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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New From Analogue Solutions: MEGACITY Tear Drop Step Sequencer

Published on Apr 20, 2015 rezfilter

"Here's a little teaser video for the Analogue Solutions advanced MEGACITY Tear Drop Step Sequencer!"

MDKIP Play Buchla 200e Patch by Todd Barton

"A brief exploration of a multi-layered Buchla 200e patch controlled live with the 223e Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input Port (MDKIP). Main sound sources: 259e and 261e."

Korg ARP Odyssey PPC Explained - Demo by Mike Pensini

Published on Apr 20, 2015 Mike Pensini

"Hey guys - I was receiving a few questions about the lack of pitch bend and mod wheels on the ARP Odyssey, so here's a little video explaining how that works on this synth."

ARP Odysseys on eBay | KORG Odysseys on eBay

Teknomorph (Techno Jam w/ Modbox & Korg MS-20)

Published on Apr 20, 2015 alternatingbitmusic

"Using the Korg SQ-1 sequencer as the main tempo/MIDI source, I did an old school techno jam featuring my MU Modbox, the Korg MS-20, and the Korg EMX-1 drum machine."

Monday, April 20, 2015


Published on Apr 20, 2015 caleb condit

"just a sample of a track I'm working out right now"

Modular Wild presents MST(Mattson-Synthrotek) Dual Envelope Basic AD/ASR Envelopes Pt.1

Published on Apr 20, 2015 Modular Wild

"A demo exploring the basic shaping capabilities of the MST(Mattson-Synthrotek) Dual Envelope.Sound and Video by Raul Pena."


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Love Machine - Supermax with the Minimoog Model D

Love Machine - Supermax | Full HD | Published on Aug 21, 2013 MOM ♫ Records ©™

This one in via JUERGEN.

1976 Roland Synthesizer System 100 Model 102/103/104/109 Six Page Brochure

via Retro Synth Ads, where you'll find the rest of the scans and the full write-up.

"Roland Synthesizer System 100 Model 102/103/104/109 "Let's you start your own Synthesizer studio" six page brochure from January 1976."

ENSONIQ FIZMO Realtime Transwave Synthesizer SN FIZMO-10015

via this auction


Manufacture date of October 23rd, 1998.

This unit is very cool. Great stage synth with real time adjustments. Powerful effects. MIDI interactive arpeggiator.

This unit also has a audio input jack that allows you to use the synthesizer as a vocoder AND you can use the input for your voice to go through the machines effects. Way cool."

ARPIE - MIDI Arpeggiator in clear acrylic case

via this auction

You can video of one posted here. Some details via http://six4pix.com/arpie/:

"ARPIE is a MIDI Arpeggiator. Typically you connect it between a MIDI keyboard controller and a synthesizer and it converts the chords you play on the keyboard into rapid runs of notes (arpeggios) which are played on the synth. However as you’ll see there is a lot more to it than that: ARPIE - and arpeggiators in general - are great composing and performance tools. ARPIE is an open-source project, based on the popular Arduino platform and is designed to be customisable, hackable and extendable."