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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Synth Spotting with Meat Beat Manifesto

Three pics via dwell, where you'll find the full post.

Photos by Joe Fletcher.

Mmm... vinyl.

Synth spotting:
E-mu modular on top of ARP 2500
Small Buchla system? on top of KORG MS series, on top of KORG PS3300
EMS SYNTHI & Elektron Analog Four
Roland Jupiter-4 over Jupiter-8
Roland System 100m modular over complete System 100 minus speakers
White EML 101 minus keyboard over blue EML 200 expander
Sennheiser VSM-201 vocoder over EMS Vocoder 2000 racked on the left
Big Briar Model 91A Theremin on the right (thank you Theremin World!)

Spotted this one on TRASH_AUDIO

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