Monday, September 05, 2016

New Double Knot Patchable Hardware Synthesizer System by Lorre-Mil

double knot teaser Published on Sep 3, 2016 Will Schorre

via Lorre-Mil

"Double Knot is a patchable synthesizer system which is both sequencer and voice. It can be thought of as something of an indeterministic "groovebox". A stereo instrument with two identical voices that can give different rhythms, melodies or cross timbral slaps. The idea of this instrument is to invite reconciliation of linear and nonlinear systems, and to encourage the building of multiple-feedback synthesis architectures. User interface is with rotary potentiometers, switches, and banana cables. Patching puts are banana ports of round brass tube. Clock in and out are 3.5mm jacks bearing 5V square waves. Audio output is 3.5mm line out."

We a new maker in town! This is the first Lorre-Mil post here on MATRIXSYNTH.

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