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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

[$10] DIY eurorack modular synth Bio feedback EMG CV generator | with AD8232 module

video upload by HAGIWO

"My 73rd original eurorack modular synth DIY projects.
Bio feedback CV module. Amplifies surface EMG(ElectroMyoGraphy) and outputs as CV.
Like Instruo SCION, biofeedback is a modular synth expression technique.

working documents ( schematics)

Please support me to continue projects.
In patreon you will find content about my background , technical information and CAD data."

Thursday, November 09, 2023

DIY synth jam #7 with Modulove modules | full DIY eurorack modular synth system

video upload by HAGIWO

"Use 3 Modulove modules."

Not seeing MVMT on their site. A•RYTH•MATIK, SYNC MOD LFO, and SCOPE captured below. Note SCOPE is not featured in the video.


The module runs on an Arduino Nano and can be easily reprogrammed or modded with Arduino IDE

The provided firmware release is a modified version of the Hagiwo Euclidean Sequencer adding support for the added Hardware reset in and LED indicators for each channel as well as the clock.

128*64 OLED Display

Rotary Encoder with PUSH Button

6x Trigger Outputs (0-5V)

Clock Input (0-5V)

50mA (5V) / 50mA (12V)
Arduino IDE (nano)

Saturday, October 07, 2023

[$23] DIY eurorack modular synth DSP Chorus & Reverb FX | with ANALOG DEVICES Blackfin DSP IC

video upload by HAGIWO

"My 72nd original eurorack modular synth DIY projects.
ANALOG DEVICES Blackfin DSP development board based Chorus & Reverb FX module.
Since it uses a development board that is only available in Japan, it may not be of much help.

working documents ( schematics , code)"

Friday, July 21, 2023

[$8] DIY eurorack modular synth V3320 VCF | 4pole low pass filter

video upload by HAGIWO

"My 69th original eurorack modular synth DIY projects.
V3320 based 4pole low pass filter module.
V3320 is second source IC of CEM3320.

working documents ( schematics )

Schematics(PDF),BOM,more pictures

DIY $6 V2044 VCF

0:00 intro
0:15 Low pass filter
1:23 self-oscillation
2:09 create kick sounds
2:35 compare with DIY V2044 VCF
3:15 spec

Please support me to continue projects.
In patreon you will find content about my background , technical information and CAD data.

Repository of HAGIWO's DIY Modular Synth"

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Synth Diy Music

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"Superb Mutant Machines
simple groove synthesizer using two micro controllers synergizing with 32Khz PWM output this is already impressive from the mozzi synthesizer library
thank you very much for reference make synthesizer @HAGIWO @wireheadinstruments @fendoap5655
#synthesizer #diysynth #synthdiy #modularsynth"

Sunday, November 06, 2022

Diy Drum Sample Hagiwo Synthesizer

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"This sample drum module was made with Seeeduino Xiao which processes wav data converted to binary as a sample program that is saved to internal memory, in my scheme I did not attach a trigger switch and bipolar voltage safety because I only used one 9 volt power supply. you can download the schema and the ino program that I'm already using on my google drive
Link :
Caution use a trigger below 3 volts otherwise you will damage it
BOM List
Seeeduino Xiao
IC Dual Opamp MCP6002/LMV358i
Rail to rail single supply
Led White/Red
Knurling Bolt/Flat head screw
SPDT togle switch
Female jack 3,5mm
Female jack 6,5mm
Resistor 33K/20K/10K/100 ohm
Capacitor 22nF
Elco 10uF/1uF
Regulator 78L05
Diode 1N4001
give a patreon donation so that Hagiwo's youtube channel can develop more, thank you
#synthdiy #drumsynth #drumsample #seeeduinoxiao #synthesizer"

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Synth Diy Jamming.

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"System Minimum Micro Controller PWM Audio Digital Analog Converter."

Gear list from this previous post.
Meebleeps FM Synth Diy
Bassline Synth Diy
Bigbutton Sequencer Trigger Diy
Drum Sample Hagiwo Synth Diy

Monday, August 01, 2022

Slow jam FM mozzi

video upload by GlakGlikGluk

"FM Mozzi @Meebleeps that's a cool diy synthesizer."

FM Synthesizer Music

Meebleeps FM Synth Diy
Bassline Synth Diy
Bigbutton Sequencer Trigger Diy
Drum Sample Hagiwo Synth Diy

this music was recorded using a smartphone with a 4 channel diy mixer which resulted in too much noise because it uses 1 chip Opamp maybe it's better to use the interface to record it with a smartphone."

