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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

EMW - ARCADE NOISE Eurorack module - first test

Published on Jun 30, 2015 EMW Brazil


"Our new module can create almost all the noises from vintage arcade machines. Among many possible modulations to the Clock frequency and algorithm tap points, you can also PLAY the module using a square wave from a VCO to modulate the internal algorithm reset point."

Patterning : Drum Machine, coming soon from Olympia Noise Co.

Published on Jun 30, 2015 Olympia Noise Co.

via Olympia Noise Co.:

"We are very pleased to announce the near arrival of our newest app, Patterning.

Patterning is an inspiring new drum machine coming soon from Olympia Noise Co. As beautiful as it is powerful, Patterning is a deep and flexible sample-based drum machine unlike any you’ve encountered before. With its elegant circular interface, Patterning transforms the iPad into a serious tool for beat-making.

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Create dynamic drum patterns with the swipe of a finger. Make evolving, poly-metric rhythms, four-on-the-floor dance party jams, or laid back R&B grooves. Use Patterning’s independent loop settings to explore untapped rhythmic possibilities. Automate parameters to create intricate & complex beats. Arrange patterns on the timeline to construct songs. Use the built-in effects--delay, reverb, distortion, and 3- band EQ--to add atmosphere, shimmer and noise. Connect to other apps with Audiobus, Inter-App Audio, and MIDI.

Patterning comes loaded with classic drum machine samples as well as exclusive drum kits created and curated by contemporary producers and musicians. For the independent producer, it’s easy to import samples for custom kits.

With an extensive and uncommon feature set, Patterning redefines what an iOS drum machine can be.

Available summer 2015."


Published on Jun 30, 2015 zack dagoba

"A study on the Korg PS3100, in the Minimalist vein. See http://myblogitsfullofstars.blogspot.... for more"

XS Synthesizer Tips and Tricks: creating dark sounds

Published on Jun 30, 2015 FutureRetroSynths

"XS Tips and Tricks:
By user request, we attempt to show some of the darker sounds the XS is capable of.
Be sure to watch the full series of XS Tips and Tricks tutorials to get the most out of your XS synthesizer."

Ladik D-333 ROM sample player

Published on Jun 30, 2015 RuprechtM

"D-333 ROM player prototype on table, 002 CASIO1 soundbank set.
Prototype has bad name :) and not working trigger LED :)"

Doepfer A110-4 QZVCO Thru Zero Vco, first try +M15 sinus

Published on Jun 30, 2015 DavidH

"+QMMG maths lpg
cross linear modulation 110-4//M15"

doepfer a110-4 tz + mutable instruments tides dynamic fm

Published on Jun 30, 2015

"tides modulation goes in the qmmg vca before the lin fm input of 110-4
same envelope on the lpg and fm vca"

Fede Manfredi - Korg Monotribe Techno Jam

Published on Jun 28, 2015 fedemanfredi

"Korg Monotribe Bassline / hi hat
An1x - Lead synth
FL Studio - drums, pads, main sync
Nord electro 3 - solina w/phaser
ipad mini - FXs
Line 6 pod xt - FXs


Access Virus Ti2 Polar Synthesizer

via this auction


via this auction

"Beautiful Roland SH-101 analog synthesizer. This Roland looks and sounds amazing, BUT the only thing wrong with it is that the BENDER does not work properly. The bender is NOT broken, it just doesn't affect the pitch, only affects the LFO. This should be an easy fix for a keyboard tech. The synth is in outstanding cosmetic condition, even the bottom is in great condition. The keys are white, straight, and play like new. It comes from a smoke free, pet free, clean environment..."

Waldorf MicroWave XT Rack Mount Wavetable Synthesizer SN 830726305 with Original Box

via this auction

"In a 5U 19" Rack Mounting case, the Waldorf MicroWave XT is a wavetable synthesiser with 10 note polyphony and 8 part multi-timberal capabilities.

It has 256 user programmable sound programs arranged in 2 banks which can be combined in 128 Multi programs with up to 8 parts (split, layer or multi-channel) in each.

Each voice comprises 2 wavetable oscillators, ring modulator and noise generator, feeding into a mixer, two filters an amplifier and finally an effects unit. There are 2 LFOs and 4 Envelopes, an arpegiator and a modulation matrix that allows just about any parameter to be modulated by any source.

There are 96 wavetables made up from up to 64 waves per wavetable. It is possible to create your own wavetables using the built-in waves or upload your own waves via computer and a suitable editing program (not supplied).

There are 40 dedicated rotary controllers for all the most frequently used parameters and the rest can be accessed through a series of push buttons to allow editing of 4 parameters at a time through the large LCD display. This gives the best compromise between ease of use and the power of the modulation matrix.

The back panel sports 4 assignable audio outputs, PSU in, MIDI in Out and Through sockets and an audio in to allow external signals to be processed by the Microwave's sound shaping circuits.

Has V2.09 of the operating system installed.

Comes in the original box with PSU and manual."