Friday, September 23, 2016

Introducing THE CMS 2607 - An ARP 2600 on Steroids

As you know, CMS (Cirocco Music Systems) is Phil Cirocco's synth company. He is not only the world's most renown ARP tech (BTW, see my CMS Lumina upgraded Odyssey here!), but also a manufacturer. THE CMS 2607 is his latest creation. Knowing it comes from him, you know this is going to be one great synth.

The following are some details via CMS:


CMS is proud to unveil for the first time, our new synthesizer, the CMS 2607. We took all the features of the original ARP 2600, combined them with our world famous upgrades, added more cool stuff and then squeezed it all into a 6 space rack mount heavy duty enclosure. This particular incarnation is the '2500 version' that features a beautiful heavy duty brushed aluminum front panel. We are also currently making standard versions using grey and blue paint similar to the original ARP 2600 factory color schemes.

Initially, a very small quantity of special issue handmade 2607s will be made available to the general public until the factory produced models are available. These will be priced higher than the factory made mass produced units.

Price for one of the hand-made limited edition $8699.00. (9,499.00 for units with early type VCOs) plus packing and shipping charges.

Target price for the standard version 2607 will be 4999.00 USD . The standard version is not available at this time but we will soon be taking orders on the standard version. This price is subject to change. Check back with this page if you are interested in the standard version and can wait.

If you are interested in ordering one of the special issue limited edition 2607s now, send a paypal deposit of $3000.00 USD to to register your order or mail us a personal check. Delivery guaranteed to be no longer than 4 months from the date of deposit. There is a limit on how many of these special order units that will be available for 2016, so contact us now if you are seriously interested.."

And the front panel (click for a slightly larger shot):

Update: A couple videos spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child:


Published on Sep 22, 2016 Phil Cirocco

"This is demo #1 of the new CMS 2607 prototype. This is before we had the front panel graphics finished. For more info go to"

CMS 2607 Demo #2

Published on Sep 22, 2016 Phil Cirocco

"Better videos will replace these preliminary examples. Please note that this video was made before the front panel graphics were finished. Go to for more info and pics."


Published on Oct 24, 2016 Phil Cirocco

"This is a demo of the CMS 2607 featuring a gated reverb patch with a basic sequence and a Roland 808."


Published on Oct 24, 2016 Phil Cirocco

"This is a demo video of the new CMS 2607 using a tuned resonant gated reverb patch."

CMS 2607 demo #5 - filter sweeps & highpass filter

Published on Oct 25, 2016 Phil Cirocco

"This is a demonstration video of the CMS 2607 synthesizer. The manual playing is poorly executed but it does show the filter response including the high-pass function."

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