Friday, September 09, 2016

ansible introduction

ansible introduction from tehn on Vimeo.

via @ctrl_mod

"Far communicator, speaks openly.

Grid- Arc- Teletype- Midi- enabled. Requires at least one of these.

Change modes by plugging different USB devices and a front panel key.

Kria (grid) - live step sequencer, polyphasic parameters, emergent patterns.
Meadowphysics (grid) - rhizomatic cascading counter.
Levels (arc) - rotational pattern instrument.
Cycles (arc) - physically manipulated waves.
Reach (teletype) - further ecosystem output and input.
Traffic (midi) - device voice allocation and various arpeggiation.

Outputs: 4 CV (0-10v) 4 TR (0-10v).
Inputs: 2 TR (0-10v).

Function depends on mode.

Open source. Firmware update cable included (usb a-a).

Width: 6HP
Power: 200mamA@ +12V , 19mA@ -12V , 0mA@ +5V"

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