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Bösendorfer Piano for Montage

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Ep. 6 - Radio Waves

Published on Jul 22, 2016 Alba Ecstasy

"Coming back from a one week exhausting trip, The Journey to the Edge of the Universe continues with Ep. 6 based on OP-1 - radio, SoundScaper - drone, Quadnic-Braids-Tides-Clouds - drone and sequence, microKorg - lead, Virus Ti2 - pads, Circuit - drumbs, bass, sequence."

All parts here.

Roland MC 202 Microcomposer

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Moog Multimoog Keyboard Synthesizer

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"Excellent condition circa 1978 Multimoog. Only 1000 of these made. Big brother to the micromoog. Supposedly one of the last Moog's Bob Moog was a part of before leaving Moog.

Features 2 oscillators, a ribbon controller, variable waveforms, flexible sample and hold, LFO, aftertouch (for pitch, VCF, or LFO rate) and a great sounding 24dB Moog filter. Sub-octave for extra fatness.

This thing has a FAT sound. Very unique synthesizer in great condition. Recently serviced.

Comes with a flight case."

Roland TB-303 Bass Line SN 130500

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New Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming Tutorials

For those interested the following videos have been added to the main Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming Tutorials playlist here.

10. Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming Session10 - Continuum as Audio DSP
11. Haken Continuum EaganMatrix Programming Session11 - Creating a Simple Organ
12. Initial Reactions Building Peter Pringle's Keyboard Extension for the Haken Continuum

KORG ES2 / Make Noise 0-Coast

Published on Jul 22, 2016 Ted James Butler

"Minimal rhythmic techno.

Just took this brand new KORG Electribe Sampler out of the box and got it's firmware updated to Version 2.02. Not that I'm taking advantage of any patter chaining in this video, but it is nice to see the "orig"-inal value displayed when editing parameters. The Make Noise 0-Coast is being fed a single note sequence and is connected via Audio In. Sound is being modulated by the ES2 and playing through the onboard effects.


Roland SH-3 Vintage Rare Diode Ladder Filter Model

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Meeblip SE Music Demo

Published on Jul 22, 2016 MEGASYNTH1

"This album is a product demonstration/ mini composition project using only the Meeblip SE Module Synthesizer and drum samples. Some of the drum sounds were created using the Meeblip SE. Only light effect processing was used (reverb, delay, EQ, light distortion)

The Meeblip Se is a unique digital synth in that it definitely has its own sound different from anything else! Rather than a clean and sparkling sound it is naturally gritty and saturated with digital oddities that make it a discovery every time you lay hands on it. I wanted to show how the Meeblip SE could be used as a serious production tool with 10 mini compositions of various genres. Recorded in Reason 7.0

hear more of mu music as 'Sequencer' here: https://megasynth.bandcamp.com"

Batchas presents: Bugbrand Modular - Patch 016

Published on Jul 22, 2016 batchas

"Listen LOUD on a serious system...
Or in a club :)

All Bugbrand Modular. Direct outs. One take.
Main beat = Scrotum Lab Orgone Accumulator + Bugbrand Quadsine

Some delay added afterwards."

Red Alesis Andromeda A6

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