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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Roland System 700 @ Mess Ltd

Published on Apr 30, 2016 Cray

"Messing with the powerful Roland System 700"

keybdwizrd - Yamaha MOXF Demo

Published on Apr 30, 2016 Michael Walthius

"Yes boys and girls, it's a bunch more cool sounds from the Yamaha MOXF synthesizer!"

All parts here.

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak Synthesizer SN 002793 with Instruction Sheet & MIDI Control Summary

via this auction

"The instruction manual has some scribbling, but not much. The blue laminate fold-out sheet is a function overview, and the white fold-out is a MIDI control summary of Sequential Circuit synthesizers from that time.

The original footswitch is included, inserted beneath the foam mold."

multicam jam

multicam jam from Rodrigonzalez on Vimeo.

The SH-2016 Mini Music Synthesizer Keyboard by Pat Morrissey in Ireland

IT Sligo Expo 2016 Video SH-2016

Published on Apr 30, 2016 Pat Morrissey

"My Engineering Project for IT Sligo 2016"

This one in via Brian O'Malley. I'll let you know if more info comes in on this one. If you know feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

Up Tempo

Published on Apr 30, 2016 Old Beats

Moog Voyager
Moog Mother 32
Moog Little Phatty
DSI Evolver
DSI Prophet 08
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Roland P-330
Yamaha TX81Z
Jomox AirBase 99
Novation Drum Station V2
Jomox AirBase 99
Tc Electronic Flashback
TC Electronic M350
Lexicon MX 300
Boss CS 3 on Kick Drum
Boss SL 20 Slicer on Prophet 08
EHX Small Stone on Prophet 08
Expression pedal on Little Phatty
Zoom MS 60 B on TX 81Z
Alesis SmashUp on Drum Station
Alesis Philtre on P-330
Allen & Heath Zed 428 mixer
Audio directly from the mixer
Sequenced and Synced with Ableton Live

Novation Circuit - unaltered

Published on Apr 30, 2016 bananepoep

"My last short kinda test jam before i try to do a longer set together with the volca(s) enjoy."

Novation Circuit Review & iPad Editor
Novation Circuits on eBay | Novation Circuits on Amazon

The Building of the VCS3 Clone

Published on Apr 30, 2016 100 Things I Do

"As promised , my ramblings about how I built my VCS3. It just happened as I was putting the VCS 3 back togeather after filming I decided to do some fine adjustment of the Amplifier part of the PCB and the hum I was a little annoyed about has now gone completely!

The following link will take you to a 9 minute inital 'full' test I did with the synth.


See the Derek Revell label below for previous posts.

PPG Modular testing (Musikmesse 2012)

Published on Apr 30, 2016 kovalmoog

"El amigo Carlos Pizarro probando un arqueológico PPG Modular (propiedad de Mathias Gurk, del canal "Known As KneToNatoR") en la Musikmesse 2012 de Frankfurt. A su derecha un prehistórico PPG1020.
Estos (y muchos otros) sintetizadores formaban parte del stand de la revista germana Synthesizer Magazin.
El dueño de la panza cervecera es Sergio Koval, y el de la cámara (no mucho mas delgado) es mi gran amigo Jordi Pascual.

My friend Carlos Pizarro testing an archaeological Modular PPG (owned by Mathias Gurk, of YT channel "Known As KneToNatoR") at Musikmesse 2012, Frankfurt. On its right side, a prehistoric PPG1020.
These (among others) synthesizers were part of the "Synthesizer Magazin" stand.
The owner of the beer belly is Sergio Koval, and the camera operator (btw, not more slim) is my friend Jordi Pascual."

Oberheim TVS Two Voice vintage analog synthesizer SN 0027

via this auction

"This is an Oberheim Two Voice synthesizer in very rare all original condition and style as it a very early model with the serial number of 28. I was going to restore this but it dawned on me it might be worth more to someone in original condition as a collectable. The synths is in great condition for its age and seems to have been kept in a dry storage. The key bushings of course dried up and falling apart which is why the keys are uneven, the actual keys and keybed is in great condition as well as all of the knobs and controls. It powers up and makes sound, the sequencer worked but I did no further testing was done and kept powered off since so not to harm anything without checking inside, cleaning out, rebuilding power, etc. This needs to be serviced/restored if you actually want to use it."