Monday, January 02, 2017

New Meng Qi sidrolz

patch-compose, touch-improvise from Meng Qi on Vimeo.

"meng qi playing sidrolz."

via Meng Qi

"I have a number of works combining #ciatlonbarde circuits - cocodeer, dogdeer, sidrolz.

我有些作品是合并 #ciatlonbarde 电路:coco鹿,犬鹿,sidrolz。

different than those machines side by side, patched with wires. deeper considerations of mix and match, dedicated interfaces. they are prepared synthesizers as circuits are synthesised first and sounds after. instrumentality first, and modularity after.


sidrazzi and rolz are classic, for parallel layout of identical sections, result in interaction in control and instability in reactions. it's complexity not by functions but connections. a quantitative approach for a qualitative achievement.

sidrazzi 和 rolz 是经典的。相同电路的并列,却产生奇妙结果。控制和参数相互影响,反应很不稳定。它们的复杂性来自连接而非功能。量变的做法,得来质变的成果。

experience matures design,
prediction avoids failures.

fortunately i am still stupid,
making instruments with no sense,
and playing music with whole soul.



Love it.

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