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Monday, February 08, 2016

Demystifying Synths: LFOs and Modulation on Soundfly

Soundfly has a new course on LFOs and Modulation here. Click through for details.

Roland JD-800 with String Ensemble Expansion Cards

via this auction

"Roland JD-800 Virtual Analog Synthesizer with Hard-to-Find String Ensemble Card and Soft Case

Includes power cord

This is a very special JD-800 that has been completely refurbished with a new Roland keyboard and keyboard controller because of the dreaded "Red Glue" problem that all JD-800s suffer from. The keyboard is brand new and plays like a dream - better than any other keyboard in my studio - and the aftertouch works perfectly. No more Red Glue problem. Everything works and there are no missing buttons, knobs or sliders. I spent more to buy and refurb this keyboard than I am selling it for, but I need the money and my loss is your gain. This is one of Roland's classic top-of-the-line synthesizers and is incredibly fun to play with all of the sliders and other controls accessible on the front panel.

I am including the rare String Ensemble ROM and Data cards with the auction. These cards add more PCM string samples and presets that are considered some of the best string pads of any synthesizer. They truly sound great."

DSI/Sequential Oberheim OB-6 Programs

"patches for consideration into the Oberheim OB-6 Factory Programs"

And a few more from on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peff/

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Talko VCO1

"Testing a new VCO mode for the Talko #arduino based #modular #eurorack #speechsynth"


You might remember the Talko by Deladriere in this previous Ninstrument post.

Vocoders Comparison

"A comparison of the four vocoder-equipped MIDI synths I own. I haven't spent a lot of time fiddling with the settings on each synth, so these are by no means the only vocoder sounds they can produce. However, it is possible to tell that each has its own distinct character.

The Redsound Vocoda has a nice grunge to it, but has the disadvantage of only being monophonic, when using its own oscillator.

The Nova's 40-band vocoder is the smoothest, unsurprisingly, but as a result doesn't really have that robotic sound I like in a vocoder.

The Nord Modular, being a virtual modular is by far the most flexible, so the example only hints at the range of vocoder-type sounds possible with this synth.

The DVP-1 is a surprise. It sounds pretty bad in this example. I suspect it will need a bit more pre/post-processing work to get the best out it. Though all these vocoders are digitally modelled, I have a feeling the DVP-1 is less closely based on the traditional analogue vocoder setup than the others, which could explain the lack of the kind of controls you'd expect from an analogue vocoder on this unit.

I've added an example of the DVD-1s Harmonise mode at the end, just for fun.

With apologies to Leftfield and Africa Bambaataa"

Redsound DarkStar Synth with Vocoda Chip

via this auction

"Really nice, quirky synth/FX box. Has Vocoda chip installed, so run a mic into it for for great robotic vocal effects. The basic 11-band vocoder with internal oscillator, to me ears, sounds great, with a lovely grittiness to it. There 4 other modes, providing more options than any other vocoder that I know of, software or hardware! If you love Kraftwerk, and early Electro tunes, you'll love this!

Here are a couple of quick examples of the kind of sounds it can make:

Vocoder mode, compared to some other vocoders.
And the unique Sequence-Coder mode, that allows you to program your own sequence of preset vowel/consonant sounds. Excellent when tweaking that joystick.

Of course, if you tire of manic android effects and formant effects (it's also capable of some pretty cool synth sounds in Vocoda mode), you can always swap Vocoda chip for the original 5-part-multitimbral virtual-analogue synth chip. Don't be fooled by the RCA sockets on the back (legacy of Redsound's roots in the DJ equipment market), this thing can hold it's own against many synths from more well-known manufacturers. It's capable of producing some great analogue-type sounds, and editing is a breeze, as it's almost one-knob-per-function.

This desktop box style is coming back into favour in a big way, too. The DarkStar comes in a very convenient package. It doesn't take up too much desktop real-estate, but the controls are nicely laid-out, with enough space to feel your way around easily."

Roland SH-101

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Moog sub 37+jupiter 8 sound (JSR 'unknow song ??)

Published on Feb 8, 2016 graal7

"original song created in 1980 year's by jsr
played on jupiter 8."

Teenage Engineering "Pocket Mixer"... Say What?!

Published on Feb 7, 2016 djthomaswhite

"The demo explains everything really, but to make it quick I made a mixer and sync distribution device to use all 6 currently available Pocket Operators at the same time with an audio mixer and 1/4" out jack. Fun! If you like what you see let me know in the comments. With enough demand I may make these with powder coated case, silk screen and color coded knobs.

For the curious - Technically this is a passive summing mixer with 100K Pots and 10K summing resistors. The sync is simply split from the input jack to the output jacks with one single copper wire. Easy peasy. I will use Log (audio taper) pots in the final design. Pan and stereo outs would be hard without adding active circuitry.

Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. You can do it! Thanks for stopping by to check out another one of my projects captured on video."

Red Roland SH-101

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