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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Deep Techno : Elektron Analog Rytm - Octatrack - Juno 60

Published on Aug 1, 2015 DesertFishHQ

"Jam with DesertF!sh Hazim K ( X121X_Music_ ) on a casual Wednesday, we ended up with a nice session. This is my first mutlicam video! Im excited to see the added value to the uploads.

Drum Kit/Bass (Low Tom): Rytm
Percussion/FX (Spacey sounds): Octatrack
Chord/Drone: Juno 60


Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Analog RYTM, OCTATRACK

Published on Aug 1, 2015 Vladimir Aristarkhov

"Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Analog RYTM,
I wish you pleasant viewing!



"Totally unique sounding valve synth very rare out of production now, i bought this just over a month ago but due to loosing job now need to sell i feel sick,

the unit is in top condition and works perfectly and sounds f..kin fantastic the last owner has replaced the plastic knobs for brushed alloy ones and looks great and has been kept in rack since new, i have just had the lid of so i could get rid of dust and have a check everything looks ok (big job)

as you can see from the pics i have not yet put all knobs back on but when unit is sold it will have all knobs back on, this is in uk but will ship anywhere in world"

Roland System 1m Audio rate Modulation

Published on Jun 29, 2015 Andrew Whitman

"crude and to the point. I couldn't find any audio or video of audio rate modulations on this thing. I took a chance and it looks good so far. I literally just got this and wanted to share. feel free to ask questions."

LinnMiniMod - AJH MiniMod with LinnStrument through FH-1

Published on Aug 1, 2015 Geert Bevin

"AJK MiniMod Eurorack modules being playing with the LinnStrument through Expert Sleepers FH-1. Added a touch of Moog MF-104M Analog Delay and Valhalla VintageVerb. Drums programmed on the Roland TR-8.

The technical explanation of this setup can be found here: https://youtu.be/vLWDuOWdSHc"

LinnStrument and Expert Sleepers FH-1 - Technical overview

Published on Aug 1, 2015

"The Expert Sleepers FH-1 is a wonderful USB MIDI to CV converter that can bus power the LinnStrument. In this video I explain my setup that uses only pitch CV and pressure CV, no gate nor velocity are necessary since you're really 'playing the envelopes'."

Moog Minimoog sound design tutorial Ultravox Vienna

Published on Aug 1, 2015 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer sound tutorial series by RetroSound

Moog Minimoog: The Bass sound in Vienna from Ultravox.

RetroSound`s sound design tutorial playlist:

RetroSound home: http://www.retrosound.de"

Phattcut - I'm looping for sampling new [HQ]

Published on May 1, 2014 Phattcut

"A little jam with ableton, apc40, moog little phatty, roland sp 404sx and e-mu xboard 49."

Korg ARP Odyssey PSYCHEDELIC SYMPHONY with organs that sound like synths ELKA 707 FARFISA Compact

Published on Aug 1, 2015 VolcaRock

"Hola Amigos, here is my Psychedelic Symphony in 4 1/2 movements with Korg ARP Odyssey 2015 and 4 1/2 vintage organs that can sound like synths.
I was interested in early Pink Floyd & Tangerine Dream, So I bought 4 analog organs for the price of one YAMAHA Reface YC :-) I couldn’t believe what amazing instruments you get for the money.
Most time I tried to let them sound like synths and not as typical organs.

Instruments used:
Korg ARP Odyssey 2015
Elka Artist 707 (1978) with Elka Rhapsody 610 string synth & Elka Soloist 505 on board
Farfisa Compact (1967)
Farfisa VIP 345 (1972)
Farfisa VIP 200 R (1975)
Farfisa Syntorchestra (1976) string machine with solo synth
Elektron Octatrack (for recording audio)
Godin LGX-SA guitar
Jim Dooley on Drums

Hope you enjoy my 70ies inspired psychedelic trip :-)

more Info on the used Organs:

Vintage Farfisa VIP Professional Duo Organ Synth

via this auction

Cool looking synth organ from the past.

"Introduced in 1970, the Duo is virtually identical, feature-wise, to the Professional 222, the Duo adds a lower manual, with a pretty decent selection of voices (clearly a first for Farfisa!), and an impressive pedal unit, including a Slalom pedal.


Most of this organ is working, but it does need to be serviced to bring it back up to 100% functioning capability.
Seven or eight keys (out of 122) don't function when certain voices are selected, but do function when other voices are selected. The key and voice combination vary. The oscillators need to be re-tuned, some of the volume slider caps are loose, there are a couple of dirty contacts (mainly the Clarinet - Sharp voices) that cause fuzz every now and then and a couple of keys that are louder than the others. Internally, there are variable resistors that can change the volume of certain voices, so I'm assuming that this is what needs to be addressed.

I have sprayed the inside out with an air compressor, polished the wood, cleaned the body, keys and case and cleaned the contacts the best that I could. Comes with the original sheet music holder, bass/volume/slalom pedals and top case..."

Sequential Circuits Pro One

via this auction

"recently serviced by James Walker
- calibrated, new keyboard bushes, some replacement switches.

Condition - see photo's - some marks, faded print on rear and on silver plates.
Other - all works, a few crackly pots, a very slight & quiet hum - very low level and masked by the synth sound, but mentioning it to cover myself from the picky. You have to turn off the VCOs (why would you do that?!) and really turn up your PA to hear."