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Friday, February 05, 2016

MST SYSTEM 84 - Synthrotek Critical Listening Series Eurorack Video Demo

Published on Feb 5, 2016 synthrotek


Housed in Synthrotek's 84HP Skiff Boat, the MST SYSTEM 84 is a very powerful analog monophonic FULLY modular synthesizer. Includes a power brick and a 20-pack of patch cables.

MST MIDI to CV Converter
MST '07 Buffered Multiple
MST Noise Sample and Hold / Track and Hold
MST VCO (x 2)
MST 4-Channel Audio/CV Mixer
MST Low Pass Filter
MST Dual Envelope
DLY Module
MST Stereo Output Mixer"

Cacophony- Moog Mother 32-Korg Minilogue & EMX1-Roland Juno 106 & JP-08-MXR Distortion +

Published on Feb 5, 2016 Earmonkey Music

"I was in the mood for making noise tonight. Minologue is running a sequence that controls itself and the Mother 32. Minilogue patch is heavily ring modulated for bell-like tones. Mother 32 is getting some additional LFO from a Werkstatt, and it's just doing its awesome "I'm a beast from space" thing. Juno 106 in Poly 2 mode with Portamento, and running through an MXR Distortion +. Roland JP-08 is doing some funky crap with lots of Random LFO wave modulation. EMX on drums, and of course the STELLAR Roland RE-301 that plays more like another instrument than just an FX unit. This is loud. And obnoxious. Just the way I hoped it would. be."

Broken Clock

Published on Feb 5, 2016 Navaneethan Sivabalaviknarajah

"Elektron Analog Rytm + Analog Four + Octatrack"

Yamaha CS-60 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

"If you're looking, I'm sure you know just how special this synth is. It has nearly all the functionality of the legendary & gigantic CS-80, which now go for $15-20k (if you can find one). Double track sounds on this manageably-sized CS-60 and you're basically there, sonically speaking. In any case, the CS-60 truly sounds phenomenal on it's own and is a secret go-to in the synth collections of many producers and artists. This is analog at it's best!"

The CS80 is essentially two CS-60s stacked with polyphonic aftertouch.


via this auction

"Elektronika EM-26 portable vocoder is intended for synthesis the voice or external signals, has internal strings ton-generator, analyzer-synthesizer, modulations and vocoder effects. Control panel include 4 sections: VIBRATO, VOCODER, STRINGS and LEVEL, also it has a panel real time transpose and other controls.

VIBRATO section has sliders - accent, depth and rate
VOCODER - chorus knobs (on, mode), mic/vocoder level
STRINGS - on/off, level, violin/cello, sustain
LEVEL - mic, line A, line C
Keyboard PANEL: main level, pitch, interval, octave, pitch bend
CONNECTION (1/4 jack): mic in, line A,C, phones, output, pedal, power."

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Keyboard Synth, With 3 Extra Sound Cards

via this auction

Future Retro Revolution SN FREV0055

via this auction

"Awesome analog TB-303 emulator!

It's a monophonic TB-style analog synthesizer tied to a step-based pattern and song based sequencer, designed for the techno, trance, acid, and electro-blip-beep-bop musicians. There are also on-board analog and DSP effects processing, and various interfacing options for controlling MIDI, CV/Gate, and Din Sync devices."

Audiorealism ABL3 VST/AU - Must have for Acid Music

Published on Feb 4, 2016 Synth Anatomy

"This is a first video about the Audiorealism ABL3 for VST and AU. It's an exceptional emulation of the 303 and brings this sound to the digital workstations as plugin. In my eyes, a must have for all acid music lovers."

See this post for details.

Hypersynth Xenophone Analog Synthesizer Factory Patches

Published on Feb 5, 2016 perfectcircuitaudio

Perfect Circuit Audio on eBay

But Thats Not The Way It Happened

Published on Feb 5, 2016 adam armstrong
Re-Published on Feb 5, 2016 Laurentide SynthWorks

"song featuring the Random Source version of the Jergen Haible Living VCO, which is passed through a Grove Audio 904a Moog Ladder Filter Clone. Accompanied by a Concertmate MG-1"