MATRIXSYNTH: Roland Leak #2 - a New TR-09 & & TB-03

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Roland Leak #2 - a New TR-09 & & TB-03

Another leak via @moogulator

You know what they are based on. Details to come on 9/09.

Update: angle shots added below, in via Soviet Space Child.

Also note the added Delay and Overdrive on the TB-03.


  1. Are they for the Boutique line? Because they need to get on that Eurorack train, full speed ahead.

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    2. They...are on that Eurorack train as of last year.

  2. the big question is analog or digital ?? the train has left the station.........

  3. As much as I appreciate Roland want to continue down the reboot route, where are their new "new" products?
    They need to produce a pro synthesizer (not workstation) as well as all the boutique low end stuff.

    1. Well they put out the JD-Xa last year and the Jupiter-80 (and 50) a few years before that, and they haven't exactly taken the world by storm. Personally I blame the SuperNatural engine which over the years has frankly become comparatively thin and stale. I'd like to see a return to function and not just form. They're nailing the graphics and haven't ever called back the real analog power of the classic Jupiters, or even the older Junos.

    2. Synthosphere9/4/16, 11:42 AM

      Yeah, they let Behringer do it
      (Let's face it: that DeepMind-12 SHOULD have been released by Roland...)

      And I totally agreed with you that the Supernatural engine got in the way of progress and innovation. That's often the problem with giant companies. They have this bunch of high level executive coming up with 'amazing' long-term corporate strategies in order to insure max profit over a long period, and then they try to stick to their plan, but in the meantime, the market evolves, consumer needs change, and the big company does not adapt, because they are stuck in the long-term profit plan and also because they are too big (aka "steering the Titanic").

      Successful large companies are the ones that remain focussed on innovation and/or meeting the consumer's demands on a short-term/frequent basis (like Korg for example). They are competing directly with the smaller, more nimble companies, but use their size, expertise and economy of scale as a corporate advantage over the little guys. They can also adequately control their corporate growth and avoid it becoming excessive.

      Roland has the potential. They just need to change their philosophy and their focus. Their Boutique line was ok. But when competitors come up with true analog gear for a bit more money, the line is thin before Boutique becomes obsolete. SO coming up with new occurences like those VP03, TR09 and TB03 is a good idea.
      They would also need to increase the number of plugout models available, and lower the price. Otherwise it will die.

    3. they have some new stuff like the jd xa and the jd xi

  4. was really hoping 100% analog replicas (even expensive!) but those look exactly like boutique dsp line

  5. if you look at the price tb's and tr's came out for in the 80's the real replacement is more the Korg volcas IMHO .
    that sayed tb-3 and vt-3 been priced super cheap .
    I am not a fan of the 909 sound anyway so the TR-8 is just great for me but I am shure a boutique 909 would rock the clubs up in no time .
    30+ products could mean lot's of things from drums to speakers and passing by apps and plug-ins .

  6. CV and Gate outputs on the TB-03 could well mean the entire unit is analogue

    1. Not really. The System-1m is semi-modular and is all ACB. I'm pretty sure these will be ACB as well. No individual outs on the TR-09 is a bit of a bummer though. Piping all those drum sounds through the main outputs isn't exactly the best way to go about things.

      I just can't believe they crammed all the 909 controls into that tiny ass space.



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