Saturday, March 17, 2018

Oi, Kant! by Optotronics

Published on Mar 14, 2018 e j

"general info:

Oi, Kant! is a sort of drum machine. Sort of. Drum-ish machine, as I like to call it. And it’s a weird one. It has 3 voices: drum, bass line and cymbal, though they all have their own Kant-related names, as do the rest of parts on this machine. It also has a resonant filter which can effectively be treated as a fourth voice.

All of these voices, predominantly based on CMOS semiconductor chips, can be sequenced using one of the built-in sequencers. Yes, sequencerS, plural. Four of them. Why? Well, why not? These sequencers are completely independent but they are synced to a master clock.

Oi, Kant! also offers you an external clock input so you can control the sequencers tempo by sending pulses from other hardware. In fact, all of the voices can also be sequenced from external sequencers, if you’d like to do that.

Oi, Kant! offers individual outputs for each of its voices. Please note there is no master output, so in order to listen to them all at once you need to use a mixer or audio interface.

Oi, Kant! runs on 9v DC (negative tip, 600mA) or 12v DC, and it can also be powered with a 9v battery. The power input socket is located on the top left corner of the board, labelled 9VDC-.

you can buy it here:

user's immanual, gerber files here:"

More CatalystAudio Buchla 100 clips

Published on Mar 17, 2018 Todd Barton

"3 more clips of diverse patches for the CataylstAudio Buchla 100:
1) Experi-Mental
2) Sequence & Wub
3) Bandpass Madness"

1610: self playing modular patch. Disting, Clouds, Pico Logic A, Rings

Published on Mar 17, 2018 Seen From Space

"The strings sample is from Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610, hence the title. This plays on the Disting Mk4 and is mangled by Clouds. Pico Logic A makes the sequences unpredictable. Rings and the bass from the Mother 32 go through external FX."

Mental Atmosphere

Published on Mar 17, 2018 rozz3r

Sequentix Cirklon sequencer. Screen reads Digitakt.

New and Improved Synth with High-Note Priority and 3 Oscillators by Pete McBennett

Published on Mar 17, 2018 Pete McBennett

"Hi everyone, I've been busy with some new ideas on my LDR breadboard synth. I changed the keyboard to 10 fixed notes using fixed resistors, and added a master tuning control. This new design has high-note priority which makes fast arpeggios possible. Also, there are two adjustable drone oscillators for a total of three oscillators. I will post the schematic soon."

$15,000 Cwejman S1

via this auction

"This specific S1 has a lot of history and was a staple unit for Remote Control Productions (Hans Zimmer) in the late 2000's/early 2010's on numerous blockbuster soundtracks.

Note: the MIDI CV2 "external velocity" switch tip is broken off, but still works. Aside from that, this S1 is fully intact/functional and sounds incredible.

Reasonable offers will be considered."


To go with the $3000 MMF-2.

Fender Chroma Polaris w/ Oak Sides SN 300477

via this auction

Oberheim Xpander w/ Case

via this auction

Grey Roland SH-101

via this auction

Some close-up shots.

"Practically 'as new' condition - I'm sure it would be hard to find a better condition SH101 than this. Very few marks and have included close up photos to show off it's condition. Everything works as it should and comes with original case, manual and power supply."

Roland TR-8S - Deadmau5 "Pets" cover by gattobus

Published on Mar 17, 2018 gattobus

"This is the very first song I programmed and played with my new Roland TR-8S Sampler Drum Machine. All you hear comes from this little beast only!!! Recorded Straight to my MOTU audio interface.
TR-8S is truly an incredible instrument, even better than I thought.
There's a little synth engine inside it (sample based), with built in ACB filters, envelopes, LFO, lot of FXs... and it sounds huge! It can be used like a groovebox!!! I love it!!! :-)
In this video I also used some samples recorded from Roland System-8 (Jupiter-8 mode).
I hope you like it!!! ;-)"

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