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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Todd Barton Spatial Frontiers I - in memoriam richard waters

"Here is the set of Buchla Music Easel duet improvisations. The first piece in the performance was a for solo waterphone and can be found here: [in memoriam richard waters SoundCloud & Video below]

Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard performing as the duet, Control Voltage Therapy, begin another concert series at the Schneider Museum of Art. The series continues their exploration of space as a compositional tool, this time, expanding the quadraphonic sound into all four galleries of the Museum. Besides the Buchla Easel: Electric Music Box, Barton and Bayard will be exploring other acoustic instruments beginning this Friday with the waterphone."

"On July 4, 2013 we lost Richard Waters, inventor of the Waterphone. Here is my humble tribute to a wonderful person, friend, musician and instrument builder.

For more information: waterphone.com

In this performance the waterphone is being looped then processed through a Buchla Music Easel another amazing instrument by genius invetor/designer, Don Buchla. buchla.com"

in memoriam richard waters Published on Feb 28, 2015 Todd Barton

"this is just for visuals -- the sound did not pick up all the speakers places throughout the museum space."

Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Analog RYTM, Elektron OCTATRACK,MININOVA

Published on Mar 1, 2015 Vladimir Aristarkhov

"Elektron Analog Four, Elektron Analog RYTM, Elektron OCTATRACK,MININOVA"


Elektrons on eBay | MiniNovas on eBay

MOOG Minimoog "Spaced Saw"

Published on Feb 28, 2015 RetroSound

"(c) 2015 vintage synthesizer demo track by RetroSound

all synthesizer sounds: MOOG Minimoog Analog Synthesizer (1978)
drums: Roland TR-808 (1982)
recording: multi-tracking without midi
fx: reverb and delay

RetroSound home: http://www.retrosound.de"

Noise sequence with Kicker

Published on Mar 1, 2015 papuadrums

"Noise sequence with Abstract Data Kicker

Circuits on breadboards
_ Some noise generators and sequencers

DIY wooden panel modules in a wooden rack
_Power supply
_Clock generator
_Trigger generator for Kicker

Abstract Data Kicker
_Low Frequency Percussion Synth

Recorded on March 1, 2015"

Serge Phaser Phun Honking Geese

Published on Mar 1, 2015 Todd Barton

"A super simple Serge patch with massive sonic destructive results. Sending audio feedback into the Phaser and back to 1v/Oct IN while adjusting the VC and Phase on the Phaser. Next time you score that documentary on Canadian Geese you’ll want to have this patch to create a whole flock if different emotional “honks”! ☺"

Moog Prodigy Restoration (Part 3) - Recapping and replacing components

Published on Mar 1, 2015 GOLT !

"This is the third video showing the restoration of my 1979 Moog Prodigy. It shows the different types of capacitors in the circuit and how to replace them. It also shows the different types of components used and explains which ones can be substituted."

All parts here.

Basic Beat - Elektron Machine Drum

Published on Mar 1, 2015 nordrecordsuk

"Download all the parts for this basic drum beat on Elektronauts forum

Also on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/peter-kilmarti..."

Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Synthesizer PE Edition

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"4 oscillators (2 analog, 2 digital), great hands-on tweak-ability, and rich, killer sounds."

Korg DELTA DL 50 SN 283591

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Studio Electronics SE1-X SN 4086

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