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Monday, November 24, 2014

Moog Minitaur Synthesizer

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Jen SX1000 Synthetone Vintage Synth

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Roland Juno 106 SN 469234

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octatrack jam - new track

octatrack jam - new track from j tomes on Vimeo.

"a new track i've been working on for an upcoming release - not as 'live' as the last one. mainly scene tweaks and some one-shot trigs being activated."

korg electribe2(new electribe)session4 (MS-20mini + mini kaosspad2)

Published on Nov 24, 2014 syuuhei yamada


Korg Electribe2s on eBay

Dancing in the air : KORG DSN-12

Published on Nov 24, 2014 karenevil

"Experimental video clip and soundtrack.
Camera : Zoom Q4 for DSN-12/Canon PowerShot G12 for telephoto shot
Edited with Openshot and Kdenlive on Debian wheezy."

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"OPERATION 40" (Electribe Misson) EMX DEEP BASS TECKNO (live joker at play)

Published on Nov 24, 2014 j j

"warning good headphones or speakers maybe required because of compression on waveform ,deep bass & also enhanced by Korg Koass pad effects possessor ...

thanks 4 taking the time ;-)"

Electribes on eBay

7 Minutes with an Ipad Synth - Noisemusick

Published on Nov 24, 2014 Synth Anatomy

"Support Synth Anatomy: http://www.patreon.com/synthanatomy

This episode: Noisemusick"

iTunes: Noisemusick - Fluxama

InsWorks Esencial

Published on Nov 24, 2014 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

"Sintetizador con un VCO de salida Saw y Pulso, Entrada de tune, fine tune fm lin fm y sync, VCF Low Pass Resonante con control de corte Resonancia y nivel de entrada, ADSR con entrada gat y salida de CV, VCA con dos entradas de Audio y dos de CV"

The 2014 BMF Minimoog Raffle: The Minimoog Oscillator!

Published on Nov 24, 2014 moogfoundation

"ENTER NOW! http://bit.ly/minimoograffle2014

The Bob Moog Foundation's 2014 Minimoog Raffle is under way! Don't miss your chance to win a fully-functional and great-sounding 1973 Moog Minimoog! The raffle ends November 25th, so enter soon and often! One entry is $20, six entries for $100. If you don't win, your entry will help the Bob Moog Foundation promote Bob Moog's legacy through educational programs like Dr. Bob's Soundschool, which teaches kids the science of sound.

Here is your chance to hear the Minimoog you'll be entering to win:
What Makes a Minimoog So Special?
There are three powerful and rich-sounding oscillators in the Moog Minimoog. Bob Moog Foundation Archive and Education Specialist Marc Doty demonstrates their waveforms and sound."

All parts here.