Sunday, June 25, 2017

How to Fix Dead Keys on a Synth with Tape and a Cereal Box

Syntaur has instructions on how to fix dead keys for the following synths - those that use what Syntaur calls a K32U key.

Akai AX-60
Akai X7000
Kawai SX-210
Kawai SX-240
Korg DW-6000
Korg EPS-1 (slightly different key, but same technique)
Korg Mono/Poly
Korg Poly-61
Korg Poly-800
Korg Polysix
Korg RK-100
Moog Memorymoog
Oberheim OB-8 (later versions)
Sequential Circuits Max
Sequential Circuits Multi-Trak
Sequential Circuits Prophet 600
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Sequential Circuits Split-Eight

Materials needed:
A cereal box and some scotch tape

It’s an easy and quick procedure, and will usually bring a key back from the dead. You can the find the instructions here.

Novation UltraNova - natural patches

Published on Jun 24, 2017 SynthMania

"Twenty demos of UltraNova non-electronic patches:
00:42 Ark Rhodes
01:23 Rise Up Saw
02:35 Vocoder
03:01 White Star
04:08 Parisian Lunch
04:31 Dusty Tape Organ
04:59 Jump!
05:35 In Chapel
06:30 Few Dollars More
07:18 Metahorn Bow
08:05 Wonderment
09:04 LegatoStrings
09:38 Night Drive Pad
10:36 Sequencer Bass
11:02 Star Lead
11:34 SynthHarp
12:28 Woody Wind
13:11 Love Ballad
13:54 AcousticGuitar
14:24 PunchyDigiBass"

ULTIMATE PATCHES for Roland JD-XI (Volume I - IV)

Published on Jun 24, 2017 ULTIMATE PATCHES

"720 High Quality Patches (180 X4 Banks) for Roland JD-XI!
$19.99 / Bank, plus special $29.99 Bundle Deals available at"

Kit Review # 7 - Horstronic Joystick

Published on Jun 24, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Unboxing, Construction and a Demo of Thonk's Horstronic Joystick eurorack module kit!

Get yours here:"

Control Forge BPM Mode (firmware 1.01c)

Published on Jun 24, 2017 Martin Doudoroff

"Casual, unauthorized overview of using the new BPM feature"

ALESIS ANDROMEDA A6 SN (21)A6003020400240

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Waldorf Microwave XT Wavetable Synthesizer 10 Voice SN 840726902

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

MFOS DIY Modular Synthesizer demo

Published on Jun 24, 2017 Marcel

"A demo of my 'music from outer space' diy modular synth.

3x VCO
24dB low pass filter
12dB low, band, hi pass filter
wave shaper (wavefreaker)
Auto panner (leslie emulation)
Quad log/linear VCA
10 step sequencer

This all can be controlled by midi with the Vermona qMI2 Quad midi interface which makes this polyphonic......ish :)

I made the case myself out of MDF. (except for the doepfer case of couse:)."

Digitakt Jam

Published on Jun 24, 2017 FatFoniks

Digitakts on Amazon, Reverb, eBay. Also see the site sponsors on the right.

Buchla CVT Seventeen

Published on Jun 24, 2017 Todd Barton

Buchla CVT