Friday, November 04, 2016

New Eurorack Format Moog Clone Modules from AION Modular & Mini System

Above is the AION Modular eurorack system based on clones of vintage Moog modules. Below are details on the four new modules from AION Modular. Click through for details on prior modules featured in the system above.

The AION Modular 904C Filter Coupler is an Eurorack clone of the classic Moog™ Modular 904C.

The 904C Filter Coupler connects the 904A Lowpass and the 904B Highpass together to produce a Bandpass or a Band Reject filter response.

Bandwidth can be extended to three octaves and Center Frequency ranges from 5Hz to 20KHz. Both can be controlled manually or via control voltage.

The 904C provides a wide variety of signal processing and we strongly encourage experimentation but we advise to start with the following settings:

904A Fixed Control Voltage +6
904A Frequency Range 2
904B Fixed Control Voltage -1
904B Frequency Range LOW

The 904A and the 904B are required to use the 904C.
In the "OFF" position, the 904A and 904B are disconnected from the 904C an can be used independently.

The connection cables are provided with the module.

Power: +12 (30mA), -12 (15mA)
Depth: 20mm
Doepfer compatible.

PRICE: 240€

902 VCA
The AION MODULAR 902 VCA is an Eurorack clone of the classic Moog™ Modular 902.

The 902 is a Voltage Controlled Amplifier with balanced directly coupled inputs and outputs.

The 902 VCA can be used in any circumstances a voltage controlled variation of gain is desired.
Both audio or CV sources can be modulated by this module.

Both linear and exponential gain response are avaliable.

Power: +12 (50mA), -12 (30mA)
Depth: 20mm
Doepfer compatible

PRICE: 180€


The AION MODULAR 911 Envelope Generator is an Eurorack clone of the classic Moog™ Modular 911.

The 911 Envelope Generator (ADSR) generates the Control Voltage contours required for producing envelopes in conjunction with a voltage-controlled amplifier or a voltage-controlled Filter.

Attack time (T1), Decay time (T2), and Release time (T3) are all independently variable over a 2 millisecond - 10 second range, making the module suitable for very fast percussive sounds or long and evolving sounds.

The 911 Envelope Generator can be triggered by an external gate signal via the Trigger Input or manually by a push button.

Power: +12 (30mA), -12 (15mA)
Depth: 20mm
Doepfer compatible

PRICE: 180€

The AION MODULAR 923 Noise/Filters is an Eurorack clone of the classic Moog™ Modular 923.

The 923 Noise/Filters module provides a white noise and a pink noise source along with a manual Lowpass and a 6dB Highpass filter.

The two manual sweep filters, are single pole circuits with a frequency cutoff slope of 6dB per octave and a frequency range of 10Hz to 10KHz.

Any kind of noise color can be achieved using the white noise and filters together.

Power: +12 (35mA), -12 (35mA)
Depth: 40mm
Doepfer compatible

PRICE: 190€

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