Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tiptop Audio Announces Granular Effects and Time Fabric Pitch Cards for the Z-DSP

Grain de Folie

"Granular Synthesis uses small slices of sounds (‘grains’) to compose new sounds from existing material. By combining multiple grains of differing lengths, amplitude, pitch and speed new sound are created which are often very different from the original sound recorded in. Xenakis claims to have invented the technique and indeed his ‘Analogique A-B’ [see the embed below],composed of tiny tape splices of pure tones, is credited as the first piece of granular music bacon 1959.

In the context of the Z-DSP, a block of memory is set to hold digital samples for playback: the Z-DSP has one second of memory for the audio used in processing. From this audio buffer the grains will sample and modify smaller sections for playback. The number of grains in the process determine how dense the overall output sounds. these programs have 3, 4, or 6 grains for playback. Each grain plays from a random point in the audio buffer and have an independent envelope controlling their duration. The envelope time is the ‘grain size’ parameter in many of the programs.

The French phrase for the cartridge is “Grain de Folie” which could be translated as “seeds of madness”, but in French “grain” also translates to “grain”, and “madness” evokes the strange disassembling/reassembling granular process. Also, “avoid un grain de foil” is a typically French expression to describe people behaving in a non conventional way, thus a fitting play on words quite nicely describing the unpredictable nature of this set of algorithms."

Time Fabric

"“It fucks with the fabric of time!” Tony Visconti describing Pitch Shifting to Brian Eno and David Bowie in 1976. That not so subtle description does quite neatly sum up what the Pitch Shift programs on the ‘Time Fabric’ card do!

Pitch shifting in the Z-DSP uses a technique called ‘rotating tape head’ delay lines named after pioneering tape based experiments in Germany in the 1960s. The tape heads move at speeds independent of the tape playback path and two heads are crossfaded to make a continuous output capable of beautiful pitched delay effects, harmonization and smooth reverbs.

These pitch shifting algorithms are much like the earliest digital pitch shifters released. Sounds similar to the Eventide H910, AMS 15-80 (with Pitch board) and Publison DHM 89 can be achieved. These programs are intended more for pure effects rather than the complex multiple harmony lines later devices and plugins became known for producing. Chords from single VCOs can easily be made using the ‘Interval’ programs on the card though.

Using a Z3000 to clock the Z-DSP, complete chaos from the delay lines and pitch shifting emerges, creating great and unexpected new sounds. Modulations the stereo pair of analog VC-Feebacks animates the time and distance of the pitch shift opening up these algorithms for additional control from CV and audio signal alike."

Iannis Xenakis ‎– Analogique A et B

Published on Dec 2, 2014 Polyphonie X

"Format: 4 × CD, Compilation, Boxed Set Country: France
Released: 2011 Genre: Electronic, Classical Style:
Contemporary, Musique Concrete

Analogique A et B
Tape – Iannis Xenakis

Analogique A Et B: Recorded 1958/1959 GRM Paris. ℗ 1964 GRM under license to Classics & Jazz France, un label Universal Music France (label d'origine : Philips)
Composed By – Iannis Xenakis"

PatchLab #00 - Video with Modular

Published on Nov 25, 2015 Soundria.Com

"Welcome to our new series of videos, called 'Patch Lab'. We are going to publish small tutorials every week to exchange ideas for modular synth applications. Mostly. But for now...How you would NOT want to use an Arturia BeatStep Pro? Find it out in this video!"

DSP Synthesizers Black Friday Sale

DSP Synthesizers is having a sale!

"Time for Black Friday 27 Nov.

30% off on all chips from

Yes, that means the dsp-D8, dsp-L8, dsp-MP7 and the VCDM will be $25.

And the dsp-G1, DWS and dsp-D4 is only $15.

The dsp-TR16 is $45.

Buy at"

Korg Volca Sample - some lps & snd experiments

Published on Nov 25, 2015 bananepoep

"just testing out some loops and a lot of single sounds and raw audio with bad levels
this is not a real track just a test with mistakes still trying to make something cool my next video will be defenately with the volca sample twins and i will try to make a proper track enjoy the ride !"

Solton Programmer 24S Italo Disco Keyboard Synth with Extras

via this auction

"Cult analogue synth with digital 8-bit drum machine built-in (very Linn like) and fully programmable sequencer. It has a mono bass synth with 4 variations and decay, mono lead synth with adjustable filter, 'piano' chord synth, 'guitar' chord synth, polyphonic organ section and polyphonic string synth with chorus. It has stereo outputs, also outputs for the rhythm section and bass synth as well as individual outputs for each type of drum sound. There is an analogue clock output and it has midi. It comes with a set of bass pedals to control the Bass synth (not needed for normal keyboard use) It is very well built, all metal construction, made to last. Looks great too, it reminds me of a mini Jupiter 6.

The 24S has a built-in auto-accompaniment section with a wide range of preset patterns and sequences - the usual waltz, swing and bossanova etc, but also funk, rock and the amazing disco patterns! The sequencer is also fully programmable, so you are not restricted to the presets.

These synths use classic SSM and Curtis chips in the design and the keyboard sounds are very warm and organic.

