Friday, August 18, 2017

Grendel Drone Commander - Classic Pedal (official)

Published on Aug 18, 2017 EA78751

The Grendel Drone Commander in classic guitar pedal format.

"Coming soon from Rare Waves LLC USA ... the original circuit, the classic sound, plus gate control, and external audio In! Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal."


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chris randall - visualization 001

Published on Aug 18, 2017 Chris Randall

"Eurorack modular + Max/MSP + openFrameworks = multimedia. Enjoy!"

Chris Randall of Audio Damage.

4ms Stereo Triggered Sampler (STS) + 2017 Prototypes

Published on Aug 18, 2017 4mspedals

"Made with the Stereo Triggered Sampler from 4ms Company --- AVAILABLE NOW!


• mono mode
• left side triggered by QCD pattern. Length and start position modulated by slow QCD out and its inverted QCDexp output. (1voct pitch offset by SMR 1voct out)
• right side plays dub-like rhythm. Play is triggered by QCD output. Sample CV is modulated by QCD, to alternate between kick and upbeat stabs. Play length is modulated by PEG red side, which is clocked to QCD.

Spherical Wavetable Navigator:
• 6x oscillators play at various octaves and are brought in via its mixer section.
• Wavetable depth, longitude and latitude are modulated by 3x of the 6x LFO outs.
• Chord progression achieved by using transpose knob.
• SWN mixed into both STS channels via VCAM.

All channels mixed to mono and sent to Tapographic Delay (TD) via VCA Matrix (left side of STS dominates the mix). TD is clocked to red side of the PEG (which is tied to the main clock coming from QCD). TD is set to pitched delays and its stereo outputs are sent to LISTEN FOUR output mixer in channels 3 and 4."

Tales from the Voodoo Box: solos for EMS Synthi A Synthesiser

YAMAHA TRC-01 DECAY group ROM Cartridge for TX802 DX7S DX7II Synthesizer

via this auction

"Tested and working YAMAHA TRC-01 DECAY group ROM cartridge for the TX802 synth. Very few cartridges for the rackmount TX802 were produced making them incredibly rare."

YAMAHA VRC-1005 Studio Professional ROM Cartridge for DX7S DX7II

via this auction

"Tested and working YAMAHA VRC-1005 Studio Professional ROM cartridge for your DX7S or DX7II synth. Patches by accomplished Japanese arranger/producer Akira Inoue. One of the harder to find carts for the second gen DX7s."

LL Electronics Rozzbox One V2 Synth

via this auction

Roland TB-303 Devilfish MIDI + Quicksilver

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Vintage Rheem Kee Bass Combo Organ/Bass Synth w/ Case

via this auction

"Vintage 1960's Rheem Kee Bass combo organ/bass synth. This is an awesoe sounding bass keyboard that is in great condition. Super smooth with huge low end thanks to the "Bass Boost" slider. Can get gritty with the built in Fuzz. Works great with the exception of the upper position of the Sustain and Percussion mode switch. We have another one of these that works perfectly, and honestly, there isn't much of a difference between the two settings anyway. Sounds great as is or would likely be a pretty simple fix. This is really one of my favorite bass keyboards and the tone sits perfectly in any track. Plus, it's about the coolest looking keyboard I've ever seen."


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