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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vintage 1973 Moog Minimoog Model D SN 3585

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"Everything on the synth is original. It has the updated oscillator board that Bob Moog preferred. There is a debate on what board is "better". The old or new Osc board. I remember when the they were updated and they were a godsend for playing with any sort of precision. Don't worry the new board still drifts and has the Moog magic. The difference is pretty slight."

Korg Delta DL-50 SN 287929 with Original Case & Overlay

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QU-Bit NEBULAE // DOEPEFR A-136 Distorsion/Wavershaper // Miniature 4 // Overtones

Published on Oct 22, 2014 LESINDES

"the modular SAMPLER meets a traditional DISTORSION WAVERSHAPER module -- very interesting sound drone right in the middle between meditative and noise teasing out the shimmering overtones of the sample."

LF1 Monosynth for iPad

iTunes: LF1 Monosynth - Chris Rivers

"Experience and create the classic vintage synth sounds with the LF1 Monosynth.

The LF1 Monosynth is a fully featured analogue–modelling synthesiser, featuring:

- 2x classic–sounding analogue style oscillators with sin, sawtooth and square waveforms and a four octave range. The frequency of the second oscillator can be adjusted by ±7 semitones.

- Analogue–modelled resonant filter with invertible envelope.

- Amplitude envelope.

- LFO with 5 selectable sources (including Sample + Hold), assignable to pitch or filter.

- Glide & Glissando controls.

- Pitchbend Wheel.

- 8 user–preset locations.

- Slick, retro-styled UI.

The LF1 is ideal for lovers of classic synths, or indeed for beginners looking to get a taste of analogue synthesis. This app is packed with vintage mojo and ready to go.

Headphones strongly recommended!"

Grove Audio USB Host Extender Module Prototype

via Grove Audio

"The USB Host Extender Module, GMS-632X is undergoing testing including the USB host capability and running Arduino sketches. The USB library is accessible from within an Arduino sketch and uses interrupts so the device detect, attach and eject functions continue to operate in the background while user code executes in the foreground.

Here [left] the extender module is mounted next to the GMS-632 USB/MIDI/CV Interface module. The two are connected by a short ribbon cable with IDC10 connectors. The extender module does not require a power connector. The extender module can be used with either the GMS-632 or the GMS-634 modules.

Here [below] the module is being used to host an m-Audio Keystation 49. Through the GMS-632 module, keypresses are converted into pairs of CV and gate signals. The GMS-632 is simultaneously connected to a laptop computer as a USB device, through which it can receive USB MIDI or program uploads.

The SDIY Wiki

If you were ever curious about DIY and didn't know where to get started, or if you are a season DIYer and want to contribute, check out the SDIY Wiki.

"SDIY stands for Synthesizer Do It Yourself. This is a budding wiki for learning and sharing knowledge about making, modifying, or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment. The emphasis is on the electronics of audio and music technology.

The SDIY wiki is a collaborative endeavour and requires your input - request a login. Editing is not difficult - read the quick start tutorial at Help:Editing."

endorphines+lpk - endorphines mini keyboard synth

Published on Oct 22, 2014 wiendorphines

"terminal+fg+sc. lpk connected directly."

And a few controlled with various iPad controllers:

buchla bongo: endorphines + orphion

iTunes: Orphion - Bastus Trump


iTunes: TC-Data - Bit Shape


iTunes: Chordion : Musical Instrument, Arpeggiator, Drum Machine, and MIDI Controller - Olympia Noise Co.

Polyklinik - Vermona

Published on Apr 4, 2012 SvetlanaIndustries's channel

"Vermona, from SVET006: Polyklinik - the + EP


"Old creation with vermona er9. In this track I used the preset patterns trough an electribe esx to add some gain and other sounds. From 2:37 you can hear a buzzing distorted sine wave, that's a broken channel on the vermona, (if i remember the the clave sound), but it doesn't work, just oscillate :D I just wanted to show the other usage of the vintage stuffs without sync/midi."

Studio Electronics ATC 1 Tone Chameleon Analog Synthesizer SN 2119

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1972 ARP Odyssey

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