Thursday, January 26, 2017

Plant Music #3 (MIDI Sprout + Knas + Metasonix + Arturia)

Published on Jan 26, 2017 Smokey Quartz

"In this video I connect the MIDI Sprout to a Philodendron ‘Congo Rojo’ and let it play the Ekdahl Knas Polygamist synthesizer and Arturia’s B-3 V Virtual Hammond Organ. Interjecting it’s noisey self into the mix is the Metasonix S-1000 Wretch machine, which is being “played” by the Polygamist via it’s pulse wave and gate outs. So, a plant is playing a synthesizer that is playing a synthesizer!? Ableton Live’s MIDI effects are also massaging the MIDI data coming from the MIDI Spout. It's really all just a bunch of fun noise."

All parts here.

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