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Sunday, December 13, 2009

CustomSynth White Pro-One

via Scott Metzger

"Just had Jeff Toman from Customsynth.UK do a custom paint job for me. Then Stephen from Synthwood fixed the insides, and wood work."

Update: the face comes from Saturday Night Villain.


  1. you mean you *paid* to have your pro one look like this?

  2. is that Lisa Marie Presley?

  3. Well this synth was in really bad shape when I purchased it. When Jeff went to re-paint the original graphics he asked if I wanted to add anything and I thought why not put the Saturday Night Villain face up there.

    In case you missed it before.

  4. Man... way to ruin a classic synth there, buddy!

  5. It was already ruined when I bought it. I wish I had pictures still.. The whole thing was faded, bent, damaged, broke, and pooped on.

  6. looks epic IMHO

    stop hatin yall

  7. This thing is just embarassing to look at. Just think of this: If you'd have just had it restored to what it originally looked like, not only would it have cost a bit less, but it would have been quite pleasing to the eye. Restoration, I'm totally for. Improvement, I don't see the reason for because the Pro One is a beautiful machine capable of crushing basslines not possible on other machines, but I understand it. This? What you've done here is an abomination, and you should be ashamed of yourself to have gone out of your way to take a remarkable and gorgeous piece of synthesizer history and turned it into a moldy turd that just happens to sound good.

  8. LiteBrite don't you think you're being a bit ridiculous? He should be ashamed of himself? For giving a synth a custom paint job and a new wood cabinet?

    It might not be your style but you seriously need to relax. Different strokes for different folks, okay? Let's not get on a high horse about "synthesizer history".


  9. LightBrite: Totally understand where you are coming from, but if I am going to spend money restoring something it's going to be all in or nothing at all.

    Originally the only option I had to cheaply fix the front panel was to have a Customsynth wrap put over the front panel, and rear. The only wrap Jeff had was white so I went with the black wood because I thought birch wood wouldn't look that handsome with white.

    Because the metal was warped, the rear panel wrap started to bubble. I then decided to have it painted and metal reworked by Jeff. If I didn't have respect for the synth I could have just left it bubbled up looking like shit.

  10. I think it looks pretty dam sharp in white. If you've ever had any time with a Pro-One you'd realize it's a pretty flimsy feeling synth as it is. Think cheap plastic. The Prophet-5 knobs and white look good to me.

  11. bunch of cunts that wank over their synths they cant play , wankers , pure art

  12. bollocks: Yeah, obviously you know what you are talking about.

  13. yo dude this shit is SICK - I wish mine looked as good as this!

    No doubt the original casing, frame, planel and etc. are really flimsy and for sure worth the overhaul. The white frame looks damn good!

  14. Looks really cool, but how much £££???



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