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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Pimp My Mono

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"The Macbeth Micromac-D is a boutique analogue synth from 2013. It has a three oscillator design, and I think it sounds lovely. There’s just one problem. It can only play one measly note at a time! But what if it were possible to play this synth with unlimited polyphony, in real time? Let's find out!
00:00 Introduction, Micromac sound demos
02:02 Technique explanation
03:51 First listen
06:27 Patch parameters
10:13 Multistage envelopes
14:03 Jam 1
18:49 Jam 2
19:52 Jam 3
23:26 Discrete MIDI notes
Some additional information:

The explanation of the first patch was simplified. There are a couple of issues to contend with when generating polyphonic parts from a monosynth. There isn’t just one buffer in use, rather multiple in action. Every note on rotates the buffer to be recorded into. This allows the notes of the previous chord to die away while the next chord starts to play, if the playback speed for those previous notes still leaves some signal to be played.

Another issue has to do with recording. A new note on should kill recording into the previous buffer. Otherwise, the notes of the previous chord still in action will start playing a recording of the new note on. I made this selectable in the first patch, because the effect may be desirable from an aesthetic viewpoint.

One more consideration when using an analogue synth controlled with CV and gate as the sound source. If notes are already being held down when the source synth is retriggered, the gate will remain high. As a result, the envelope will not restart. Therefore it’s best to use an envelope generator which is able to be retriggered, like the Intellijel Dual ADSR. That way, every new incoming note will retrigger the envelope.

One last thing: neither version of the patch compensates for audio latency, which means that lower notes are a little late to start."

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Frap Tools Fumana Part 5: Take It Slow

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Recording the output of the envelope followers analysing speech, then playing this back at a much slower rate modulating a three tone drone, then drenching that in reverb.
00:00 Intro
00:03 Source material
00:25 Recording the band analysis output
00:40 Playback
01:36 Adding reverb
07:32 Freezing playback
09:29 Reversing playback direction
20:45 Changing reverb algorithm

Eurorack modules featured: Frap Tools Fumana, Intellijel Dixie, Cre8 Audio Capt'n BIG-O, Tiptop Audio Z3000 mk.2, Doepfer A-138b mixer. Reverb: Valhalla VintageVerb. CV Control: Expert Sleepers ES3 and ES6 controlled by a custom SuperCollider patch.

Original photo of snail by invisiblepower @ pexels"

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Friday, December 22, 2023

Frap Tools Fumana Part 3: I Achieve Full Freeze (Vocoder, eurorack modular, spectral transfer)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

All parts here

"Using the Frap Tools Fumana as a vocoder. Recording and playing back phonemes with a custom SuperCollider patch."

00:00 Intro
00:03 Sherlock
00:36 Vocoder
04:00 Lag and Threshold
06:03 Sibilant noise
07:35 Reorder bands
08:19 Phoneme sampling and band freezing
10:02 Saved phonemes
10:35 Phoneme sequencing
11:45 Song: I Achieve Full Freeze
14:36 Fatalist

Monday, November 20, 2023

Frap Tools Fumana Part 2: Impose (Eurorack modular synth filter, spectral transfer, vocoder)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Exploring direct CV control of the Fumana's 16 bands.

00:00 Intro
00:03 Explanation
00:13 Adjusting bands
01:56 Storing and recalling band level configurations
03:08 Jam 1
07:10 Jam 2
09:40 Five Alive

Details of the album 'I Will Cross Any Bridge' can be found at"

Frap Tools Fumana Part 1: Center & Width (Eurorack modular synth filter, spectral transfer, vocoder)
video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Exploring the Center and Width controls of the Frap Tools Fumana eurorack filter module.

00:00 Intro
00:03 Center and Width knob controls
01:23 Modulating Center with sine LFO
02:47 Modulating Width with sine LFO
04:19 Modulating with saw LFO
05:37 Modulating with Zig Zag wave LFO
06:45 Modulating Center with multi stage envelope
07:05 Modulating Width with multi stage envelope
08:31 Adding drums
10:39 Drums and multi stage envelopes try two
13:45 Ambi interlude
14:08 Ambi track jam with stereo panned bands

Note to self: tuning is bellingwolde @ 54"

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Seven Four Acid Jam (TB-303 inspired eurorack synth module faceoff)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Giving the M303, Din Sync OSC303 and VCF303 modules a workout.
Sequenced with a custom patch running in SuperCollider controlled with two Novation Launchpads."

Acid Modules Sound Test ( M303, Din Sync VCO303 & VCF303, Eurorack modular synth, filter)

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"Checking out the sound of these TB-303 inspired eurorack modules.

Foto von Mikhail Nilov:

00:00 Intro
00:03 M303 Saw
01:03 M303 Pulse
03:34 M303 Saw
06:33 M303 Pulse
07:05 M303 Saw
07:49 VCO303 Saw into VCF303
09:42 VCO303 Pulse into VCF303
11:47 VCO303 Saw into VCF303
12:59 VCO303 Pulse into VCF303
14:28 Rubicon2 Saw into VCF303
18:09 Rubicon2 Pulse into VCF303
19:25 Rubicon2 Zig Zag into VCF303
19:54 Rubicon2 Sub into VCF303
20:18 Rubicon2 WARP into VCF303
21:45 Z3000 Saw into VCF303
22:36 Z3000 Pulse into VCF303
24:57 Z3000 Saw into M303 filter
27:03 Z3000 Pulse into M303 filter"

Friday, September 29, 2023

Don't Bore Us

video upload by Cylob Sonic Research

"The Michigan Synth Works MSW-810 is a replica of a Roland analog monosynth from 1983, a cousin of the much more famous MC-202. But it has its own distinct sound, somewhat beefy and powerful, reminiscent of even earlier Roland synths from the seventies. What will happen when the MSW-810 meets modern replicas of vintage Boss chorus pedals? Let's find out!

Putting in a cameo appearance is the Michigan Synth Works SY0.5, a eurorack adaptation of the vintage Pearl Syncussion. Everything controlled by two Launchpads together with some custom SuperCollider patches.

00:00 Intro
00:03 Setup
00:46 Noodling
03:56 Chorus
06:41 Dimension
09:58 Multitracking
11:07 Stacking the recordings
11:32 Track one
16:30 Dramatic stabs
16:53 Track two

Thumbnail typeface credit: RoyDioC @ diypedals Subreddit r/ diypedals/ comments/ ni9img/ boss_pedal_otf_font_japan_stompbox/"

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