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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eric Whitacre - Lux Aurumque (RAC Analog Synthesizer Version)

Super nice piece featuring only a Minimoog Model D. This one spotted & sent in via Soviet Space Child.

"Companion piece to the Clair de Lune version I posted earlier.
Rac – Claude-debussy-clair-de-lune [embed below]

It's by far one of my favorite choral compositions and it's a little bit difficult to re-create certain vocal expressions on a synthesizer, but I tried.

This one is all minimoog model D. Listen with headphones for extra detail."

This is one of the finest pieces of music ever written. It's very cinematic and I was kinda bored on a friday night, so I decided to just make my own version of it.
It's featuring the Minimoog model D, which has some trouble staying in tune, especially on the high notes. The Juno-60 on the chords. I ran the last half of it through this old tape deck, so you kinda get this rough tape hiss and distortion.

I was kinda inspired by this arrangement of another song.
Datashat – Arr-datassette-promenade
I've always been a big fan of David Holmes version as well. (Which turns out to be Tomita's version. I had no idea)
Hope you like it."

Modular Wild-Malekko Heavy Industry-Richter Megawave-Bank 11 Part One

Published on Jul 29, 2015 Modular Wild

"A continued exploration of the Richter Megawave's Miniwave ROM.This segment looks at Bank 11 which has the first 16 waveforms from the Digisound VCDO. Part One of Two. Sound and Video by Raul Pena.For the ultimate experience follow along with the Miniwave manual:

All parts:

Erica Synths Acidbox Polyvoks Filter Clone

via this auction

"For the US. Includes power cord. Great condition. Ideal for those with vintage patchable 1/4ich synthesizers like the MS20, Vintage Moogs, etc. But of course, you can be creative with it and have it plugged in with your effects pedals ; )"

with original box...

Creamware PRO-12 Synth, Prophet 5 Clone

via this auction

"A 12 voice polyphonic Prophet 5 clone in a great condition, from studio use. One very small wood part missing (see pic). Power adapter included."

Electrix Filter Factory Drone Demo

Published on Jul 29, 2015 Alfonso Alba

Listen in stereo and watch your volume levels.

"Besides filtering, the Electrix Filter Factory can be used as a sound generator. In this demo, I use the FF in 12 db/oct stereo mode to process two channels independently. The output of the left channel is used to modulate the cutoff frequency of the right channel (with an attenuator in-between), while the output of the right channel feeds back into the left input. This configuration alone is able to produce a wide range of tones, drones, space sounds, noises, etc.

The stereo output of the FF is run through the Electrix MoFX and then through a Lexicon MPX-500 doing a basement reverb. After a few minutes, I turn up the mix levels on the MoFX (flanger first, then delay, then rotary speaker), and after another few minutes, I turn up the reverb mix on the MPX-500, turning everything into a full-on drone.

After a while, I slowly take out the effects from the MoFX and MPX-500, leaving only the sound from the Filter Factory at the very end.

Sound was recorded into a Tascam DP-24 digital multitrack recorder."

BeatStep Pro // Microwave // CLOUDS // Doepfer Modular // miniature 45

Published on Jul 29, 2015 LESINDES


Roland Juno-106 thru BOSS CE-20 Chorus Ensemble Analog Synthesizer

Published on Jul 29, 2015 SynthgodXXX

"Roland Juno-106 'The Holy Synth'
thru BOSS CE-20 Dimensional Processor
Chorus Ensemble by Rik Marston
100% No Talking!!
***Watch In HD***

Roland Juno-106 "The Holy Synth"
thru the BOSS CE-20 Chorus Ensemble!
If your Juno-106's Chorus Effects are noisy, swishy
or down right broken, the CE-20 may be your answer!
This is a very basic demo of the Juno-106 thru the Guitar
input of the CE-20. The CE-20 can be sensitive & you can
hit the PEAK meter quickly so watch your gain!
I must have hit PEAK 75% of this video so please
@3:25 it gets REALLY LOUD!!! LOOK OUT!!!
Nothing too much to mention, I used Dimensional D,
Rich, Acoustic, Bass & Standard on the CE-20.
The Juno-106 is amazing without effects, but if you want
a better option for Chorus then the one on the Juno-106,
then the CE-20 is awesome!"

Summer Tour #6

Published on Jul 29, 2015 Matthew Tyas

"Outside jam, using Samplr on iOS. The portable amp is the Roland mobile cube.
This jam was recorded in the Bearn, on the 28th of July 2015"

iTunes: Samplr - Touch the Music - Marcos Alonso

Calvin Cardioid - Everything To Me

Calvin Cardioid - Everything To Me from Philipp Feigenbutz on Vimeo.

via MATRIXSYNTH Member, Calvin Cardioid

This is the official music video for Calvin Cardioid’s “Everything To Me”,
animated by Studio Feix: Philipp Feigenbutz and Anna-Maria Scharf.
Character animation was done with markerless motion capturing using iPi Soft.

Calvin Cardioid

Download the music


Machines in Music Event - Brooklyn, NY Set for October 17 & 18

"Machines in Music is a two-day modular synthesizer event based in Brooklyn, NY. The event consists of a synthesizer fair that is open to public, followed by a night event with live-hardware performers on Saturday. On Sunday, we will host a 'Wind Down' gathering at a local bar with live ambient performances, food and drinks.

Our goal for Machines in Music is to promote awareness of the new generation of synthesizers.


You'll find full details including how to sign up if you'd like to exhibit on their official website: http://www.machinesinmusic.com