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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Serge vignettes vi -- forbidden serge

"homage to Bebe and Louis Barron and others from the 1950's who found sound to be the final frontier. . . . . . . . . .
these are all self-generating patches, single pass. . . . .


"Easel through Moog Delay, Frostwave Resonator, and BIT of Alesis BitrMan bit reduction at times"

Vermona DRM-1 MK III Analog Drum Synthesizer

via this auction

Kraftwerk - Home Computer (PK Midines cover)

Uploaded on Jul 21, 2011 Per Kristian Risvik

"Nintendo 8-bit version of 'Home Computer' by Kraftwerk. Everything except the vocals are recorded with the Midines, in one shot.

The synthetic speech is made with SayIt by AnalogX:

I do the human vocals.
-Per Kristian-"

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

Mutable Instruments - Branches

Published on Sep 2, 2014 DivKidMusic

"Here's my latest overview for the eurorack modules 'Branches' from Mutable Instruments. It's a dual Bernoulli gate logic module which works like a virtual coin toss. Super useful and fun module.

As always I hope you like the video, hit subscribe and feel free to ask any questions in the comments below."

NI Komplete Kontrol first look

Published on Sep 2, 2014 keyboardmag1

"We get an early tour of Native Instruments' first-ever MIDI keyboard controller, which is designed for total integration with their Komplete virtual instrument suite."

Roland Sync Box at Movement Festival

Published on Jul 22, 2014 Robin Kelly

Note this is from back in July.

"SBX-1 SYNC BOX being used at the Movement Festival in Detroit. The SYNC BOX is controlling 2x TR-8, 2x TB-3, 2x SYSTEM-1 and a [Make Noise] Rene which is receiving MIDI from the TB-3 and the SYNC BOX is converting to CV."

The Equation Composer by Microbe Modular

Equation Composer - Equation Player mode Published on Jun 30, 2014 clone45a6

Note this playlist runs through all videos by clone45a6. The first eight feature the Equation Composer as follows:

Equation Composer - formant synth "mumbler"
Equation Composer - 3 Oscillator Synth
Equation Composer - "Clickers" program demo
Equation Composer - chord mode with rotation
Equation Composer - Pattern Generator mode
Equation Composer - Chord Player mode
Equation Composer - Drum Selektor preset
Equation Composer - Equation Player mode

"Inspired by VIznut's 'Algorithmic symphonies from one line of code' and the BitWiz Audio Synth, the Equation Composer creates a wide range of gritty, 8-bit sounding melodies, waveforms, and noise. The module is organized into CV selectable "programs", where each program can act like a unique synthesizer.

The following programs ship with the Equation Composer:
[*]Equation Playback (3 banks)
[*]Drum Selektor
[*]Wavetable + WaveFolder
[*]3 Oscillator
[*]Drum Player

Internally, the Equation Composer is based on the powerful Arduino Due. Although the module has been built to be enjoyed "as-is", there's a prominent USB jack on the front for updating [url=https://github.com/clone45/EquationComposer]the firmware[/url], which is open source. 14 extra pins have been brought to an expansion header on the rear. The Arduno code itself is modular, allowing various software "modules" to be strung together into “programs” that act like individual synths. (Re-programming is recommended for advanced developers and requires some C++.)"


Volca Keys + Mt25d + microKORG XL + ESX-1 with Commodore 64 picture, 'Patos'

Published on Sep 2, 2014 Arrayzable

"I made a video some time ago featuring the Volca Keys with a 4 bar sequence.

http://youtu.be/dXE4Y7W9DRU?list=UUaT... 'KORGALICIOUS'

I wanted to re-use this sequence in a down tempo version. This is what came out of it.
Regarding the Monotribes sound I was inspired by Metatron's Cube's last video where unheard sounds emerged. I'm really satified with the Monotribe mod (MT25d) except for the clicks and the noise :D

Enjoy everybody and thanks for watching!"


Boomstar3003 - Muted v. Bright

"Raw file for unadulterated listening pleasure: tinyurl.com/mw7rpk5

Kind of a muted guitar versus 'buzz-clock' synth battle going on here.

A bit of the 'Kings Microphones' blended in at :32 - :36, with a doppler effect following; a touch of wash here and room there, but otherwise raw Boomstar sound.

Oh yeah, I dropped the pitch in DP an octave, and made various semitone modification on the muted phrases (in "clutch" areas, as my number one son would say)."