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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Frequency Stepper 555 Timer Based Analog Sythesizer [How the Atari Punk Console Works]

Published on Nov 25, 2014 WaveShapePlay

"Above is a video about the 555 based "Frequency Stepper" it is called this because of the sounds it produces can have a sequential stepping up or down effect depending on your manipulation of the potentiometers. Check out my other 555 timer based videos for more info or ideas:

Atari Punk Console:


Getting Started with the 555 timer synth:


More Info on TheWarp ARP 2600 Clone

Details added to this post.

Pin Electronics & Ramcur The HORNET bark test 3

Published on Nov 25, 2014 Pin Electronics & Ramcur


George Harrison's Vintage LINNDRUM LM-2 Drum Machine Up for Auction?

via this auction

Pic of the inside below.

"All original, ledgendary vintage 1982 LinnDrum LM-2 Drum Machine in wonderful, like new condition! Unless you have a time machine to go back and buy one brand new in 1982, I guarantee you will not find one in better condition! Take a look at the pictures..even the hinges at the back etc...all like new :) It could pass as new-old stock!

It also has an amazing history as it was owned from new by George Harrison, yes that guy from the Beatles! :)

Fully serviced and operationally perfect, no bad buttons or scratchy pots etc. New Ni-Cad memory battery fitted. So all ready to go!

Comes with rare original manual, power lead, all original sounds, and in a custom-fitted full flightcase. The full package!

Latest 3.1 software fitted.

Sounds utterly incredible! Used on countless numbers of hit records and now coming back again in very a big way!"

STUNNING Vintage MOOG *The Source* SN 2145

via this auction

ARP 2600 2601 Synthesizer with 3620 Keyboard SN 0927

via this auction

"This 2600 is in excellent working order, when i purchased it there was normal issues due to age and there was a microphone plug installed between the keyboard and console so i had it repaired by Wes Taggert of analogics is geneva ohio... This 2600 has the unpotted modules that earlier 2600's had. Arp did not want other synthesizer manufacturers to steal their technology so they put an epoxy in the modules which meant to repair the synth the epoxy had to be removed which adds time to the repair and could even damage the module. Repairs made to this 2600 were all tantalum caps in the console and keyboard were replaced, if these old caps decide to blow it could do major damage to the synth making repairs very costly. The power supply was rebuilt, and all slides and switches were cleaned. There was a problem with the VCA triggering which was also repaired in the console. This 2600 was fully calibrated. The keyboard has all bushings replaced and was cleaned and works smooth, all the keys are aligned nicely. The added microphone cable was removed and all wiring set back to factory. With the power supply and tantalum caps being replaced and repaired you will not have to worry about something major blowing and causing expensive repairs in the future."

ALM Pamelas Workout Eurorack Modular Clock Generator with Original Packaging

via this auction

Cool packaging.

"Technical information taken from ALM:

'pamela's workout' is a compact programmable clock source for your eurorack modular synthesizer system. it provides 8 highly editable trigger outputs, all correlated to a direct and voltage controlled bpm based clock.

pamela's workout grew out of a need to flexibly synchronize various clocked modules and external devices but do so in flexible and feature-full manner as to also enable more creative and playful rhythmic usage.

Yamaha CS-40m Analog Synthesizer | HQ AUDIO DEMO | CUSTOM PATCHES

Published on Nov 25, 2014 Parker Tichko

"What does a Yamaha CS-40m sound like?

Here is a collection of custom patches that I programmed into my Yamaha CS-40m analog synthesizer. The demo includes basses, leads, sound effects, and more. I recorded these patches dry into Ableton Live without any internal or external effects processing. All parts were played by myself."

Ladik S-180 S-182 O-111 Q-010 F-510 L-110 C-510

Published on Nov 25, 2014 RuprechtM

S-180 sequencer
S-182 Cv outs (for S-180)
O-111 VCO4
Q-010 quantizer
F-510 Synare VCF
L-110 LFO
C-510 env+vca

Ciat-lonbarde Eurorack DENUM and SWOOP 1

Published on Nov 25, 2014 opsysbug

"Pretty lights."