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Monday, June 06, 2011

At Work - Plate 909

YouTube Uploaded by batonamusic on Jun 5, 2011
On the synths:
"The lead synth is from the Yamaha AN1X.

The bass line and other synths soft synths from native to Ableton Live.

The UC33 controls FX & synth parameters in Ableton Live on a Macbook Pro, where the 909 and other percussive sounds are arranged.

The sine wave present in the beginning over the high hats was made in Sound Forge with some pitch-bending and amplitude modulation.

There is also a Korg X-5 in there (spacier pads in the back + high pitched bells) which does not make a cameo. "

YouTube description:
"Plate 909" is taken from the At Work remix album, "Build It Up, Break It Down--Remix" (PATH4) available in digital formats from Batona Music. http://batona.com/path4.php

Remixed by At Work.

Original version appears on the At Work album "Build It Up, Break It Down" (PATH1) available on CD and digital formats from Batona Music. http://batona.com/path1.php

Filmed in New Jersey.
Directed and produced by Todd Steponick.
Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.


Not Todd Steponick also did the film for:
Alka - Improvisations On The EMS Synthi AKS Mk 1
Cloud People - Scallion Pancake Dub

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