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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Synthesis Technology - E370/E371 Expander - Drone

Synthesis Technology - E370/E371 Expander - Drone from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

"Just doing a Drone test with the E370 and E371 Expander prototype Quad VCO. It's a combination of features from the E340 and the E350 using a new class of ARM processor with high-quality Cirrus Logic audio DACs. The audio was ran through a new Mutable Instruments module for light processing. :-)"

Modular Square Event with Mutable Instruments with Q&A Live on Ustream This Saturday!

Modular Square will be sharing the upcoming Mutable Instruments event with Oliver Gillet live on Ustream with online chat for people to join and questions.  You'll find the stream at


It will begin at 2PM, French local time.

Save the link and mark the date so you do not forget!!!

Additional details in this post.

New Roland TR-8 7X7 Videos by Honeysmack

First acid jam with 7X7-TR8 + A4 + Devilfish TB-303 by Honeysmack

Published on Dec 18, 2014 Honeysmack

Follow-up to First look at Roland AIRA 7X7-TR8 Drum Machine expansion by Honeysmack

"First jam with the new Roland 7X7-TR8 expansion update. Hooked up a couple of friends old and new: Roland TB-303 Devilfish and Elektron Analog Four.

Nothing too serious just giving the TR8 little more context with some other gear. Plugged everything in, hit record on the camera and jammed the boxes. One single take no edits, no post, no worries. Tunable 707 & 727 sounds is a real plus.

Routing: 7X7-TR8 is the master clock, slaved MIDI to A4 sending sync to 303 Devilfish. 303 audio out is directly routed to the Space pedal. All other effects are from the TR8 and the A4. 303 might be a little too loud me thinks.

Thanks to Roland Australia for an advance copy of the new update."

7X7-TR8 techno jam with MC202 + Analog Four + VT3 by Honeysmack

Published on Dec 18, 2014

"Quick jam with the new 7X7-TR8 expansion together with the MC202 + Analog Four. Nothing too serious just finding my way around the new soundset for the TR8. The new expansion opens up the TR8 considerably.

Have always been a big fan of both the TR707 and TR727 (pictured in the video but no in use), great to have them easily accessed on the one machine. Some of the aditional sounds are also of value.

Routing: TR8 is the master clock, slaved to A4 sending sync to 202. Audio from 202 is routed directly to the VT-3. One single, take no edits, no post, no worries.

Somewhat reminds me a little of early Luke Slater/Planetary Assault Systems, which was unintentional but a good thing nevertheless."

Razmasynth - Unknown Pleasures

Published on Dec 18, 2014 synthemodulaire

"Demo of Unknown Pleasures, eurorack module inspired by the Crackle box.

More info : www.ramzasynth.com"

More Pics of the ARP Centaur VI

Two new pics added to this post in via Jimmersound. They come from Mark Vail's Vintage Synthesizers, page 53.

Serge TKB Clone Kit from The Human Comparator

via The Human Comparator

"The classic Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer from Serge Modular Music Systems. Contains a set of 6 different circuit boards, 1 x main, 4 x pot mounting boards and 1 x touch strip. It also comes with a silkscreened aluminum panel and the hard to get IC MM74C150."

The Human Comparator is the man behind the TTSH ARP 2600 clone.

Some initial info from Muff's:

"Preliminary information can be found here.

Wiring has been simplified by mounting all the pots to 4 different PCBs.

I'll make kits during the spring (So this'll happen sometime in April/May I think) and sell in the shop. The price will probably be something like 3000 SEK, but I haven't checked with suppliers and stuff yet.


Text from www.serge-fans.com

Touch Keyboard Sequencer (TKB)

This little miracle is a 16 stage sequencer with 4 layers, five simultaneous outputs, sixteen capacitive touch-sensitive keys. It is a sequencer and performance keyboard rolled into one. A four-stage vertical sequencer steps through each of the four layers, allowing sequences up to 64 steps in length. The Reset input brings the sequence back to stage 1. A switch and trigger input allow the sequence to go forward or reverse, a hold input stops the sequence. A random select input randomly selects from the sixteen stages. Sequences can range from 2 to 16 steps, or multiples of 4 through 64 (8,12,16,20..) steps. The capacitive keys have a pressure output that produce a voltage proportional to the key area your finger covers. A separate KV output provides an equal-tempered voltage (16 equal steps) which is independent of the stage setting pots. A KEYBOARD switch lets you select each 4-layer stage with the keys or disconnect the key selection of the stages.

