Thursday, October 27, 2016

Roland MC-505 with AIRA Skin

via Mark Kunoff aka @SoltecAudioViz, and featured on CDM, who had the following to say on it. :)

"Now having let the genie out of the bottle, there’s no saying where Roland will turn next with reboots and reissues. But some people are evidently not content to wait. So... we see this lovely image of the 1998 Roland MC-505 groovebox, reimagined for people who love that black-with-Matrixsynth green-trim look of the new AIRAs."

Yes, MATRIXSYNTH green. :)

A part of me always wondered how many people associate the AIRA black on green with MATRIXSYNTH, and of course if the site actually influenced the look of them. That would be quite a compliment.

Update via @SoltecAudioViz: "Confirmed w owner, Andy Graham who up'd his design to @StyleFlips. and said 'on ebay in a few days'."


  1. thats right its gan for sale on ebay in next few day
    Grame'o'phone music

  2. Ebay uk - Roland Mc 505 custom skinned -