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Monday, September 22, 2014

Korg Polysix KLM-367A PCB Assembly

via this auction

"This auction is for a new Korg Polysix KLM-367 PCB Assembly. If you are looking I'm sure you know this is the infamous PCB Assembly that gets damaged from the NiCd battery corrosion. The PCB is the popular clone from Jed Jorgensen The PCB is professionally assembled and includes all of the components except for the uPD8048C-345 Mask ROM that must being transferred from another board (presumably the old board it will replace). All IC's are placed in machined IC sockets. The board has a high capacity CR2450 Lithium battery for several decades of memory backup.

All of the components on the PCB are new except for the following:
The uPD8048C-345 Mask ROM is not placed. A socket is installed and waiting for a donor.
The two LM13600 dual OTA's may be new or re-used. When the original Korg selected LM13600's are working and show no signs of corrosion they are re-used. When they are not working or show sings of corrosion they are replaced with new LM13700's.

The NTC Thermistor is re-used from the old board.
The connectors are re-used from the old board as they are no longer available.
The PCB assembly is tested on a test unit and is guaranteed working. If you have a Polysix that is no longer working and has battery corrosion the new PCB assembly may fix the problem. The board is plug and play and can be swapped out with little effort, although I would caution that you still need the correct tools & test equipment to successfully calibrate the new board. For this reason I would also advise to have it fitted by an experienced tech as calibration can be tricky and they will also be able to identify other issues. You should not assume that if you have a non-working Polysix with battery corrosion that the corroded PCB is the only problem.

If you do decide to install it yourself and you are not very experienced I would make sure at the very least to check the power supply voltages before plugging in the new board. If you get so far as having swapped out the board only to turn on the unit and find the program and bank LED's are randomly lit and it doesn't work right.. this is generally directly related to the calibration of the KLM-367A. You must complete the calibration procedure before the Polyix will operate correctly.

If you want to return your old board to me I am usually interested in buying it back for a 'core' refund of $35 plus postage so I can re-use the connectors and thermistor on a future build.

Please do not contact me during or after the auction to inquire about additional PCB assemblies. This is not a profitable venture and I only make a few extras to help out the synth community when I need one or two. Anytime I have one available it will be listed on Ebay."

Cyndustries Zeroscillator in FracRack Format

via this auction

"Cynthia accomplished an amazing feat with this truly unique module. These are very hard to find in Frac Format. I waited 2 years for this one. Sadly, I just don't use it like it should be used. Here's a great chance to get your FracRack Zeroscillator for about $245.00 cheaper than retail and you'll have it in a few days. Worked when I tested it. I know of no defects or problems with the module. Always been in a pet free and smoke free studio. I am the first and only owner/user.

This sale includes:
Power cable, FracRack standard.
See the Cyndustries site or other fine modular synthesizer dealers for more details."

Duet No.5 for Synthesizer and The Singing Ringing Tree

Published on Sep 22, 2014 John Keston

"This is the fifth selection from takes during a five day recording session and performance series at the Singing Ringing Tree (SRT) in Burnley, UK, a wind activated musical panopticon in Northern England. The sculpture was designed by architects Tonkin Liu and completed in December 2006. I performed accompaniment for the SRT binaural recordings simultaneously using a Novation Bass Station II connected to a USB battery. I also ran the Bass Station II through a Moog Minifooger Delay.

NOTE: This is a binaural recording combined with a monophonic synthesizer track. Although it sounds great through speakers, circumaural headphones must be used to experience the binaural effect.

Please visit http://audiocookbook.org/duet-no-5-fo... for photos and a more detailed description."

All parts here.

Therapeutic Wiggle

Published on Sep 22, 2014 John L Rice

"Still no time to get serious musically sinceI need to go grocery shopping, fix a toilet, sell some things to pay bills and get some sleep. But, I decided to play around a bit with the modular. At least I have my priorities straight! ;-)"

Squarewave Filtering

Published on Sep 22, 2014 Rhythmicons

"A Tektronix 475 takes a look at a square wave generated by a Synthesizers.com q106 oscillator and filtered by a q107 Slate Variable Filter. The scope will show the effects of pulse width modulation, as it is being filtered though Lowpass, Bandpass, Notch, and High pass filter settings with and without resonance.

Towards the end of the video I will briefly select ramp, sawtooth, triangle and sine with the same above effects applied.

Sorry for the unsteady cam. Got your motion sickness pills handy?

Thanks for watching"

Empty Space + Drone Commander

Published on Sep 20, 2014 francesco mulassano

"First test of my delay unit Empty Space, a noisy delay with filter and oscillator, on the input the famous Drone commander. This unit is a MFOS Echo Rockit by Ray Wilson."

And a couple of pics via Francesco Synth Meeting Mulassano on The MATRIXSYNTH Lounge.

"Custom desing, boxed on a 1954 military resistor-bridge"

Moog Minimoog

via this auction

Verbos Electronics System: 6U Black - Eurorack Modular Synth

via this auction

"This system comes with following modules
Amplitude & Tone Controller
Complex Oscillator
Dual Four Pole
Harminic Oscillator
Voltage Multistage"

2007 Steim Cracklebox Synth SN 69 of 500

via this auction

"Here is a Steim Cracklebox (Kraadoos) synth. Developed in the 70's it was one of the first examples of a bent circuit synth. You become part of the circuit by touching the metal pads. Crackling, fizzing, squealing, sputtering noises emerge in unpredictable way that is a blast. Battery operated and complete with it's own internal speaker. Loads of fun. Very rare, these never come up for auction. This one was made in 2007."

Moog Minimoog D Synthesizer SN 9261

via this auction

"Low serial number Minimoog model d from August 1974. Just serviced on 8-18-14 at 911 keys & sound inc. here in Las Vegas. A brand new power cord was installed and all pots, switches and internal parts were cleaned. The man who serviced the synth told me that these are surprisingly stable oscillators for the age and serial number. There was an upgrade done sometime ago by a previous owner that stabilized them. There are some dents in the wood. All of the bushings have been removed, this does not affect how it plays at all. Some of the keys are higher or lower then others most notably the low b key. Still playability is not affected by this, there isn't much difference in the keys..."