Sunday, April 02, 2017

FX Racks for Modular Synth Use in David Kronemyer's Sentience Studio

via David Kronemyer:

"We fully support repurposing guitar FX pedals for use with synths. For example, it now is common to find Eventides next to Moog 32's, and manufacturers like ZVex are transplanting their devices to Eurorack format. This makes sense, because there are a lot of additional colors and features they introduce, versus regular Eurorack FX modules. Impedance matching typically isn't a problem, and if it is, there are a lot of boxes to resolve it. Some time ago we took an assortment of ZVex, LGAL and other pedals we had that basically just were sitting around, and converted them for synth use. All of the inputs and outputs come up on the 1/4" patch bay at the bottom of each rack. Batteries have been removed, and all of the power connectors wired together for consistent, hum-free operation. We use combinations of these all the time in our various projects."

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