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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Custom San Francisco Giants Orange Moog Sub 37

via @moogmusicinc

"Custom #Moog for #NorthCarolina native #MadisonBumgarner? You make the Tar Heel State proud! @SFGiants @lorengold"

Also makes for a great Halloween synth!

P.S. For those that don't follow baseball, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series yesterday!

Moog Music Artist Moogerfooger Giveaway

via Moog Music, where you'll find the details on how to enter.

"Every month, Moog Music asks an artist to create an original piece of artwork for a custom handcrafted Moogerfooger. Then we randomly choose one lucky Moog enthusiast to win it. This month we're giving away this beautiful carved Pau Amarello and Lacewood Veneer MF-101 Lowpass Filter by Richard Goldberg of North Carolina. Register your Moog instrument on our website today to be eligible to win the next one of a kind Moogerfooger."

Pictured: "Jayson Larose is our October 2014 winner in our monthly contest celebrating the greatest customers (and Moog enthusiasts) on earth!"

Nova Musik - Korg KingKORG with Rich Formidoni

Published on Oct 30, 2014 Nova Musik

"Check out great deals on the Korg KingKORG at Nova Musik:

Rich Formidoni from Korg USA stopped by give us an overview of the KingKORG synthesizer.

KingKORG is a 61-key analog modeling synthesizer with powerful oscillators, an amazing array of modeled filters and three master effects sections. It also features a vacuum tube driver circuit, a CV/gate output jack and free Sound Librarian software for managing patches and programs."


Published on Oct 28, 2014 Noctivaga Musica

"ANimALOGICA Bologna Synth Meeting CLINIC | LepLoop 1/4

28.9.2014, Sì. Bologna

ANimALOGICA dal 2009 è il primo evento in Italia dedicato alla liuteria elettronica.


Original EMS 16x16 MATRIXING PANEL & Pins

Panel via this auction

Note the panel pictured below is not for the EMS VCS3 or SYNTHI. According to the seller: "I think this is made to interface a Synthi to gear using 1/4” equipment, or to use Synthi-style patching on say, a Moog. I think these were produced in a short run, or were prototypes. I got mine from a local tech who bought them from the ex-EMS distributor here in Montreal."

If anyone has more info let us know.

Set of 10X original Sealectro EMS VCS3 SYNTHI shorting pins via this auction.

Set of 29X original EMS VCS3 SYNTHI matrix pins w/ extras via this auction.

Halloween Special: The Mad Teknician Jam

Published on Oct 30, 2014 HardtekStudios

"Having fun with some glitchy drone music. Gear used is a Circuit Bent SR-16 Alesis Drum Machine, processed by a Delay/Reverb FX on the Korg Koass Pad 3. The Bleep Labs Bitblob (Goopy blinky thing in the jar) is being processed by a Decimater on the Korg Kaoss Pad mini 2. Bleep Labs Bit Blob Jr. (Wirey thing above KP3) has a dying battery, therefore is extra glitchy. and finally the Bleep Labs/Hardtek Ugly Cousin (left of KP3) is clean but triggered by a button, not droning. Everybody have a Rockin Halloween."

Mourning &

Published on Oct 30, 2014 Anthony Distefano

"Greenwood Cemetery video.I used NI Absynth for the music"


Published on Oct 30, 2014

"Little video I made.I used NI Absynth for the soundtrack."

PanzerLyu - Skyshaper (Akai Miniak - Korg MicroKORG/Volca Bass/Keys - Kaossilator2 - Microbrute)

Published on Oct 30, 2014 PanzerLyu

"Some sequences, patterns, layering, filters. The video ends at 6:49. I don't know why it has been uploaded two times! youtube mistery! :-)

Akai Miniak
Arturia Microbrute
Korg MicroKORG
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys
Korg Kaossilator2

Behringher Xenyx X1622USB
Behringher Xenyx Q802USB
Behringer MicroMIX MX400

Audio interface
Behringer U-Control UCA222

delay and reverb from Behringher Xenyx X1622USB"


Published on Oct 29, 2014 Lampeo

"This started as the drum machine patch from the MAKENOISE youtube channel then I just kept adding cables. All MAKENOISE modules used except for the QCD

Thanks for watching and/or listening :-)

Recorded to a Zoom R16"


via this auction

"This one has a separate external power supply for cleaner sound."

Anyone know if this was an issue with the Raven?