Sunday, February 18, 2018

Accelerator 303 Ambient Acid track with Spectralis and Virus

Published on Feb 18, 2018 MIDERA

"While messing around making FM patches on my Radikal Technologies Accelerator - I made this patch that sounded a lot like a TB-303, so I decided to make a track with it. I'm sure it's not perfect - but... eh.

Accelerator: TB-303 sound
Spectralis Keys, Drums, sequencing
Virus: Strings"

Prophet Rev 2 16 Eventide H9

Published on Feb 18, 2018 Uriel Ortega

"This is a simple video of the algorithms on the Eventide H9 that I use with my Prophet Rev 2. This is the 16 voice version."

BURG - when kings were mountains (modular, morphagene, avalon bassline)

Published on Feb 18, 2018 ollilaboratories

"If you like my stuff please support me on and

I wanted to take my modular system out for a spin with the Avalon bassline in a minimal polyrhythmic jam, this is what happened. :)

The Avalon Bassline, of course does the square bass, on this I also have the CSIDMAN from catalinbread for some glitchy madness + a simple short plate reverb from the strymon bluesky.

The modular has two signal paths, one with percussion passing through the Keeley Caverns, treated with some delay and reverb. The main sound sources is the Peaks, doing kick and snare..snare being fed through the uVCF for for modulated HPF with a slight bit of resonance. Sequenced by beatstep pro.

BIA takes care of some hihat/percussive sounds on the top, modulated by PAM / LFO's / Gates, and sequenced by beatstep pro.

The second signal path passes trought he RE-20 (tape delay + EQD tranmisser modulater reverb which i pull in from time to time)

The morphagene has a piano sample that i recorded in my computer using NI una corda vst, smashed and trashed to pieces in the MG. For starters it goes in reverse, with several slice points which are being scrubbed start/end point with modulation + that the organize is also being modulated. (LFO from expert sleepers + Tides)

MI braids does the "normal" sequence 3xSAW, passing through the Ripples which act both VCA and filter, envelope from the maths controls both the filter and VCA at the same time.. sort of LPG but not really.

Rings does what the rings does does, modulated slightly by the PAM to give it some irregular movements.

Current modular rack:

Gear used: Abstrakt Instruments Avalon BassLine
FX used: Strymon bluesky, EQD tranmisser, RE-20, keeley caverns, catalinbread CSIDMAN

Hope you will enjoy it!


Elektron Digitone, Digitakt & Novation Peak First Play Thru

Published on Feb 18, 2018 Ehsan Gelsi

Roland TB-303 Bass Line Synthesizer

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Kawai K-5000S Additive Synthesizer SN 592722

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With enhanced memory and upgraded LCD backlight.

Miura Ori // semi-generative ambient

Published on Feb 18, 2018 rustyjaw

"Another Argos Bleak-centered track. Making heavy use of the vibrato to slowly swing all the oscillators around the notes detuning each several cents above and below the note.

Why "semi-generative"? Well there are two programmed sequences being played into the A and B inputs on the Argos, but the note/chord changes are triggered by random gates from the Stillson Hammer into the Argos Bleak's quantizer-trigger in. The chords themselves are presets I created in the Argos, but they are 'chosen' by Rene's unquantized out as it very slowly steps through a sequence.

What is decidedly not generative is the way I control the mix levels and filter cutoffs. But for the most part the track kind of runs itself which was a good exercise for me in giving up a little control :-)

And finally, I was able to sneak Magneto in for the crystalline chiming sounds that come in about halfway through. Magneto is in Loop mode."

Merino - Digitakt Ambient recorded to cassette

Published on Feb 18, 2018 Jogging House

"Check out my new album 'From':

Yet another ambient exploration of the Elektron Digitakt, recorded straight to cassette.

Simple drone samples from the Mangrove eurorack oscillator and a Korg Wavestation. Shaped, sequenced and resampled within the Digitakt,

The video goes in and out of sync due to tape warble, nothing I can do about that. Hope you still enjoy it.

Woven and fluffy macrame wallhangings by Fluffy Friday:"

ALESIS Andromeda Analog Synth + Memory Card

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SRAM card allows you to store 1024 presets in 8 banks.


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