Pro: Extremely versatile. You can explore this sequencer for years and not exhaust what it's got. Can be clocked at audio rates. Easily chained to other (Serge) sequencers. The Pressure output is very nice, especially in conjunction with attenuators to make the pressure touch effects more subtle.

ARP 2500 - Demo Sample & Hold (video 2)

Published on Dec 18, 2014 DJjondent

"The ARP 2500 SAMPLE & HOLD / RANDOM VOLTAGE (1036 module) It's full of surprises.
This is a live take so please excuse the raw nature of it.
Do listen with headphones if you can, The youtube audio doesn't do justice.
I'll upload the audio on my blog later.
And a small correction: In the video description I said there is one oscillator used.
It's actually a Dual VCO (Module 1023).

You can find more info, pics, audio & unlisted videos here:

Korg Delta DL50 Analogue Synthesiser SN 287621

via this auction

"This is a really nice Delta. In time warp condition, almost unmarked, super clean and with original case, dust cover and user manual (Japanese). It looks as if this synth was used a few times when new then tucked away safley in a cupboard until I bought it about a year ago. The only work I have done on it since buying is to replace the transconductance amplifiers and associated filter capacitors. This was pre-emptive maintenance since the old amps (LM13600’s) were always the Achilles heel of this model and often failed with loss of the synth section output. These amps have been replaced with the far more reliable, but otherwise identical sounding LM13700N’s.

Visual condition is superb with only one scratch of any significance on the back surface where the power plug has caught the paintwork. There is a tiny crack in the back corner of one of the end caps. Otherwise it really is nearly as new. back."

Roland MT300s Portable Synth Boombox

via this auction

Here's an interesting one from Roland's past. I don't believe one has ever been featured on MATRIXSYNTH before. Curious how editable the synth engine is and if it's based on one of their PCM based rack synths. If anyone knows, feel free to comment. It's actually a cool portable design, although it doesn't appear to be able to run on batteries.  Regardless, if it is fully editable, pair it up with an iPad editor or external knob box and you could have a convenient setup for exploring its sounds.

"This great item can be used as a stereo speaker system for your whole setup as it has a nice pair of drivers with great clarity and decent loudness. There is also a built-in synth with pretty impressive specs as shown below. You can also play your voice or any other instrument through it like a guitar amp. There's a separate gain control and a dedicated delay effect specifically for this purpose.

So if you've got a midi controller keyboard, the MT300S provides everything else you need to access great sounds, hear them out loud and even record them to midi. All in a very portable package.
You're really getting 3 items in 1:

A strong synth with great specs
An amp / desktop monitor system
A midi sequencer to record, save and playback your music

The unit is in excellent condition and the cable and manual are included.

Official specs from Roland:

Max. Polyphony64
Drum Sets9 (8 + 1 SFX set)
EffectsReverb, Chorus
TempoQuarter note = 20 to 250 bpm
Rhythm Pattern30 types
Disk Drive3.5” FDD
Speakers4” (10 cm) x 2
DisplayLarge custom LCD
ConnectorsMIDI (In, Out), Output (Stereo/RCA phono type), Microphone (with echo), Computer Connector, Expression Pedal, Headphones, Start/Stop Control, AC In

AccessoriesPower Cord, manual
Size and Weight
Width (W)394 mm
Depth (D)223 mm
Height (H)207 mm
Weight4.2 kg"

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 w gligli CPU Upgrade SN 2296

via this auction

"The classic now with updated cpu, lightning fast envelopes and knob twiddling with no noticable stepping! Besides the usual cosmetic issues of a 30 year old machine, everything about this p600 works flawlessly. Keys all trigger as they should, membrane buttons are 100% and a joy to use, and since ive had it the knobs and switches all great from a few treatments of deoxit faderlube..."