Tuesday, February 07, 2017

SDS_VCO+Reflex LiveLoop

Published on Feb 7, 2017 freshnelly

"This video was created during testing of the prototype SDS_VCO (3D printed black 3HP thing) connected to a Reflex for the first time. The sound from 1 little VCO is great when feeding a synced delay!

Two sequencers are in play, the ModEM-1 as a sequencer/clock source feeding the MI Frames, then CV added to the ModEM-1 sequence. All of the Frame's outputs are offset from a 10V LFO slowly (50 seconds) cycling a sine wave.

The SDS_VCO, coming soon, is set to use the MOD input to select 16 different waveforms (13 fixed + 3 custom) giving the mix a wide range of ever changing timbres. The bottom Wave knob can offset by 16. Also the CV input is set to quantize to one of the16 scales available.

I listened to this patch for hours!"

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