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Published on Dec 12, 2017 Mystic Circuits

"Uploading a bit of a different style of video to this channel, this time it is a sort of ambient modular jam rather than a purely informative demo. The concept behind this is setting up a patch with 0HP EYEtenuators distributed throughout the patch and then setting it outside to be modulated my natural changes in light, in this case a tree blowing in the wind. The patch is based around a Make Noise Morphogene loop, the loop being taken from Blonde Redhead's song "Equally Damaged". Because the light is changing so much my phone's auto-focus is going completely nuts and for that I apologize. I am looking into other camera phone apps to deal with this in the future (if you have suggestions please leave them in the comments, I have an Android). This video also happens to be a memorial to my dog who died on the day that I filmed this. Sprinkled throughout are some videos of the dog that I processed with video feedback as a kind of tribute to her. Her name was Zeta Loco Reticuli and a lot of people in the LA Modular scene knew her and that she was an awesome dog."

Prophet Rev 2 Novation Peak Christmas Ambience Pads

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Uriel Ortega

"Check out this special video made playing over Ambience pads by Rocky Mountain Sounds. These pads are a great way add depth and help with transitions between songs/sets. In this video, I am using the Prophet Rev 2 16, and the Novation Peak. Rocky Mountain Sounds Ambience Pads available here:"

SCI Prophet 5 and Roland SDE 2500 Delay, SRV-330 Reverb

Published on Dec 12, 2017 RĂ¼diger Gaenslen

"Mein neuer Film Prophet 5 SDE SRV"

ALM MUM M8 Eurorack Version Of Akai S950 Filter

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"This video shows the ALM Busy Circuits MUM M8 eurorack filter which is based on the filter from the Akai S950 sampler. It also has a built in VCA and sounds great when overdriven.

MUM M8 available here:"

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Taming Buchla 296 Feedback

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Todd Barton

"I've been exploring a 296 feedback patch which the audio then sent to the Freq Shifter section of the 285 and further messed up with audio and CV from the 296. Here I'm trying to tame all that with CV from the MARF."

SYNTH-WERK Introduces SW 912 Envelope Follower

"The SW912 Envelope Follower produces two functions, which can be used separately or in conjunction. The follower circuit signal input presents a control voltage output (DC) proportional to the average amplitude of the AC input signal. The second function, a Schmitt trigger, generates a V-trigger above a threshold voltage (comparator), when a slowly varying or DC voltage is introduced at the control input jack. The normalling of the control output of the follower circuit to the control input of the Schmitt trigger circuit allows both control voltage and trigger to be generated from a single variable source.

THe SW912 Envelope Follower is an extremely useful module for interfacing external sources with the many functions of the synthesizer, which require both control voltages and triggers to function. Filter or amplitude variations can be achieved by routing the audio signal to both the processing modules and the Envelope Follower. The control voltage of the follower circuit can raise or lower the cutoff frequency of a voltage controlled filter. At the same time, the Envelope Generator can be triggered by the V-trigger output of the follower, causing a VCA to gate the original signal above a certain amplitude. This latter operation can be very useful as a noise gate, closing down an audio signal when the level drops below a nominal setting. One further use involves generating random triggers from the Envelope Follower by utilizing white noise or pink noise as a signal input and carefully setting the threshold level to achieve a speed of trigger selection."

Agitato - A Modular Etude 11.12.1

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Izhar Ashdot

"Agitato - A Modular Etude by Izhar Ashdot

Making music on a Modular Synthesizer teaches me how to lose some of my self criticism.
When I write songs in the "conventional" way, with a guitar or piano, I tend to be self judgmental and critical over the result, but when I work with the Modular system, I easily get into a state of "flow", where I disconnect from the surroundings and move into a meditative state of creativity.
I created dozens of pieces of music this way, most of them remain on the proverbial cutting room floor, but some of them are good enough to be developed into a complete piece of music.
Here's a piece I created in a two hour session yesterday and edited the video last night.
Will I continue developing it or will it gather dust in my digital storage area? Only time will tell.
Headphones or speakers recommended, preferably loud.

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Blue Lantern CMOS Party
Eowave Envelope
Sputnik Mixer
Arturia BeatStepPro

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Published on Dec 11, 2017 Cat Full of GHOSTS

"A Quick look at some of the posiblitys with the Yowler noise synth"

See this post for some details on the YOWLER.

PolySynth iOS App Review - Midiverse - TV - MVM #97

Published on Dec 12, 2017 Midiverse - TV

iTunes: PolySynth - DesignByPaul

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