . wicked digital and analog dub session

inti-fari : Under Mi synthi mt-40 . wicked digital and analog dub session . rmx Distilerz
Published on Mar 21, 2013 inti fari·46 videos

"Dub-plate Digital rub-a-dub steppa
Distilerz Production 2013
Free download mp3 :

Custom moded Casio MT-41, EMS SYNTHI, Roland Chorus Echo SRE-555, Publison DHM 89 B2 & some Egyptian synth art.

Also see: inti-fari EMS Synthi Reggae Dub


inti-fari : Clandestino dub " cool and deadly remix " manu chao inna Digital Distilerz style
Published on Mar 21, 2013
Distilerz Production 2013
Free download mp3 :

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Publison DHM 89 B2 Stereo Digital Pitch Shifter demo

YouTube Uploaded by scalenyc on Jan 12, 2012

"Demonstration of the Publison DHM 89 B2 Stereo Digital Pitch Shifter on voice, guitar and drum machine"

Pics via this separate auction
Perfect Circuit Audio

Side note: not sure if the one in the video is meant as a demo for an upcoming auction. If you see it, let me know. I couldn't find it. I was going to put the Onkloud auction up in a separate post but thought the pics would go good here.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Publison Jam '99

"... here's a short video where i'm manipulating the publison (aka the dhm-89 b 2 rack-unit & the kb-2000 keyboard) in real time ..."

Update: Watch these full screen to read the details. The "Instantaneous Display of Memory Position" reminds me of wavetable synthesis.

"... close up of the publison kb-2000 keyboard ... "

"... once again, the publison transforming some sustained accordion sounds into pure electro-acoustic gold ..."

Monday, May 02, 2011

Korg MS-20 and Publison DHM 89 B2

YouTube Uploaded by cms4f on Feb 27, 2011

Publison DHM vs Freddie Mercury

Uploaded by lusydoebay on Apr 26, 2011

"Starts off with some simple delay, then switchs modes to stereo crosspoint looping to make reverse delay madness.. Bohemian Animal Collective Rhapsody"

via this auction

"Publison DHM 89 B2
Stereo Delay & Pitch Shifter
Late 70's Early 80's

It has seperate controls for sample start and end points, when they are reversed the unit plays the delay backwards. When you factor in variable pitch, feedback, speed, etc... you get mind numbing possibilities. Goes from standard delay to complete Arial Pink FX bananas, and still does everything in between like making a good pitch thickener for background vocals, like an Eventide H910. Can feel like a space Echo or Echoplex in many ways too...

Also, there is a multi pin connector which will allow for CV control of a lot of front panel controls. This can be modded to play samples pitched on a keyboard, which is what Tangerine Dream did to play samplers on the Firestarter Soundtrack."

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Publison KB 2000

via this auction

"This is the keyboard controller for the Publison DHM 89. Both the KB 2000 and DHM 89 are incredibly rare. This unit itself is not self-powered and requires the DHM 89 to function."

See this post for an advert on the KB 2000.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Publison KB 2000

via this auction

"Here is a vintage brochure original ( not a copy) from the French Synthesizer designed PUBLISON AUDIO PROFESSIONAL Paris France.

The brochure measures 8 1/2" x 11". The brochure is two sided in color. One side shows the Synth KB 2000 and the other side shows the audio computer model DHM 89 B@ Stereo unit. This unit has a dual digital delay, pitch shifting memory latch."

Update via Qwave in the comments: "Here is a scan of my original leaflet I got from an early eighties Musik Messe in Frankfurt.

I was a schoolboy then."

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