Saturday, September 03, 2016

New Roland System 8 Leaked

Update: And we have a render of the front panel.

Update2: Angle shot in via Soviet Space Child.

Looks like a four octave Roland System-1 with more controls for $1499.

Curious if it will have the CV IO of the System-1m, and whether it will be capable of more than the System-1/1m. I'm guessing at least eight voice polyphony considering the name.

We'll find out more on 909 day if not sooner.

This one spotted on

Sam Ash ad. "‘Keyboard Magazine’, Page/Seite 39, issue/Ausgabe October 2016."


  1. OK - with this, they HAVE to be coming out with a plugout Jupiter 8!

  2. Finally, something old is new again. Wait...