Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Studio Electronics ATC-1 plus ALL 4 Cartridges w/ Expansion Chassis

via this auction

"This Studio Electronics ATC-1 is an amazing synth hands down. This item was originally sold with one filter cartridge and the option to buy additional cartridges that emulate other popular synths. Included with this item is a separate chassis that allows access to all four cartridges AND all four cartridges will be included as well. THIS IS IN PERFECT CONDITION!!!

You will receive:
ATC-1 Synth
Expansion Chassis
TB-303 Cartridge
ARP 2600 Cartridge
SEM Cartridge
MiniMoog Cartridge
Power Cord

This is a complete package that I have never seen sold before. The cartridges alone can fetch up to $250 a piece.

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