Saturday, August 06, 2016

Yence - Fiction (live performed - hardware only)

Published on Aug 6, 2016 Yence505

"Made a new track with my new Volca Bass. Roland MC-303 is master, midiclock is send to the other devices using a Mode Machines midi thru box.

Roland MC-303 - kick, clap, ride, sidestick, tom
Akai Rythm wolf - hihat, snare
Roland TB3 - 303 bassline
Korg Volca Bass - Main LFO-ed bassline
Korg Volca Keys - fifths
Arturia Microbrute - lead
Novation KStation - arp
EH analog delay is going through the Waldorf filter and then into an Alesis midiverb4.
Also used 2 compressors and an EH Pulsar."

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