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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Elysia Character Discrete class a saturation and distortion demo review with the DSI Tempest

Published on Aug 28, 2016 Flux302 of Fluxwithit.com

"Head over to Fluxwithit.com for the full story!
and check out Elysia's site here http://www.elysia.com/hardware/karact..."

Dave Smith Instruments DSM02 Character Module

via this auction

Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer SN 1474

via this auction

"This unit is of later production (SN: 1474) and is very stable and in great shape. The only issue is with three adjacent keys: C#, D and D# 5 (upper-most register): These notes play as they should, but the aftertouch is intermittent and the volume is occasionally louder as compared to the rest of the keyboard. This may be a problem with the pressure sensors underneath those keys, a wiring issue, or an issue with an associated logic chip. Other than that, there are no problems with the synth; it sounds fantastic after it warms up, and all 8 voices (16 really) blend with the expected fatness! All features, sliders, switches, presets, etc. work as they should."

Roland Juno-106

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Vermona Perfourmer Quad Analog Synthesizer SN 04736

via this auction

"The Perfourmer is in Excellent condition, with a nick on the face plate bottom edge. Comes with Wood sides, Owner's Manuals (english and german) and power cord.

4 synth channels in one chassis. Combine synth channels for super thick, beefy sounds. Process external signals through the Perfourmer as well. Use the wood side panels for desktop or rack mount the Perfourmer in 5 RU of space.

VCO, VCF, VCA, EG, LFO on each synthesizer channel.

Headphone jack, Master Volume control plus a PAN and Volume control per channel.
Link channels in Uni, Duo, Polyphonic modes; one channel can also Frequency Modulate VCO and Cutoff with next channel.

Each channel has a trigger button to manually engage one of 16 internally programmed sequences.
VCA mode switch selects modulation source or set to always ON, which allows stand alone operation without external inputs, manual trigger or MIDI signal."

Waldorf MicroQ SN 1210053091

via this auction

preenFM2 Synthesizer - Sound Beispiele

Published on Aug 28, 2016 Synth Anatomy.de

Monome Earthsea and Modular

Monome Earthsea and Modular from mudlogger on Vimeo.
Improvisation using Monome Earthsea module and grid

Monome Earthsea, Radio Music and Rings from mudlogger on Vimeo.
Live improvisation using a Monome grid and Earthsea module to control Mutable Instruments Rings and Radio Music.

Roland TR-505 ROM Expansion demo (new LM-1, DMX & LinnDrum kits)

Published on Aug 28, 2016 Harry Axten

"The latest version of my Roland TR-505 custom ROM project. Now uses a 512K EEPROM so it can store 4 kits, including the original stock sounds. Kits will be for sale shortly."

Live Synth Jam 45 : Microkorg & PO-12

Published on Aug 28, 2016 Todd Smith

"Bandcamp Link : https://toddsmithmusic.bandcamp.com/

Support my music by visiting my Bandcamp.

I left my camera mic on during recording, sorry about that. The only thing you can hear is me cracking my knuckles, lol. This is my final jam in Spokane,WA and most likely the final jam in this format.

I plan to evolve my jams by making them a lot more personal in the future. I plan to have face to face intro's and tutorial based endings explaining the process in which the jam was created. This is just one of the many ways I plan to evolve my channel !!

In this jam I use only a Teenage Engineering PO-12 and Korg Microkorg. I use Ableton Live to multi track a few background tracks and clip changes. I recorded a simple 4 measure Microkorg chord and a 1 measure Teenage Engineering PO-12 drum loop. I used the filter from Ableton Live on the Teenage Engineering PO-12 to create a simple change in the drum sound. I played the Microkorg live over these multi tracked recordings and triggered them via clips in Ableton Live.

: Gear Used :

Korg Microkorg
Teenage Engineering PO-12
Tascam US-144mkII Audio Interface
Waves Supertap 6 ( VST )
Waves TrueVerb ( VST )
Waves Vcomp ( VST )
Ableton Live 8"