This machine was originally designed as an accompaniment unit for cabaret performers and accordionists, but it was picked up by some Italian disco producers in the 80's and became a 'secret weapon'."

Plumbutter - Patch 002

Published on Nov 25, 2015 batchas

isms approach

isms approach from tehn on Vimeo.

Vince Clarke Music Introduces New IMAGINATOR VCX-378 Eurorack Module for the Holidays

Vince Clarke Circuits - The Imaginator (Demonstration Video) from erasureinfo on Vimeo.

"Vince Clarke is proud to announce the second in a series of Eurorack modules, the Imaginator.

'I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user controlled variables'

With an ingenious use of high-level algorithms and a calculating time of less than two seconds, The Imaginator will produce inspiring musical phrases well beyond the 12 days of Christmas."

Official press release & pics below.

Vince Clarke Circuits - The Imaginator (Overview & Set-Up Video) from erasureinfo on Vimeo.

Vince Clarke Circuits - The Imaginator (User Video Manual) from erasureinfo on Vimeo.

On the heels of Vince Clarke's first eurorack modules, we have the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 musical phrase generator.

"Vince Clarke lets his musical imagination run riot with new namesake Eurorack module

'I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user-controlled variables.'
- Vince Clarke, 2015

BROOKLYN, NY, USA: synth-pop pioneer Vince Clarke is proud to announce availability of the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 — the second product release in an ongoing series of creative and utilitarian modules for the ever-present Eurorack small-format modular system under the namesake Clarke company name, designed and built to exacting standards in close collaboration with British ‘boutique’ analogue synthesiser and accessory designer/manufacturer Analogue Solutions — as of November 24…

Musical imagination is a wonderful thing. Synthesisers and associated modern-day music technology can help make that happen in wonderful ways. With an amazing number of hit singles and chart-topping albums to his Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriting name and an accompanying hard-earned and hard-working synthesiser collection to die for, synth-pop pioneer Vince Clarke clearly has it all in spades. So just imagine if you could call upon an amazingly musically inspirational device for assistance when seeking that defining elusive musical hook… well, you need not imagine anymore as the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 does just that, fresh from the imaginative musical mind of Vince Clarke! After all, sometimes serious songwriting synth-pop pioneers still need a helping hand (or Eurorack module): “I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user-controllable variables.”

Vince Clarke got what he wished for… the ingenious IMAGINATOR VCX-378 produces one-bar musical phrases based on either user-control of the Clarke company’s clever bespoke musical algorithm or a quasi-random solution. So anyone seeking to trigger their own musical imagination (and MIDI synthesisers) should simply add an IMAGINATOR VCX-378 to their Eurorack small-format modular system setup. The result? Almost unlimited combinations and permutations that will both inspire and amaze as it helps when searching for that defining elusive musical hook.

Housed in a 36 HP-width Eurorack module, the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 has a front facia-located one-octave ‘keyboard’ — with each ‘note’ having a push button and associated LED — alongside two Quantize sections, Octavize and Transpose sections, a Velocity treatment, plus internal (Sequencer) and external (Midi/Clock) clocking, as well as a full MIDI interface.

In most cases, users will want to sync to their sequencing software by sending the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 a MIDI note clock. This can be downloaded from the Clarke company website. The IMAGINATOR VCX-378 then references these notes and uses this information to clock the musical patterns it produces. With everything correctly connected, users can use soft synths or send those musically imaginative patterns out to an external synthesiser — something close to Vince Clarke’s musical heart.

Helpfully, Vince Clarke himself has taken time out from an always musically successful schedule to prepare some seriously user-friendly tutorials to transport the new IMAGINATOR VCX-378 user from novice to expert in no time. “For full operation of the unit, I suggest you make yourself a nice cup of tea and watch the user video,” he says, before later concluding: “Thanks for watching… and now I must get back to my day job.”

Jesting aside, while the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 makes for a musically imaginative holiday season gift for the seasoned synth lover in someone’s life, note that it will produce inspiring musical phrases well beyond the 12 days of Christmas! Let’s hand off here to ‘tutor’ Vince Clarke to blow our musical minds with some insightful IMAGINATOR VCX-378 note-related number crunching: “With one note there are 16 possible positions within one bar for the note to go. With two notes there are 120 possible positions. With three notes there are 560. This increases and then decreases exponentially. So, if we do the math, we can say that using one to 16 notes there are a possible 65,535 combinations. Remember: we are only talking about one note. Once you start adding pitch to this equation then the numbers really go through the roof. No wonder there seems to be an unlimited number of one-bar patterns.” Perhaps the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 is not just for Christmas, after all?

The IMAGINATOR VCX-378 is priced at £349.00 GBP (plus tax and delivery) and available to order online from Analogue Solutions here.

For more detailed information, please visit the Clarke webpage here."

Experimental improvisation on synthesizer

Published on Nov 25, 2015 chippie461

See the chippie461 channel below for more info on the synth.

Novation Ultranova - custom sounds

Published on Nov 25, 2015 tblv9300

"presets can be downloaded here:
These presets can also be used with the Mininova.

The audio was recorded using the synth's own internal USB audio interface. All sounds are single patches , no multitracking."