Diy Synth Semi Modular Jammin

"cuma di bunyiin aja udah gitu aja."

Googlish from Indonesian:
"just make it sound like that."

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Prototype CV Sequencer Arpeggiator / DIY modular synthesizer with Arduino #shorts​

video by HAGIWO

"USE Arduino nano, SSD1306 OLED, MCP4725 DAC."

Friday, December 04, 2020

DIY eurorack modular synth $8 Envelope Generator with arduino / Make Noise MATHS type waveform

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

My third arduino projects.
Use Arduino and MCP4911 10bit DAC.

working documents ( Source code )

VCO: mutable instruments plaits
VCF: DSM01 Curtis Filter
Sequencer: division6 dual mini sequencer

Saturday, November 21, 2020

DIY eurorack modular synth $35 YAMAHA FM VCO with arduino and YMF825 / DX7 type synthesizer module

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"My second arduino projects.
Diy eurorack modular synthesizer FM VCO module with arduino and YMF825.
YMF825 is DX7 type 4 OP FM sound source IC.
The sounds are usefull for ambient PAD and bell.

Get YMF825board from or (Probably limited to Japan)"

See the HAGIWO label below for more.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

DIY $7 LFO/VCO modular synth with arduino nano and AD9833 DAC / eurorack synthesizer module

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"Aliexpress sell very cheap DAC module and arduino nano.
We can make LFO or VCO module only $7 or less."

You can find aditional posts featuring HAGIWO here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

YMO - 中国女 La Femme Chinoise / with modular synth , roland SH-32 , autria keystep / live jam

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"Mutable instruments braids use for lead sounds.
Roland sh-32 use for chord and drum."

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

DIY modular synth / $20 100kind DSP multi effect eurorack module / how to make and modify

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

100 FX eurorack module

"1:40 DIY process

Modify $20 multi effect FX pcb circuit to eurorack modular synthesizer.

all efects review [posted here]"

Saturday, August 15, 2020

$20 100 DSP effects karaoke FX board review (no talking) with novation circuit/for diy guitar pedal

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

You can buy it from aliexpress.
It is very low cost , but qualiry is pretty gooood!

I'm planning to build it to modular synthesizer.

effect list:
00-:small hall
03-:medium hall
06-:large hall
10-:small room
13-:medium room
16-:large room

Monday, August 10, 2020

Novation circuit use as sampler like MPC or SP404SX with modular synth "erica synths sample drum"

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"erica synths sample drum demo.

You can control slice point by CV , it is likes operation by AKAI MPC or Roland SP-404 sampler.

eurorack synth settings

erica synths sample drum
-general settings: trigger delay 10ms or over
-CV settings: 1V/oct range , and control slice INDEX
(use shift key)
-sample step: CV

novation circuit
-use MIDI to CV module"

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

JOYO "aquarius" delay guitar effect pedal review with modular synth / eurorack

HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"Joyo high quality delay effect pedal.

-modular synthesizer setting VCO:disting mk4 waveshaping VCF:tiptop audio forbidden planet SEQ:division6 dual mini sequencer Reverb:mutable instruments clouds"

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Dub Techno Live #1 / novation circuit , eurorack modular synth

Published on May 16, 2020 HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

dub techno music live jam

triger : synthroteck m/div
samplar : erica synths sample drum
filter : tiptop audio planets
reverb : mutable instruments clouds

voice sample by 小池百合子 東京都知事

Sunday, April 05, 2020

COVID-19 IDM Live jam / eurorack modular synths / novation circuit / ambient music

Published on Apr 5, 2020 HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"my first IDM jam with COVID-19 voice sampling.

Voice sample by erica synths sample drum is triggerd by division6 sequencer modula."

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Roland SH-32 synthesizer/ YMO 東風 and technopolis / debussy and bach

Published on Feb 2, 2020 HAGIWO modular synthesizer channel

"My first time impression.

0:00 東風(tong poo)/yellow magic orchestra
0:25 Air on the G string BWV1068/ J.S.Bach
1:19 technopolis/yellow magic orchestra
2:08 Clair de Lune/Debussy
2:39 八重の桜/坂本龍一(ryuichi sakamoto)
3:13 黄土高原/坂本龍一(ryuichi sakamoto)
3:47 behind the mask / michael jackson or YMO or ric clapton

Analog model synthesizer."

Patch n Tweak
Switched On Make Synthesizer Evolution Vintage Synthesizers Creating Sound Fundlementals of Synthesizer Programming Kraftwerk

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